Three quaint Mainz wine taverns you should know about

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I must confess that I have not been a guest in a wine bar for a long time. This must change urgently: I am very curious about the three wine taverns that I have chosen to visit.

Wine bar Hottum: with attention to detail

First there is the Wine tavern Hottum, run by Christina Röskens and Sabina Ekinovic. The quaint wine tavern in Grebenstraße already looks very inviting from the outside: Cute wooden tables and chairs as well as lush flower boxes at the windows exude a cozy atmosphere and promise a pleasant time out.

But also the interior is also impressive: I like the small, loving details that can be found everywhere. that can be found everywhere. The wine tavern is a cozy place throughout; here you can you can relax and unwind. The wine tavern - by the way always in female hands! - looks back on a long tradition: At the end of the 17th century it was already mentioned for the first time. It was already mentioned for the first time at the end of the 17th century.

Guests can look look forward to creative dishes at Hottum: With dishes such as Brie with warm plum sauce, green pepper and small rye roll my mouth is watering but smoothly the water in the mouth together; a pity that I have already eaten at home at home. By the way, vegetarian dishes like lentil salad are becoming increasingly more and more popular with guests.

But also typical Mainz dishes such as Handkäs with music also have their place here. Curious now? On the website of the wine tavern you can already find an excerpt of the menu. In addition, there is a fine selection of seasonal dishes. dishes.

On the Of course, no one has to sit on dry land here either: The wine bar offers wines from Rheinhessen, Rheingau and the Palatinate. I treat myself to a fruity Riesling sparkling wine - very tasty! Food and drink is well taken care of here. A wonderful place to celebrate life.

Wine house Michel: Family business with plenty of heart and soul

If you stroll further through the old town, you will discover the Michel wine house in the Jakobsbergstraße. The special thing: The family business from 1756 owns its own vineyard in Weinolsheim. Therefore, guests can also take the wine they drink here on site to drink at home. I stay alcohol-free this time, testing the single-varietal grape juice from the Scheurebe - tastes wonderful.

If you decide If you choose to sit outside, you can watch passers-by in the busy pedestrian zone or in the busy pedestrian zone or stop at shop windows. But I also like the interior: dark wooden ceilings, rustic benches and chairs with chairs with cushions create a homey ambience.

Good to know: In the vaulted cellar of the wine house - as far as the situation allows - cultural events and celebrations take place. What owner Astrid Michel appreciates about Rheinhessen is the diversity "Each of them has its own unique character," emphasizes the trained sommelière. trained sommelière. Michels wine personalities take this very charmingly: The red cuvée, for example, is called Herzensbrescher and goes particularly well with Rhine-Hessian tapas and chocolatey desserts. 16 different characters are available in total. The golden wine labels were illustrated by Martina Theisen.

Anyone who visits Weinhaus Michel for the first time will first become engrossed in the unusual menu and then fall in love with it within a very short time - so says the website of the family business. Guests especially love the regional dishes. But dishes such as stuffed pancakes with spinach leaves, tomatoes and feta cheese are always well received. In short, an enjoyable evening is preprogrammed here.

Restaurant and wine bar At the wooden gateMainz cordiality meets Nordic serenity

Far from the hustle and bustle I now visit the restaurant and wine bar At the wooden gate. Since 1885 the wine tavern in the Holzstraße already exists; however, at that time it was still called Restoration Rudolf Engst.

(c) Jörn Karner

Other sonorous names like Ship exchange or Rhine Pearl followed; made reference to Germany's longest river, the Rhine. "Our restaurant and wine tavern At Wooden Gate [...] could be a bridge geographically and offers a meeting place between the Rhine and the historic old town for all guests", it says aptly on the website of the locality.

(c) Jörn Karner

I like that I like it very much: the menu also includes dishes that are not so common in Mainz. such as half a chicken with fried potatoes, French fries or bread. Extremely popular with guests is the Holztorschnitzel - a breaded pork schnitzel topped with pork schnitzel, topped with juniper ham, tomatoes and hand cheese. gratinated. I'll be sure to try that on my next visit. In the winter months, kale is also on the menu - in this way, Jörn Karner lets his northern his Nordic origins in this way.

His wine he obtains exclusively from hand-picked Rhine-Hessian winegrowers. In addition guests can also enjoy a freshly tapped beer - a special feature compared to other beer - a special feature compared to other wine taverns and a further indication of the reference to the Nordic roots of the owner. When the weather is nice and drink on the small idyllic terrace.

(c) Jörn Karner

Also in this I immediately feel at home in this wine tavern, too: I particularly like the lantern in the interior of the location - a real eye-catcher, which gives the guest room an individual touch. Pictures on the walls and comfortable wooden furniture create a cozy atmosphere. But not only the interior invites to feel good: Things are extremely informal here: Service manager and wine consultant Dominic Wohlers as well as head chef Nicole Voigt have really grown fond of him and he can't imagine the wine business without them. the wine business without them. Regular guests are called by their first name and - when it is possible again - by the owner. affectionately by the owner.

My conclusion

The three I was completely convinced by the three wine taverns presented: they all score with warm hospitality, a large selection of wine and food, and a cozy ambience. as well as with a cozy ambience.

The capital of Rhineland-Palatinate has, of course, many other many other charming pubs of this kind: They all look forward to your your visit. I would like to visit them more often in the future. The much The much-cited Mainz way of life can be experienced at its best in the wine taverns.

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