The most beautiful resting places along the fruit route

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Bike tour through fruit blossom fields along Selz and Welzbach streams

Together we explore the most beautiful resting places on the western slope of the Fruit route, because every excursion includes a proper rest to enjoy views and a tasty snack.

The Cherry as a pictogram shows me the way today and leads me with my e-bike on about 30 km of varied and somewhat challenging route in the orchards, vineyards, through meadows, along streams and through small villages in Rheinhessen.

From Ingelheim through the Selz Valley

Here we go! We start on Ingelheim train station on the route in the direction of Großwinternheim. The well-maintained bike path leads us slightly uphill through flowering avenues. The first section of the Fruit route runs along a section of the Selz Valley Cycle Route, recognizable by the cheeky Frog logo. Past the Layenmühle it goes a little above the stream line of the Selz along meadows and blossoming fruit trees. The delicate greenery along the way gives a view of Westerhaus Castlewhich is majestically situated on the right hand side on the ridge of the Westerberg.

Arrived in Schwabenheim, a detour is worthwhile at the "WinePause" at the Schuck Winery. At the wine barrel under old trees you can wonderfully enjoy the view the landscape of the Selz valley and enjoy a suitable beverage at the Vinomats Acquire

I briefly leave the route and make a detour to the marketplace to see the "Market woman" and the market fountain with "Paulchen", as the figure is affectionately called by the locals, to visit. Around Easter time, the fountain is not in operation, but lovingly decorated with over 1,400 eggs. A spacious square with many benches to picnic in the shade of the trees or take a drink break.

Good that along the route there are some Charging stations there I am sure that my bike will not run out of breath. At the end of Schwabenheim, the bike path leads directly past one of these. All bike service stations and charging stations for e-bikes are pinned in the tour data that you can find in the Experience Rhineland-Palatinate' App or on  find.

Along the rippling Selz the route leads us to the next rest stop, passing a cozy cottage with a bench. Ideal for a sudden rain shower or a break in the shade in the blazing sun.

On this breezy spring day, however, my goal is the Eleven Thousand Maidens Mill shortly before Elsheim. Here we turn right and leave the Selztal cycle path. An old mill wheel, which serves as a table, under the protection of the ruins of the Eleven Thousand Maidens Tower, is a very special place. According to legend, this is where Saint Ursula supposedly crossed the Selz River with a retinue of 11,000 maidens on the way back from a pilgrimage from Rome. For birdwatchers, there is an observation high seat right next door at the Nature reserve "Im Mayen, which provides breeding sites for some rare bird species, such as the lapwing.

Over the heights into the Welzbach valley

Now it's time to pedal hard or switch on the electric power, we're heading uphill in the direction of Engelstadt.

On the way there we can catch our breath at an old wine press and recharge our batteries for the climb to the highlight of the fruit route a few pedals further on, the Wingertsschaukel from Engelstadt. The view of the rolling hills reaching into the Selz Valley and the Taunus Mountains on the horizon, fresh greenery and flowering hedges put you in a good mood! Not without reason it is called "swing of contemplation". At this place you can simply let your soul dangle, swing in a relaxed way or look into the distance from the bench. A covered vineyard house also offers protection from sun and rain - resting here is fun!

The route continues across the high plateau through orchards and fields to Ober-Hilbersheim and the Welzbach valley. With headwind and steady incline I am really grateful for my electric support!

Arriving in the valley, we come across a self-service cupboard with seasonal Nieder-Hilbersheim we find a self-service cupboard with seasonal fruit for hungry hungry cyclists. We are happy to help ourselves, so the next rest can come.

200 meters in altitude are done, now we can "let it roll". let it roll. The well-maintained bike path leads us in the direction of Appenheim to a small pond. small pond. Resting by the water always has something particularly relaxing for me. relaxing. With a view of the breeding geese and the chattering of all kinds of feathered feathered fowl, the snack tastes especially good. A sign gives the interested visitor information about the flora and fauna here at the water.

Freshly strengthened, we continue cycling in the direction of Gau-Algesheim. At the shore area of the renaturalized Welzbach the blossoms of the wood anemone sway in the wind and offer a relaxed contrast to the often turbulent everyday life in the quiet surroundings. The view of the Gau-Algesheimer Kopf on the right hand makes me want to hike around the summit. But I save that for a next hike on the "Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower" up. The trail continues steadily downhill past blossoming orchards on the left and the Welzbach and Westerberg streams on the right.

Much to see in Gau-Algesheim

At the entrance to the small town Gau-Algesheim offers the vending machine of the Provisions store a wide range of fruit, juice, eggs, potatoes and much more. Ideally suited to buy a supply for home, it does not get fresher and more regional.

