Four tips for a city trip in wintry Rheinhessen

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There are hidden talents and winter attractions slumbering in the towns of Rhine-Hesse that are waiting to be discovered.

Red wine enjoyment and varied entertainment in Ingelheim

When it gets colder outside, the time for rosé and fruity white wine is over and the time for full-bodied and spicy red wine begins. Where better to be than in the Red wine city Ingelheim. Portugieser, Frühburgunder and Spätburgunder, Dornfelder, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon - the choice is almost limitless. If you are not yet a red wine expert, you can become one now. During a wine tasting or a spontaneous visit to one of the EXCELLENT wine shops you can taste your way through the wines, philosophizing with the winemaker about the grapes and wines and soaking up all the knowledge.

The imposing building of the kING, the Culture and Congress Hall Ingelheim, will surely catch your eye during your visit. The angular shape of the bright building, the many small, differently sized, square windows that glow colorfully and the large forecourt attract attention not only at dusk. But the real magic awaits you in the kING. Ballet, comedy, musicals, readings, shows, classical and modern concerts - the stage of the kING comes to life on the evenings of the weekend. Sit back and immerse yourself in another world for a few hours.

Glittering lights and shopping magic in Mainz

Wintertime is Christmas time and therefore also the time of the Christmas markets. Everywhere are small lights and it smells of roasted almonds and mulled wine. The Mainz Christmas Market around the cathedral is only particularly beautiful at dusk. Because then the play of lights comes into its own much better.

At the small stalls with arts and crafts you can find individual and handmade Christmas gifts can be found. Not only by a mulled wine is not the only way to get into the Christmas spirit. When looking at the eleven Christmas pyramid and the hand-carved, life-size nativity scene, life-size nativity figures, I keep discovering new details.

Even away from the Christmas market, it is worth taking a stroll through the Mainz city center. The shop windows brighten up the cold faces and make not only children's eyes sparkle. In the stores you can warm up in the shops and find some winter decoration, a typical souvenir from souvenir from Mainz or the next Christmas gift. Here almost no wishes remain open.

Experience history and culture up close in Worms

Love, hate and murder are the themes of the Nibelungen saga. The saga, which tells of the rise and fall of the Nibelungs, is not only fascinating and popular, it is also part of the UNESCO World Document Heritage. Most of the scenes of the Nibelungenlied, which is over 800 years old, take place in Worms. It is not only the Nibelungen saga that is anchored here. The Nibelungen city of Worms is bursting with culture and tangible history. Luther refused to recant his writings at the Imperial Diet some 500 years ago, further setting the Reformation and the discourse on freedom of conscience in motion. Judaism has a history connected to Worms for up to a thousand years with the SchUM sites. Such a significant part of Worms and the past of Judaism in Europe that the SchUM sites 2021 received from UNESCO the title of World Heritage Site.

The best way to experience the city around St. Peter's Cathedral is with a guided tour for guests. Whether during the day or equipped with flashlights in the evening, on a guided tour you will learn the stories and anecdotes about Worms at first hand and discover many a hidden detail.

If you prefer to set out on your own, then you can get support from the Worms appThe theme-specific SchUM app and the SCHAZ game app help you track down everything to do with Worms.

Besides the sights like the Luther Monument or the Hagendenkmal the city's museums also have a lot to offer in terms of culture and history. The Nibelungen Museum, the jewish museum and the museum of the city of Worms deepen the city's familiar cultural profiles and offer new insights. At Museum in the Heylshofwhich itself is also worth a visit, always changing art exhibitions are waiting to present you with a different point of view.

The Luther Monument in Worms (c) Dominik Ketz

Pure wellness and relaxation in Bad Kreuznach

When it's raining outside, the first snow is falling or a or a cold wind is whistling, there is nothing better than sliding into the warm water of the thermal pool or to be enveloped in the fragrant warmth of the sauna. of the sauna. If you feel the same way, then Bad Kreuznach is your paradise. paradise.

The bath house pampers you with classic and event infusions in the Finnish saunas, Roman steam baths, a hamam and a heated pool on the roof terrace. For the all-round relaxation package, you can also book a wellness treatment.

On the banks of the Nahe lie the crucenia thermal baths. The two indoor and outdoor pools have a pleasant 33°C even in winter and invite you to relax and unwind. While you lie in the outdoor pool and relax in the warm thermal water, you can let your gaze wander over the Nahe and to the other bank and breathe in the clear cool air.

You will breathe the best air of Bad Kreuznach outside of the water during a walk through the Saline Valley Health Park. With a view of the Nahe you walk through the spa park and inhale the salty air of the graduation towers, which together have a total length of 1.1 km. Even though the salt works are taking a winter break, their salty scent is still in the air and you will notice how good it does, especially now in the cold season. A walk through the park is also worthwhile apart from the good air. Framed by high mountains and with the rippling of the Nahe in your ear, you will easily find peace and new power.

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