A day in the south of Rheinhessen

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Hike on the Zellertal Trail

The starting point at the Wine rest in Mölsheim could also already be the end point of a fulfilling day. What a panorama! Too bad only that it is during the week and the bar about the local winegrowers only on Sundays and holidays between May and October. So it is for us first, hiking on the only 2016 completed hiking trail, the Zellertalweg. This makes it possible to explore this contemplative valley "hiwwe (Rheinhessen) and driwwe (Pfalz)" on a total of 45 km hiking over 6 circular routes.

The first destination of our tour is the memorial - a few hundred meters before the gates of Zell - the landmark of the Zellertal. A very special vineyard is still on the way, the "Schneggewingert". This joint work of several winegrowers from the Zellertal has the shape of a snail shell.

After this detour we go back to Mölsheim and follow the Circular route Monsheim-Mölsheim-Wachenheim of the Zellertalweg via Wachenheim to the train station in Monsheim. In idyllic Wachenheim, as in all the other towns in the valley, there are exciting new offers to discover. And as always, the region's vintners are leading the way. The latest example is the recently certified Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET Vinothek Westwind.

Refreshment is always good! Great resting place just before Wachenheim in a beautiful renaturation area.

After the hike through the vineyards and the renaturation area, it goes directly along the Pfrimm and beautiful farms, wildly romantic and especially in the heat a little cooling on the last kilometers!

Diversity in Flörsheim-Dalsheim

Finally, the strenuous part of our trip is over! However, anyone who knows Beate Hess knows that it doesn't necessarily get any quieter now. Off we go by train, the short distance from Monsheim, to her favorite community of Flörsheim-Dalsheim. Once there, we first dive into the "Eyewash". On the former vineyard with an enchanting world of flowers, a tranquil summer café and a large farm store with a wide range of products, it is particularly good to switch off. Probably the most beautiful place in the "Augenwaide" is the 19th century built Stable with its cross vault.

Next we go to the landmark of Flörsheim-Dalsheim, the only preserved medieval town fortification in Rheinhessen. The Spot Wall can be explored from April to October with expert guidance via a "walk along the Fleckenmauer". Every four years in mid-September, the village of Dalsheim is transformed into a medieval village with lively market hustle and bustle thanks to many hard-working participants. Food and drink, market goods and all kinds of entertainment make for an enchanting weekend and a unique journey through time in the shadow of the Fleckenmauer. In 2020 it's time again for the next Fleckenmauerfest in Flörsheim-Dalsheim.

With so much program it also needs a little strengthening! Where better than vis à vis the stain wall. There the visit of the Cafés summer! With a cozy ambience, direct visual contact with the medieval town fortifications and deliciously prepared café specialties, we have indulged ourselves a little.

Covered wagon ride back to Mölsheim and a stop at the "Alte Brennerei".

What naturally belongs to every day of experience in the land of a thousand hills is a covered wagon ride. By means of a particularly beautiful covered wagon with a restored Porsche tractor, it is time for us to make our way back towards Zellertal through the never-ending vineyards around Flörsheim-Dalsheim. After a rest in the vineyard, with great evening light and a little refreshment, we continue to Mölsheim, the starting point of our day tour.

There, of course, it is still a cozy stop! And where better than in the "Old distillery". Located in an old monastery farm dating back to 1713, the Göhring family has converted the former distillery and granary into a beautiful guest room with a rustic wood-burning stove. The freshly prepared dishes are to be recommended! Insider tip for the summer: sit outside and take a guided tour with Mr. Göhring through the old baroque gardens of the farm, where Napoleon once stayed.

All around successful

What a beautiful day in the south of Rheinhessen! We were spoiled with fantastic weather, had many incredibly nice contacts to great, innovative businesses, very nice picnic breaks along the way, a great culinary finish and above all an incredibly dedicated tour guide Beate Hess, who can only be recommended - what more could you want? Who now also got desire for the south of Rheinhessen, we advise a contact with the Tourist agency Culture in the sea of vines or the Tourist information of the VG Monsheim

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As a native of Mainz who feels like a Rhinehesse, I spend a lot of my free time in the region: hiking, biking and various trips to wine events or cultural events, I am always on the lookout for new exciting offers and places.

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