Unique underworlds: On a discovery tour through the cellars of Rheinhessen

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Rheinhessen, Germany's largest wine region, is not only known for its exquisite wines, but also for its fascinating cellars, which have a rich history and a variety of uses. Immerse yourself in the mysterious underworlds of Rheinhessen and discover exciting offers such as interesting guided tours, events of all kinds, art, culinary delights, conference locations and a wine bank.

Kupferbergkeller Mainz: where history meets pleasure

Kupferberg Sektkellerei | Traubensaal

The Kupferbergkeller in Mainz is not only one of the oldest sparkling wine cellars in Germany, but also a place where history comes to life. The imposing architecture and impressive vaults make a tour of this cellar an unforgettable experience. Here, history and enjoyment merge into a unique journey through the world of sparkling wine production. Right in the heart of Mainz, Christian Adalbert Kupferberg founded the former global brand and sparkling wine cellar on Kästrich in 1850. The winery has the deepest layered sparkling wine cellars in the world, comprising a total of 60 cellar segments over seven storeys deep and up to 50 m below the surface. The site on which the winery was established was previously vineyard land, which is why older cellars can still be found in side wings.

What links Otto von Bismarck and the first World Exhibition in Paris with what was once the deepest champagne cellar in the world? During the approximately 1.5 hour exciting guided tour accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine, these and many other exciting stories of the historic area are told.

Oppenheim cellar labyrinth: an underground adventure

Achim Meurer

In 1986, the ground opened up in an alley in Oppenheim and swallowed a police car. An almost forgotten Unique cellar labyrinth to emerge.

The cellars date back to a time when the major European trade routes from west to east and south to north crossed here and the merchants of Oppenheim made a lot of money with their goods. Business was so booming that there was no longer enough room in the houses for grain, wine, fabrics and the like. The people of Oppenheim went underground. With its extensive cellar complexes - built between the 12th and 17th centuries - Oppenheim has a unique cultural monument. 

Today, Oppenheim's cellar labyrinth takes visitors on an underground adventure. A circular route leads through the underground town center of Oppenheim, through countless corridors and interconnected cellars, some of which are several stories high.

The town of Oppenheim offers Exciting guided tours through the cellar labyrinth. In the private cellar of the Völker restaurant, the curtain goes up regularly for the Long-running hit "Dinner for One uff rhoihessisch" - a unique underground theater experience.

Kulturbühne GUT LEBEN am Morstein in Westhofen: wine, art and culture combined

© GUT LEBEN am Morstein

If you are looking for entertainment, you will also find a fascinating event location of a special kind in Westhofen in the Gesamtkunstwerk GUT LEBEN am Morstein, consisting of a hotel, restaurant and conference location! Two huge twin vaulted cellars, each over 35 meters long and with a ceiling height of almost 4 meters, create a breathtaking ambience. The approximately 120-year-old walls form an atmospheric backdrop for Cultural, cabaret and music events.

Wine tastings and selected cultural events are regularly on the program. The vaults can also be hired for private parties such as weddings or company celebrations for up to 300 people.

The look of the cabaret stage is somewhat reminiscent of the Lower house in Mainz. In summer, there are also open-air events in the historic courtyard and on the terrace in the vineyard. In short: a place that invigorates the senses and invites visitors to discover the diverse side of Rheinhessen.

Winzerkeller Ingelheim: tradition and modernity combined

© Ingelheimer Winzerkeller

Where once the wines of the Ingelheim winegrowers' cooperative were stored, today the Ingelheim Winery a place for the enjoyment of wine and culture. After the property had been vacant for some time, the town of Ingelheim decided to buy the wine cellar and convert it into a vinotheque.

Since 2019, the Ingelheim Winzerkeller has become a meeting place for wine culture. It combines tradition and modernity, history and zeitgeist and is a central point of contact for guests and citizens of Ingelheim.

The Ingelheim Vinothek, the tourist information office and a restaurant are located under its roof. The former function room, now the "Weinblick" room, and the vaulted cellar on the first basement floor are available for cultural and business events or celebrations. The multimedia wine experience exhibition is located on the second basement floor "KELLERGENOSSEN - A new experience of heritage"where visitors can immerse themselves in the history of the Winzerkeller and the cooperative.

Vinarmarium in Mainz: Where pleasure meets elegance


In an ancient vaulted cellar in Emmeranstraße, right next to the Dalberger Hof, you can disappear into the underworld of Mainz - and find fine wine compartments for storing wine in the Vinarmarium.

Vinarmarium is an artificial word made up of the Latin "armarium" for cupboard, library and, of course, the word vinum for wine. And that is exactly what has been created in the old vaulted cellar from 1635: A wine library where anyone can rent a wine cabinet. The compartments in the brick cabinets store the wine at ideal temperatures of 14 to 16 degrees - good for city dwellers who only have modern cellars that are far too warm for wine.

In the more than 400 personalized wine cabinets, which are accessible at all times, you can store up to 140 bottles each, plus six large, walk-in individual cellar safes, in each of which you can even store several hundred bottles. Above ground, the Vinarmarium offers an event room with a classy and cozy lounge, where wine tastings and other smaller events take place regularly. The location also offers a rentable conference room for corporate events

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