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On my travels through Rheinhessen, I discovered nine photo spots that became absolutely "Instagrammable" thanks to the sun. In this article I tell you when and where the pictures were taken and everything you need to know to take equally great photos.

A little side note: with two exceptions, all photos were taken with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and not post-processed afterwards. So you can see the pure Rheinhessen in the pictures.

Old crane at the dock Bingen

During a guided tour of Bingen's Kulturufer, it caught my eye directly. the oldest datable land crane between Mainz and Cologne, built in 1487, It is the middle of October and the autumn sun is low in the sky despite the approaching the sky and so perfectly above the arm of the crane. The ideal Time for the ultimate Instagram photo. For the shot I leaned on the Balustrade of the bridge and photographed the crane from below.

If you are already in Bingen at the Kulturufer, then you should visit the shore and the Rhein-Nahe-Eck in the context of an Guest guide explore more closely or you visit the Museum on the river with a permanent exhibition on Hildegard von Bingen.

Coordinates: 49°58'13.2708″ N 7°54'8.3088″ E

Date and time: 08 October at 11:15

Selztaldom in Groß-Winternheim

On the way to the Hiwweltour Westerberg in Groß-Winternheim I had to make a photo stop at the Selztaldom. The large sandstone church stands directly on the road and stands out not only because you do not expect such a large and imposing church in a small town. For the shot I use the wide angle setting of my iPhone and crouch in front of the somewhat wildly grown bush at the edge of the church grounds. Thanks to the autumn sun in the morning, the cone of light shines through so beautifully between the Selztaldom and the flag.

The Hiwweltour Westerberg also offers you beautiful photo spots and fantastic views, among others from Westerhaus Castle. In Groß-Winternheim itself you can, for example, the EXCELLENT wine shop of the Merl winery pay a visit.

Coordinates: 49°56'31.8912″ N 8°5'1.6116″ E

Date and time: 09 October at 10:38

Ingelheim tree in full bloom

The bike path Fruit route has led me past many an apple tree in full bloom. I am already on the way back to the Country Hotel Fetzerwhere I borrowed my e-bike. Shortly before Ingelheim waits but still a special tree and the main actor of my next Instagram picture. The tree seems to have no trunk at all, but the flowering branches reach down to the ground. Between the flowering she then shines through the low sun on the way to sunset.

Nearby, two of Rheinhessen's bicycle tours are waiting for you, the Fruit route and the Selz Valley Cycle Route. In Ingelheim itself you should visit the imperial palace and the castle church. This is also possible with one of the bookable Guided tours.

Coordinates: 49°58'26.7384″ N 8°1'17.6016″ E

Date and time: April 22 at 7 pm

Mainz fountain strolling through the city

Matching the Market breakfast I was drawn to the state capital Mainz on a Saturday. In the city center and around the cathedral, there is a lot going on with market stalls and stores. The autumn sun falling on the fountain near the cathedral, however, radiates a tranquility that still fascinates me in retrospect. Thanks to the wide-angle setting of the iPhone, the market stalls and the trees surrounding the fountain can still be seen in the background, even in the afternoon.

In Mainz and in the vicinity of this photo spot there is a lot for you to discover. Why don't you visit the Mainz Cathedral and its Cathedral Museum or walk in the footsteps of Johannes Gutenberg on your own in the Gutenberg Museum or with Gutenberg himself in the context of an Costume tour.

Coordinates: 49°59'57.6204″ N 8°16'22.2204″ E

Date and time: 09 October at 5 pm

Rochus Chapel in Bingen

Following the tip of the tour guide, I climb the Rochusberg in Bingen after the guided tour along the cultural riverbank and am amazed when the sun shines down on the Rochusberg. Rochus Chapel wrapped in a special light. This is the golden autumn we always dream of. With the wine angle setting, the lightly colored trees also come into the photo.

From up here you have a beautiful view of Bingen and the vineyards. Around the Rochusberg itself lead various walking and hiking trails. But in Bingen you can also go on the Rhine Cycle Route start and discover Rheinhessen along the Rhine.

Coordinates: 49°57'59.73″ N 7°55'36.28″ E

Date and time: 08 October at 15:50

Sunset Hiwweltour Aulheimertal

Of course, it may not be missing in Rheinhessen, the photo from the the vineyard. In the summery evening hours of August I was with the Wine Safari in the vineyards around Bornheim. From the Hiwwelrast the the lookout tower Bornheim I saw this picture of the setting sun and the in front of the seemingly endless rows of vines. The photo I have exceptionally taken with the iPhone XS.

You can get to the lookout tower not only with a Wine Safari of the Mohrenhof Winery. The Hiwwelrast lies on he Hiwweltour Aulheimertalon which you can enjoy many more great views.

Coordinates: 49°46'28.9308″ N 8°3'42.7716″ E

Date and time: August 14 at 8:10 pm

Evangelical Church Nieder-Olm

When I come on my tour through Rheinhessen in cities and places, I love to wander through the streets and look at the houses and churches. and churches. In Nieder-Olm I was taken with the evangelical church. had taken a fancy to me. Next to the big catholic St.Georg church it seems rather small and inconspicuous. But inside, the sun shining through the stained-glass windows has painted a special painting on the walls.

Through Nieder-Olm the bike tour leads you on the Selz Valley Cycle Route. You can also discover the beautiful landscape on foot. Nearby start the Hiwwelt tours Stadecker-Warte and Zornheimer mountain.

Coordinates: 49°54'43.4016″ N 8°12'9.7488″ E

Date and time: 07 October at 17:54

Mainz Jewish Cemetery

With a guest tour to the SchUM sites in Rhinehesse I learn the Jewish cemetery in Mainz and its history more closely. Next to the bright sun on the other pictures, this one falls out a bit. But it fascinates me to see that the sunlight always seems to know which mood is just adapted. The wide angle setting manages to capture the vastness of the cemetery perfectly.

You can currently only visit the Jewish cemetery as part of a guided tour. You can book this on the Mainz-Tourism website book

Coordinates: 50°0'18.2484″ N 8°15'4.9284″ E

Date and time: October 10 at 3:35 pm

Worms Cathedral

Any Guided tour of Worms Cathedral begins and ends in front of the historic walls and here offered me, with the summer morning sun this beautiful Instagram photo motif. Other sides and views of the cathedral are ornate and look pompous. But this corner, seen from Cathedral Square, is more restrained. The sun itself is not in the foreground, but allows the stones and architecture of the cathedral to shine. This photo is the second in this list that I took with the iPhone XS.

A guided tour of the cathedral is definitely worthwhile to learn about the history of the historic building. The Heylshof with the big Luther shoes is very close and also the Jewish cemetery Holy Sand and the Jewish quarter are not far away.

Coordinates: 49°37'46.96″ N 8°21'34.93″ E

Date and time: July 29 at 10:15 a.m.

For even more inspiration on beautiful places and views in Rheinhessen check out the Instagram account of the Rheinhessen Touristik and subscribe to the channel @weinerlebnis.rheinhessen best directly.

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