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There's always something to celebrate in Rheinhessen, and it goes without saying that wine is almost always the focus of attention in Germany's largest wine-growing region: Wine festivals, farm festivals, wine presentations, wine walks and, and, and.

Ingelheim red wine festival

Every year at the end of September, the Ingelheim Red Wine Festival takes place. But I have to admit, it was not a "normal" wine festival visit. The umbrella brand Rheinhessen awards particularly beautiful and stylish wine festivals under its quality seal "Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET". And for that, of course, a jury is needed that is on the road at wine festivals by profession. One could imagine worse jobs.

So off we went with my colleagues Verena and Udo from Rheinhessenwein to Ingelheim for the red wine festival. The drive through the Selz Valley in the sunshine was a wonderful mood setter.

So off we went, each of us keeping our eyes open: is the Rheinhessen flag flying somewhere? Is the wine also served in stylish stemmed glasses? And what does the festival program have to offer? And there is something for everyone in Ingelheim: the crowning of the red wine majesties, who we also meet and toast that evening, a varied music program, a large wine tasting in the festival tent, entertainment by the associations at the Ingelheim Evening, fun activities for young people in the GreenRoom, a musical fireworks display at the end and much more. We even meet a group that is on the road with a culture and wine ambassador on the topic of "Wine & Culture" before one or the other nightcap is drunk at the wine festival.

with the culture and wine ambassadors you can experience a lot at the red wine festival

Oh, and then there's the food on offer. What regional delicacies are on the menu? After all, such a jury assignment really whets the appetite for more! The Ingelheimers offer delicacies such as "Himmel-und-Erd-Flammkuchen", "Ingelheimer Rotweinschinken" and "Crêpes mit Weingelee". At the confectionery stand, we even got to enjoy a Riesling ear head ... highly recommended!

Flammkuchen can also be wonderfully interpreted and enjoyed in Rheinhessen style

The importance of glasses

And of course, the appropriate glass of wine must not be missing - after all, we as the jury must also convince ourselves of the wine quality. The selection at the wine stands of the vintners leaves nothing to be desired.


The wine can best be enjoyed in the great ambience of the rose garden below the castle church - framed by the old city wall. It gets really beautiful in the evening hours: then the city wall is illuminated. In true style, we make ourselves comfortable on wine crates with colorful cushions and let the wine festival hustle and bustle take its effect on us: there is laughter, "babbling," dancing, eating and drinking, and even talking shop about wine.

the rose garden is a good place to spend time

Musical entertainment

The DJ on stage provides "chill beats and a relaxed atmosphere" - just as it was announced in the festival program - while the dance enthusiasts gather in front of the big wine festival stage.

A motley crowd is on the move at the wine festival. Again and again we meet people we know - and at our wine festivals it's not hard to get into conversation and turn people into acquaintances.

Of course, we also make a detour to the vintners of the wine terrace. With their mix of nostalgia and modern ambience, they make a very special declaration of love to Ingelheim. So it's not only worth planning a detour for the wines - here you can also take an illustrated journey back in time through almost 70 years of the red wine festival.

As you can see, there is a lot to discover. And it is worth it. You are cordially invited, just sit down and celebrate with us!

The red wine festival is one of 17 "Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET" wine festivals. You can find all awarded wine festivals under

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