But my tour is not over yet and Gau-Algesheim is worthwhile for a more extensive rest. A real Rheinhessen speciality is waiting for you here, which I also don't want to miss - the Rhinehesse Bicycle Museum, which is located in Ardeck Castle. An exhibition in which the history of two-wheeled vehicles can be experienced. Here it is expressly desired to try out a "Cavallo" or a "penny-farthing", which is rather unusual for a museum. Individual guided tours can also be arranged outside opening hours (from Easter Sunday to the second weekend in October, on Sundays and public holidays from 14:00 to 18:00). Just around the corner there is the beautiful, baroque market square, which invites you for an ice cream or a coffee. After completion of the current reconstruction measures, this is car-free on weekends during the summer months, which increases the recreation factor enormously. In the sunshine, with a view of the Catholic church of St. Cosmas and Damian, the baroque town hall, and the fountain, as well as the hustle and bustle, everything around me exudes southern flair.

If you didn't grab one at the provision store, you have one last chance at the fruit-o-mat around the corner at the courtyard gate of the Michaelishof winery. Here you can buy seasonal fruit 24/7, such as apples, pears, apricots. A good opportunity for a typical fruit route souvenir. If you want to end the evening with a nice glass of Rheinhessen wine and happen to be out and about on a Thursday, you can do so on selected dates from 6 p.m. during the summer months: Very close by, the wine bar then takes place "Thursdays at the Graulturm" will take place. Local wineries provide catering in a convivial atmosphere on the newly designed square.

A wonderful bicycle tour is coming to an end. To me Rhine-Hessian corners and especially breathtaking views from various resting places along the from various resting places along the fruit route have made my bike trip a special experience. a special experience. The last stage leads me over a short distance a short distance back to Ingelheim. On the right hand side I enjoy the view through meadows and blossoming fruit trees up to the Bismarck Tower.

TIP: If you still have plenty of energy left in your battery and calves, you can make a worthwhile detour (approx. 1.5 km uphill) to the Westerberg with beautiful view from the Bismarck Tower company.

Speaking of fruit

Perhaps you have already asked yourself why just Ingelheim and the surrounding area has a fruit route? The favorable climate for viticulture and fruit-growing results from the protected location of the Hunsrück and Taunus from the north and the Odenwald from the east. direction. In the largest contiguous fruit-growing area of Rhineland-Palatinate 2582 hectares of fruit orchards are cultivated by 925 farms. Thus the cycle tour leads through many orchards, which are especially attractive during the especially during the blossoming season. There are apples, pears, sweet and sour cherries, apricots and plums. are cultivated.

Extension with a view

30 km are not enough for you? Then I recommend you the big sister, which shows you on about 45 km also the hills of the Mainzer Berg with their fruit fields, a great descent with Rheingau-Taunus view from Wackernheim to Heidesheim, the Rhine beach of Heidenfahrt and a section of the Rhine cycle path on comfortable dam paths.

Fruit route (west loop) about 30 km:
Start / End of the round trip fruit route: Train station Ingelheim am Rhein
The starting point can be reached by bus and train.
There are sufficient parking spaces at the train station in Ingelheim.

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  1. Again a great tour.... Dear Katja, a successful report... It was fun to read. Best regards from Undenheim...
    Gabriele ‍♀️

    1. Thank you very much, dear Gabriele!
      A really worthwhile tour in a corner of Rheinhessen rather unknown to me so far.
      Have fun exploring 🙂

  2. Great written dear Katja,
    the tour we will tackle times, sounds really tempting.
    We will cycle it sometime during the week.
    (only from Dienheim to Ingelheim by train, I'm a bit afraid of that )

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Have fun cycling...
      "During the week" it is then especially on the rest areas not crowded and you can relax well.
      ...and more often the train runs on time - you are certainly lucky!!!

  3. Me again 😉
    Let's ask a question
    Do you plan the bike tours with sat nav (from place to place) or do you orientate yourself purely by map (paper) / signpost?
    Was the fruit route well designated ?
    LG Karin

    1. Hello Karin,
      you can of course plan and accompany the tour with technical means, but this is not necessary to find the way. The route is wonderfully signposted with the cherry as a pictogram. The tour can be driven in both directions, a larger rest at the end results then in Gau-Algesheim (recommended direction as indicated). Gau-Algesheim offers many places to stop around the baroque marketplace, on Sundays the Rheinhessen Bicycle Museum is also open. All other rest stops are open 24/7. Here you can find the exact tour details, which you can print out. Have fun cycling 🙂

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