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Christmas markets are a true feast for the senses senses: the fine scents of baked apples, gingerbread and roasted almonds fill our nostrils. our noses, contemplative music resounds and many colorful stalls delight us with the most tempting articles.

I am particularly fond of the Mainz Christmas Market: it was held for the first time in 1788, back then it was still named Nikolose Markt. For me, he is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Rheinhessen.

When I am not enjoying a a spit-roast roll, I take a relaxed stroll through the Christmas market without a without a specific goal. I enjoy the cheerful laughter of the children children's laughter as the colorful merry-go-rounds slowly start to move. stroll through the marketplace, look at the large nativity scene in front of the in front of the Gotthard Chapel with its hand-carved sculptures.

The detailed figures made of linden wood have fascinated me since I was a child. How long do you think it took to make even one of them? a single work of art? One thing is certain: there is a lot of a lot of work and heart blood behind it. They were created by the artist and wood sculptor Sepp Erhard from Unterammergau. In 2005 the figures received a affectionate revision.

Moving on. The Mainz Christmas Village on Liebfrauenplatz has become a popular meeting place and another highlight of the Christmas market: In large barrels or huts, which are furnished with cushions and blankets, you can take a seat and enjoy a steaming mulled wine and other delicacies. mulled wine and other delicacies - so cozy! (Reservations recommended!). The rustic Christmas village has been an integral part of the market since 2011. part of the market. I think: A charming idea, which gives this Christmas market an extraordinary touch.

There is another attraction that I have particularly particularly close to my heart: The magnificent Christmas pyramid at the Höfchen not only makes children's children's eyes: built in 2002, it is a real eye-catcher with its numerous figures. a real eye-catcher. The people who run the Christmas market supported supported the construction with financial means.

It's worth taking a little more time to take a closer look at the to take a closer look at the eleven-meter-high structure: On all five floors, which become narrower and narrower towards the top, are home to extremely enchanting figures. A winged wheel is proudly enthroned on the top. The pyramid was made by the way by Holzkunst Gahlenz GmbH from the Erzgebirge.

(Pre-)Christmas figures, which can usually be found on a pyramid, you can also discover here: There children, who are building a snowman or chubby angels, who are watching the hustle and bustle or chubby-cheeked angels observing the colorful hustle and bustle of the Christmas market from their seats.

Besides these figures you can see on the pyramid you can also see some figures that have a direct connection to the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate.

So let's take a look at the second floor of the building: One character, for example, who has been with me since I was a child is the sly Det from the Mainzelmännchen. Who doesn't like to be wished a "Gud'n Aamd" by him? The guard of the Ranzengarde also reminds me of the many carnival-like of the many foolishly merry days that I have been able to experience so far.

The figure of the Mainz soccer player also touches me as a loyal fan of the 05ers and makes me think back to numerous exciting games. games. By the way, this sculpture is a "substitute player". "its predecessor was stolen from the pyramid in 2009 and only found and was only returned to the Mainz 05 office about a year later in desolate condition. 05 offices in a dismal condition. The current wooden player, however, has been in excellent health for in the best of health for years - a stroke of luck!

Whether it's soccer, carnival or a TV favorite, the magical Christmas pyramid gathers together what is close to the hearts of many people in Mainz - and certainly the rest of Rheinhessen. On the second floor there is still a red-nosed Schoppenstecher as well as a runner of the renowned Gutenberg Marathon.

But that was by no means all: There are also figures on the fourth level, who have a connection to Mainz: There is, of course, Johannes Gensfleisch, better known as Johannes Gutenberg. He is the inventor of letterpress printing with and at the same time probably the best-known son of the city. Then one rightly discovers Eduard Kreyßig, the city's master builder. who, among other things, designed such imposing buildings as the Christ Church in Mainz. designed.

A Another motif from the carnival is the bajazz with a lantern in his hand and a jester's cap on his head. A bishop is also a must in the cathedral city, of course Moguntia, the Roman goddess of the city.

Your the building has many exciting works of art in store - but to present all the to introduce all sculptures, however, would go beyond the scope of this article. All the more reason for you to pay a visit to the Mainz Christmas Market to discover all the figures.

During the day, the Christmas pyramid is already beautiful to look at, but in the evening it unfolds its very special magic: then the the pyramid is illuminated and thus represents a very special attraction. attraction. I could always stand in front of it forever and watch the figures of the slowly rotate. In general, the Christmas market has a magical atmosphere in the evening. magical atmosphere in the evenings, not least due to the sky of lights on the market square, which has been lit exclusively with LEDs since 2008. since 2008.

Christmas markets are an excellent way to immerse yourself in a carefree, cheerful world, to forget your worries for a short time and to increase your own anticipation of Christmas. I always succeed in doing this with the Mainz Christmas Market. I take one last look at the golden pyramid, enjoy the wonderful smells and sounds of the Christmas market once again and - after a little stroll through the city - finally make my way home satisfied.

All information about duration, opening hours, offers and program you will find on the Website of the city of Mainz.

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