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It's not just when the sun is shining that my home region has great events to offer.

Even at dusk, you can discover exciting stories to make you smile in the most diverse corners of Rheinhessen. Accompany me to Alzey, Dalsheim, Gau-Algesheim and Worms and let me make you curious about legendary and true events during entertaining guided tours in Rheinhessen dialect. Be curious, every tour is worthwhile in its own way!

On an exploratory tour with the Alzey night watchman

Night watchman tour Alzey Night watchman at the Rossmarkt fountain with horse Max

Today I'm taking you on a night watchman tour of the "scheene Alze". I have registered for the tour at the tourist information office, and it starts at Max at the Rossmarkt fountain. The Alzey night watchman takes us on a journey through the secret capital of Rheinhessen with wit and charm. I learn that the Rossmarkt used to be the cattle market and all the streets once converged here. Maxthe stately steed of Volker v. Alzey, has become the landmark of the small town and "the" photo motif in Alzey. Do you actually know where the Nibelung treasure is really hidden, or why the little mouse is sitting on the edge of the fountain? We listen to the stories about the traces left by the carpenter in love in Alzey, where the whisky is stored and why the story of Harry Potter definitely had its origins in Alzey.

We admire the "Gateway to the world", visit the Alzey castle in the dim lantern light and find out why the Alzey church tower was spared from the bombing raids of the Second World War. But who would have thought that the people of Alzey were instrumental in Germany's victory at the 2014 World Cup? The lawn whisperer himself tells us with great passion "uff rhoihessisch" about his "scheene Alze" and takes us on an entertaining excursion through the small alleyways into times long past.

Bookings via the Tourist-Info in Alzey on the public dates or as a group.

When night watchwomen tell...

Guided tour with the night watchman's wife in Flörsheim-Dalsheim Gasse an der Fleckenmauer

Our journey through time takes us back to the year 1850. Spot Wall the small "Rhoihessiche Örtche" (Flörsheim)-Dalsheim. The three gates of the medieval town fortifications are no longer locked, so night watchmen are of immense importance here to protect the inhabitants from all kinds of riff-raff and evil dark spirits at night.

The night watchman's wife has once again taken over from her husband, who seems to be enjoying a pint or two in the "Krone" with his cronies. She complains about her night watchman's wife with Rhine-Hessian mischievousness and tells us what the big key to the "Betzelkammer" and a "Melag" are all about. We join in with her night watchman's song and have a lot of fun with the entertaining stories from her life as a night watchman, which tell of wolves, ghosts and chicken thieves. We peer into dark corners and shafts with our lantern, where a little courage is required in the dark alleyways. Accompany them on one of the regular public tours (with registration) or book the entertaining event as a group.

Of Swedish cannonballs and rag barons in Gau-Algesheim...

"Listen, people, and let me tell you, the tower clock has struck the time for everyone to go to bed and only the night watchman is still awake!" This is how Christoph the night watchman greets us on historic marketplace in Gau-Algesheim in a traditional night watchman's outfit, with bugle and impressive halberd.

Night watchman tour in Gau-Algesheim

We immerse ourselves in the curious and exciting events from days long past. The tour of the town takes us past the church of St. Cosmas and Damian, the old girls' school and the Latin school. We marvel at a Swedish cannonball from the Thirty Years' War and hear about the devastating fire that once claimed its victims in Gau-Algesheim. Where did Gau-Algesheimers once learn to swim and how did the innkeeper count the Schoppe? After this evening you will know...

There are many stories about today's Ardeck Castle and its various lords. We hear anecdotes that the former night watchman wrote especially for the guided tours with a lot of wit and humor. His entertaining episodes tell of the "Zick-Zack-Reilsche" and the "Jakobsplatz" and, of course, the "red light district" of the small town in Rheinhessen.

Night watchman tour in Gau-Algesheim at the Zick-Zack-Reilche street sign

It's worth booking a night watchman tour with Christoph and stopping off at one of the pubs afterwards. The night watchman is sure to have a good tip for you.
The guided tours can be booked individually for groups and especially for children. Information is available from the City of Gau-Algesheim.

Night watchman tour in Gau-Algesheim The group in front of the town hall

Legendary Worms: On the trail of dragons with a flashlight

Do you remember Max? Yes, exactly... the handsome steed of Volker von Alzey. Here we meet Volker again. On today's "House of the Mint" we shine the flashlight on him at the top of the house wall. He is also a legendary figure from the Song of the Nibelungs; and everything in Worms revolves around this legend. Not only streets, bridges, towers, clubs and stores bear the names of the legendary protagonists of the Nibelungen saga, but we discover tangible traces of Hagen & Co. everywhere in the city of the Nibelungs. The Siegfried Fountain - here begins our very informative Evening tour with flashlight - shows the dragon slayer as a stately apparition in the shadow of the cathedral. We discover dragons on door handles, on manhole covers and as coat of arms bearers in the church portal of the Holy Trinity Church and listen to entertaining tales and intrigues of the legend. The bottom line: catfighting seems to be as old as mankind...

Flashlight tour in Worms at the Siegfried Fountain
Flashlight tour in Worms Volker von Alzey

Around the St. Peter's Cathedral but there is much more to discover: We shed light on the "Wormser Elle", the "devil's scratch marks", the "squinting eyes of the cathedral", the "dachshund of the cathedral master builder" and the "donkey storm". Numerous anecdotes have been passed down for centuries in a wide variety of versions and we listen to them with rapt attention.

A Romanesque house wall, a Baroque drum, a ladder, one of the four Rhine-Hessian pagan tower churches and the "Red House" from the Renaissance allow us to immerse ourselves in a short excursion into different artistic eras. In contrast, the "Rote Laterne" in the same street reflects the full life of Worms in all its facets.

Despite the pouring rain, I think about the impressions I have gained for a long time and will certainly walk through the city with different eyes on my next visit to Worms.

Let yourself be enchanted by the Song of the Nibelungs and immerse yourself in the legendary world of Siegfried, Kriemhild, Brünhild of Iceland and Gunther.

An exciting and entertaining tour for adults and young people.

Public guided tour bookable via https://www.worms-erleben.de/erleben/planen-und-buchen/fuehrungen/Taschenlampenfuehrung-EINZELREISENDE.php

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