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Mainz and wine are inextricably linked - but many people don't know this: Beer also has a long tradition in the state capital. In the 20th century, one of the city's more than 40 breweries was the Mainzer Aktienbier, one of the largest breweries in Germany. Incidentally, Schöfferhofer Weizen can also be traced back to a Mainz brewery. The following is about the keepers of tradition and the revolutionaries of the status quo.

Eisgrub Bräu

Most people are familiar with the Eisgrub-Bräu mainly because of its spacious taproom. The imposing building has been perched on Weißliliengasse since 1872 - the city of Mainz used to store its ice reserves here. Later, the vaulted cellars were used as air raid shelters and wine cellars until 1989, when Mainz's first pub brewery finally opened its doors to guests. Since then, locals and tourists alike have appreciated the quality and atmosphere "im Eisgrub".

The imposing building of the Eisgrub-Bräu in Mainz
The imposing building of the Eisgrub-Bräu in Mainz (c) Eisgrub-Bräu

On three levels, there is something for everyone: there is room for large and small groups, Mainz 05 fans can watch their team's matches, the menu offers hearty home cooking as well as refined vegetarian dishes. In addition to a fine selection of Rheinhessen wines, the drinks menu naturally includes the restaurant's own beers. You can choose between a pale Märzen or a black beer, and there are also seasonal specials such as Maibock or Pale Ale.

The taproom of the Eisgrub-Bräu in Mainz
The taproom of the Eisgrub-Bräu in Mainz (c) Eisgrub-Bräu

The secret trick for a successful beer order: simply put the rustic stone mug to one side as soon as it has been emptied - this is a sure way to secure the attention of the friendly service staff. If you fancy something a little more spirited after a hearty meal, we recommend the homemade beer liqueur "Schwarze Seele", made from our own black beer according to a traditional recipe.

During one of the regular brewery tours, you can take a look behind the scenes and over the shoulder of the master brewer. Of course, the tour is also followed by a tasting of Eisgrub-Bräu beers - current information on dates is available at any time at .

Owl brewery

From a student thesis to a genuine brewery - that is the story of Eulchen Bier. The founders, Philip and Leonidas, have been putting their heart and soul into the beers that are brewed on the historic Kupferberg in Mainz for more than ten years. The wide-ranging assortment has something for all beer fans, from pilsner, wheat and lager to pale ale and kettle sour, non-alcoholic beer and beer liqueur. The brewers also like to take inspiration from the season and sometimes create a White Christmas beer - many of these specials are only available on tap at the brewery.

Owl lettering
Eulchen lettering (c) Eulchen-Brauerei
The beer garden of the Eulchen brewery on the Kästrich in Mainz
Above the rooftops of Mainz - The beer garden of the Eulchen brewery (c) Eulchen brewery

The concept of the brewery pub at Eulchen is as simple as it is ingenious: fresh beer straight from the tap and delicious, homemade pizza to go with it. In the Falstaff ranking, it was even voted the most popular pizza in Rhineland-Palatinate two years in a row! The secret of the pizza lies not only in the fresh, regional ingredients, but also in the dough, which is made with the restaurant's own brewer's yeast, giving it its unique aroma.

The pizza from the Eulchen brewery in Mainz
Eulchen Brewery specialty: Pizzza with brewer's yeast dough. (c) Eulchen Brewery

The beers with the colorful labels are of course on sale at the Kupferberg, but also at a dense network of regional retailers and stores - so the next bottle of Eulchen is never far away. If you would like to find out more about the products and the people behind them, you can join a guided tour of the glass brewery, which can be booked via the website at . The Braumeister Dinner also offers a special experience, where food and beers are combined and the master brewer himself gives an insight into his world. It pays to be quick here, because: The Braumeister Dinner only takes place a few times a year.


KUEHN KUNZ ROSES - that stands for craft beer in perfection! The brewery, founded in 2014 by Wendelin Quadt and Hans Wägner, found its home in the old pipe warehouse in Weisenauer Straße in Mainz in 2017. Since then, the motto here has been: Kuehne Biere needs the country! In this spirit, the tenth anniversary will also be celebrated in 2024 at the brewery festival.

Beer garden of the KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN brewery
Beer garden of the KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN brewery (c) KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN brewery

The name KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN is inspired by Kunz von der Rosen - a close advisor to Emperor Maximilian I in the 15th and 16th centuries. He was characterized above all by wit, cunning and intelligence, bold qualities that also characterize the now eight-strong team of brewers. With varieties such as Mainzer Pils, Vilzbacher Weizen and Dom Bräu, the brewery is strongly rooted in its home region, while Pacific Waves, Tipsy Monk and C3PO take it into completely different, creative, international and bold territory. The many different craft beers are often only available temporarily and change seasonally. "Schwarze Rose Craftbeer", another Mainz brewery, also uses the facilities in the old Rohrlager, as it does not have its own brewery.

KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN also has a beer garden and taproom. From May to August, the beers can be enjoyed in the open air in a relaxed atmosphere, while in the colder months the cozy taproom with the largest selection of beers in the city invites you to linger. Regional dishes, tasty tarte flambée and seasonal specialties such as raclette or kumpir help to stave off hunger.

Taproom of the KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN brewery
Taproom of the KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN brewery (c) KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN brewery

All beers can be purchased on site at the warehouse outlet or conveniently ordered in the online store at Fans can also find merchandise such as shirts and glasses here, and brewery tours, beer tastings and brewing courses can be booked.


The Karl family has been farming for over 200 years - and can look back on a correspondingly rich history. Two world wars, mechanization, the economic miracle: formative events for the business and the region, which have gradually contributed to today's status quo. But how exactly did the classic mixed operation become a brewery? The Karl family explains: "When junior Christian joined the business in the early 2000s, he and his father came up with a lot of new ideas, such as the purchase of a photovoltaic system for the roof of the then new housing estate." The idea of brewing their own beer also arose from the spirit of the times. At the time, farmers were displeased and perplexed by the fluctuating prices for malting barley. The Karl family's solution to this unpredictable situation finally materialized in the form of a small brewing plant, which enriched the business in 2007. "We quickly became the favorite beer of the winegrowers in the area," laughs Peter Karl. So it wasn't long before they invested in a much larger plant to turn even more of their own malting barley into the delicious Rheinhessenbräu. At the same time, they remain true to the character of the mixed farm: the family also cultivates vineyards and grows wheat and sugar beet on their fields alongside the malting barley.

Rheinhessen-Bräu core range: light-dark wheat
Rheinhessen-Bräu core range: light-dark wheat (c) Rheinhessen-Bräu

Rheinhessenbräu in the distinctive 1-liter bottles is available in three varieties: light, dark and wheat beer, all brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law, of course. In addition, no preservatives are used and the beers are neither heat-treated nor filtered - naturalness that tastes good! In addition to the three regular varieties, seasonal beers such as Pils, Maibock or Festbier are brewed regularly, as well as changing specialties, e.g. red wine beer or spelt wheat. Non-alcoholic alternatives such as a refreshing draught soda and a full-bodied malt beverage have been available for several years. From this year, a non-alcoholic wheat beer is also to be launched.

Rheinhessen-Bräu in the 1 liter bottle. Rheinhessen-Bräu core range: light-dark wheat
Rheinhessen-Bräu in the distinctive 1-liter bottle (c) Rheinhessen-Bräu

The beer shop in the brewhouse is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 to 6:30 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon. Rheinhessenbräu is also represented in many regional stores and pubs - a long list of partners can be found on the website at again. Visitors can experience the production up close on a brewery tour including a tasting or on Beer Day, which takes place this year on April 23.

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