8 tips: Mainz - lust for life on the Rhine

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1. drink a glass of wine

In Mainz you can always drink a Schoppe just about anywhere - after all, it is the official German wine capital. Germany's largest wine-growing region, Rheinhessen, is on the city's doorstep and, in general, wine is more than just a beverage - it is a cultural asset.

Mainz marketplace and market houses

Between March and November the association invites "Die Mainzer Winzer e. V." , a regional association of 26 city winegrowers, invites you to breakfast every Saturday for a Schoppe - this has been a tradition for over 20 years, only this year everything is different. The famous market breakfast on the Liebfrauenplatz has a break. It could be so nice: You get a warm meat sausage, chat with friends or family and enjoy a good glass of wine (or optionally a grape juice spritzer). We want it back - we will have it back! And we are looking forward to it! Until then, safety first.

Schoppe in front of the cathedral

2. stroll through the weekly market

Of course the Mainz weekly market also worth a visit independently of the market breakfast! As one of the oldest markets in Germany, it takes place every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between 7 am and 2 pm all year round around the beautiful St. Martin's Cathedral.

In the shadow of the cathedral

Anyone looking for fresh ingredients for the home kitchen is spoiled for choice. Countless market stalls with colorful umbrellas offer regional fruit and vegetables from the Mainz area. The cheese and sausage selection also leaves nothing to be desired, and everywhere there is a wonderful smell of freshly baked bread and the flowers of the season.

Rich selection

The hustle and bustle at the stalls, the friendly the friendly conversations between passers-by and the wide eyes of the children. one thing above all: genuine Mainz joie de vivre!

3. stroll through the old town

From the weekly market it is only a stone's throw to the heart of Mainz's old town.

Augustinerstrasse and its narrow, winding side streets are the hive of urban life. side streets pulsate with urban life. The picturesque street invites you with its many stores, nice boutiques and small cafés invite you to browse and linger. to browse and linger.


Just as beautiful as the beautifully decorated storefronts are the renovated historic sandstone and half-timbered facades. Strolling around here is a feast for the eyes in many respects!

4. enjoy good coffee

What began over ten years ago with a coffee mobile at the weekly market has developed into a real Mainz institution: The Coffee roaster Müller. The coffee bar in the old town, furnished in the Art Nouveau style of the 1920s, is particularly beautiful. Here you can get expert advice or enjoy a cup of "Rheinhessian freshly roasted" coffee quite uncomplicated in between.

Coffee bar Müller

If you like a healthy breakfast with your coffee, you've come to the right place. "Grandma Else" in the best possible hands. Just like at grandmother's house, the food served here comes primarily from the neighborhood. The sausage comes from the butcher around the corner, the fresh rolls from the bakery a few houses away and the coffee from the coffee bar Müller directly across the street. You really feel like you're at grandma's house!

At Grandma Else

5. stroll along the Rhine

The Mainz Rhine Promenade

Where there is water, there is also joie de vivre! On the Mainz Rhine promenade, which stretches from Zollhafen to Winterhafen, you can take a wonderful walk and discover exciting places along the riverbank. At Mainzstrand vacation feeling comes up. Here you can make yourself comfortable in one of the numerous loungers, put your feet in the sand and sip a tropical cocktail.

On the Mainz beach

A few meters further on stands a former weir house. Inside it sells the young team of N'ice their daily freshly made, award-winning ice cream, which is known far beyond the city limits of Mainz. Those who like it classic will enjoy "hazelnut-nougat-chocolate" and "vanilla-strawberry". For the more adventurous, on the other hand, there are extremely creative varieties such as "Riesling," "Orange-Fennel" and "Pumpernickel.

At the end of the Rhine promenade invites the Boathouse invites you to enjoy the panoramic view of the Rhine and the winter harbor on the large terrace. In a cozy atmosphere you can watch the passing ships and wonderfully relax.

View from the "Boathouse

6. stop in the beer garden

Between the Rhine promenade and the modern new apartments at Winterhafen harbor lies the Mole beer garden. A perfect place to enjoy the Mainz summer to the fullest. The drinks and food are available - in typical beer garden style - with self-service. In comfortable deck chairs you can enjoy the beautiful view of the water.

Mole beer garden

Mainz not only makes excellent wine, but also excellent beer. You can see for yourself in the Mainz CultureGardens in the castle & KUZ convince. Under shady trees will be among other things cool, Mainzer Eulchen beer poured and served culinary delights. The special: Because cultural venues are currently empty and open-air venues are not being used, two of Mainz's most beautiful beer gardens have been hijacked ; -). Because everyone agrees that culture is simply part of life in Mainz. You can look forward to a diverse cultural program. Admission is mostly free, but your voluntary donation goes to 100% to the performing artists. Have a look at the Program.

Mainz CultureGardens at the Castle
A owl beer

7. relax at the garden field square

In the midst of beautiful art nouveau houses lies the Gartenfeldplatz in the new town of Mainz. In recent years, a real gem for young and a real gem for young and old. The many stores, cafés, bars and restaurants are to blame, cafés, bars and restaurants that have settled on all four corners of this little green lung. green lung. With their relaxed and neighborly character character, they contribute a lot to the charm of this place.

At the garden field square

The lovingly furnished Café Annabattery for example, attracts with cozy seating and sugary sweet cake, pie and cupcake creations. They are all prepared by hand and significantly with local products. And you can taste it!

Café Annabattery

8. move together in a wine bar

Traditional wine taverns are a dime a dozen in Mainz. Or like pebbles in the Rhine. And in all of them, pure Mainz joie de vivre is a regular guest. The atmosphere is correspondingly warm, sociable and uncomplicated. If there is no more room in the often small rooms, people simply move together - in normal times and hopefully soon again! - you simply move together. You chat with everyone sitting at the table - and across tables.

Wine tavern Hottum

A real primeval rock among the Mainz wine taverns is the Wine tavern Hottum in the heart of the picturesque old town. It is not known exactly how long it has existed. The oldest record, however, dates back to 1791. What is known, however, is that the wine tavern has been firmly in the hands of women for generations and that the small guest room with dark wood and green tiled stove is really cozy.

In the rustic wine house Wilhelmi

The Wilhelmi wine house near Mainz City Hall also has a long history. For 125 years, good wines paired with "Meenzer Spundekäs," "Saufbegleiter" or "Gebräteltes" have been served here on two floors and amidst likewise wonderfully quaint furnishings.

Cheers - and to the Mainz joie de vivre!

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    1. Dear Hedi, dear Rainer, for guests from Germany and neighboring countries the vacation in Mainz is possible again. We wish very much that this will soon be possible again for friends from far away who have to fly. Please do not forget us and stay healthy until then. Kind regards from Rheinhessen and Mainz.

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