The 10 most beautiful viewpoints on hiking trails in Rheinhessen

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Trullo near Flonheim

One of the landmarks of Rheinhessen and without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a spectacular sunset. The Trullo is a popular destination for many Rheinhessen and always well attended due to its picnic areas and proximity to Flonheim. If you want to experience the Trullo on a hike, go to the Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal and should definitely visit the wine village of Flonheim afterwards. Great places to stay, an exciting infothek and 6 Rheinhessen-AUSGEZEICHNET Vinotheques want to be discovered.

Winzeralm near Siefersheim

Right next to a grandiose heath landscape lies "Rheinhessen's most beautiful wine view 2016". And this title is highly deserved, because from this vantage point you have one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Rheinhessen. Hikes on the Hiwweltour Heideblickto get to know this special place. In addition, on weekends in summer, the Zimmermann winery from Siefersheim transforms the square into the Vineyard and serves delicious wine and small snacks. Rheinhessen as I love it!

Bismarck tower near Ingelheim

Right at the starting point of the Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower this 31 m high tower from 1912 is waiting to be conquered. Once you have made it to the top via the spiral staircase, you will find a viewing platform with a great all-round view of Ingelheim, the Rhine and the sights of the Rheingau. Clear information boards explain exactly what is in the field of vision.

View of Nierstein and the Red Slope

If you want to see the Red Slope and Nierstein all at once, this viewpoint is the place to be. Just hike along the RheinTerrassenWeg between Oppenheim and Nierstein and look forward to one of the most beautiful views in Rheinhessen. The Rote Hang, the Kilianskirche and the Rhine form a unique backdrop. At the viewpoint are several tables and benches. Perfect for a delicious picnic with Weck, Worscht and Woi.

Vineyard house Perka

Architecturally one of the most exciting buildings in Rheinhessen. Ultra-modern, this somewhat different little vineyard house stands in the vineyards on the Hiwweltour Neuborn. The Weinberghaus Perka is an experimental and research building of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and consists of high-strength concrete, which was experimented with there. The detour is worth it. At the top, chairs and benches and a beautiful view of Rommersheim and the Rhine-Hessian hill country await.

Pavilion near Stadecken-Elsheim

If you want to see the Selz Valley from its most beautiful side, you have to go to the pavilion on the Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte. The airy building offers a magnificent 360° panoramic view of vineyards, villages and spring forests. No other vantage point in Rheinhessen conveys so well the feeling of vastness and freedom. Nothing stands between you and the endless view over the wine-growing landscape. But it is also worth going further. The descent from the pavilion into the Saubach valley is one of the most beautiful sections of the hiking trail.

Ruhkreuz near Zornheim

Zornheim is the perfect side trip if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Mainz. Right at the beginning of the Hiwweltour Zornheimer Mountain the Ruhkreuz awaits with a real surprise. The skyline of Frankfurt is very visible on clear days and shows how close Rheinhessen is to the Rhine-Main area. Those who prefer not to see skyscrapers simply turn around and look at the renaturalized Selz and the endless Reebenmeer. It is not for nothing that the Ruhkreuz near Zornheim has become this year's "Most beautiful wine view 2020"has been chosen. Be sure to plan a side trip to the town. The Linden Square with the Three Graces Fountain and the church belongs to the most beautiful places in Rheinhessen.

View of Oppenheim from the table of wine

Oppenheim is home to one of the most magnificent churches on the Rhine: The Church of St. Catherine is considered an outstanding example of Gothic architecture. Oppenheim is also otherwise beautiful to look at. The best view of the city is near the Toad Fountain on the RheinTerrassenWeg. There are two tables of wine, which invite you to linger and picnic. Enjoy the view of this unique structure best with a nice glass of wine from Rheinhessen.

Table of wine at New Bamberg

Immediately the next table of wine, immediately the next exciting view. It is not for nothing that these long tables are located in very special places in Rheinhessen. This time on the Hiwweltour Eichelberg. A little more rural, but no less beautiful, is the view of Neu-Bamberg in Rheinhessen Switzerland. Above the village towers the castle ruins and in the immediate vicinity is the Ajaxturm - a vineyard tower with a sad-romantic story.

View from the table of wine into the Appelbach valley

Finally, a different valley, but one of the most fascinating. The view from the table of wine over the Appelbach valley on the Hiwweltour Tiefenthaler Höhe. Wine, space, hills and a landscape that gives free space to thoughts. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why a very special breed of people lives here. Hospitable, open to new things and simply warm.

These are my 10 favorite viewpoints on hiking trails in Rheinhessen. But that's just a selection. In fact, there are many more incredible places to discover in Germany's largest wine-growing region. Just hike on the Hiwweltouren or the RheinTerrassenWeg and you will always be able to experience great views.

P.S. The cover picture shows the View from the Brudersberg near Nierstein. "Rheinhessen's Most Beautiful Wine View 2012". No longer an insider tip, but always worth a visit.

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