The 10 most beautiful resting places on the Hiwwelt Tour Stadecker Warte

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"The journey is the destination", so they say. On the Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte it is the rest stops that offer both views and insights into Rheinhessen. Each rest stop is an intermediate destination on the route and worth a brief pause and enjoyment.

1. tradition and history: old cemetery

After the start of the Hiwweltour, the first rest stop is not too long in coming. This is also immediately a special rest. At the foot of the vineyards you can look at the upcoming route. Here is the opportunity to look back into the past and into history. Because this resting place is located next to the former cemetery of Hedesheim. This was one of the first burial grounds in Rhine-Hesse. The resting place offers even more tradition. The table and benches are made of sandstone, typical for Rheinhessen, combined with wood.

2. in the shade of the walnut: resting place on the Ermel

After a section past paddocks and through woods, in the shade of a large walnut tree lies the rest area on the Ermel. The first climbs pay off here, because there is now a view over the vineyards. During a small refreshment break, you can let your gaze wander into the accurately planted rows of vineyards.

3. rest with a view

The newest resting place on the Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte is located just before a small piece of forest. As at each of the places, you will find seating as well as the opportunity to unpack your snack and enjoy the typical "Weck, Worscht un' Woi". Soon there will be small grapes growing right next to the table at this rest stop. Already now you can enjoy the view of vineyards, fields and wineries up to the opposite Hiwwel.

4. a roof over your head: Wingertshaus Schindegaul

In the middle of the vineyards between vines and grapes is the next rest stop, the Wingertshaus Schindegaul. If Wingertshäuser were originally intended to provide shelter for the winegrowers, they still fulfill this task for hikers today. In the small hut there is enough space with seating. There are even small cushions on the benches. So it can be cozy even in the rain. Whether against sun or wetness, the Wingertshaus offers protection to every hiker and at the same time opens up the view of the seemingly endless vines.

5. a place at the table: table of wine

The table of wine is typically a long table where different groups of hikers can meet and rest together with "Weck, Worscht un' Woi

During refreshments, hikers can enjoy the view of the vineyards here. Nearby, the limestone soil profile offers insights into the cultivation of grapes.

6. a guest at the name giver: Stadecker Warte

Already from a distance you can see the name giver of this Hiwweltour. The Stadecker Warte offers a nice resting place in the shade of the tower. Thanks to newly planted flower strips, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea of flowers. Not only because of the Stadecker Warte itself is this rest stop a place steeped in history. During work in the vineyard, finds from a large prehistoric settlement were discovered here.

7. surrounded by wine: pilgrim's rest

The next stop, the pilgrim's rest, has no historical background and yet it has a meaning that has to do with stories. Because at this place the local winegrowers commemorate their common walks on the Way of St. James with scallops.

For hikers, there is the possibility of a break between vines and under a pergola covered with wine. For those who want to enjoy more than just the view, the tranquility and the wine here, the second soil profile of the route tells us something about the Tonmergel soil. Just a few steps away from the pergola is the small vineyard. Surrounded by flowers and vines, a stone seating area also offers a nice place for a rest.

8th Wine Panorama: Pavilion

The pavilion at our next rest stop is a true playground of relaxation. Here you have the free choice. On the benches of the pavilion you can enjoy the panoramic view of the seemingly endless expanses of vines or the adjacent nature reserve with your legs up, protected from the sun or rain. The benches also provide a good place for a picnic.

You can also relax wonderfully on the hiking loungers. With a view into the valley and over the sea of vines, you can put your feet up here for a moment and let your soul dangle.

9. sitting in the sea of flowers

A few hundred meters before the next rest you can already hear the bees buzzing. During the last steps, butterflies accompany you to the resting place in the sea of flowers. In addition to smaller flowers, a large summer lilac grows here, its purple blossoms wonderfully matching the adjacent orange of the buckthorn. Not far from the flowers, a table with benches invites you to rest. Close enough to hear only the buzzing of the bees and enjoy the scent of the lilac with closed eyes.

10. view over water: pond

Each rest stop on the route is unique and takes you to a different facet of Rheinhessen. Thus, the last rest stop of the tour also offers a real special feature. Shortly before the Hiwweltour ends and leads back to Stadecken, a small oasis of well-being awaits you at the pond. Here you can listen to the splashing of the water, the chirping of the birds and the croaking of the frogs, while admiring the green meadow and the colorful flowers. A little rest before starting the final spurt of the tour.

The Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte and thus also its rest areas are looked after and maintained by volunteers. The four volunteers call themselves "the Hiwwels". They make sure that the rest areas are clean, in order and beautifully planted. This was reported to us by Mr. Beck from the Beck Winery, Hedesheimer Courtyard. He is path sponsor of the Hiwweltour and one of the four "Hiwwels".

All the resting places on the Hiwweltour have their own charm and invite you to linger. You probably won't rest at every one on the approx. 10 km long tour. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to enjoy the different views and to find your personal favorite place.

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  1. We walked this tour yesterday in beautiful autumn weather and it was a lot of fun. It is a very nice hiking trail, you go through different landscapes (small forests, meadows, vineyards, paddocks) and meet very beautifully located and varied rest areas with (mostly) beautiful distant views. The path is also very well signposted. Suggestion (to the winegrowers) for optimization: Place a wine refrigerator for self-service at the or some rest stops.

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