Winter in Rheinhessen: 10 tips on what you can do in the cold season

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1. winter hiking

Hiking in Rheinhessen is healthy - even in winter! The air is now particularly fresh and clear. These cold stimuli strengthen your immune system and help against "winter fatigue". In addition, it is especially important in the dark season to take in as much daylight and vitamin D as possible.

So wrap up warm, put on sure-footed shoes and head out into the hilly landscape of Rheinhessen! The vineyards have their own special charm even in winter, especially when they are covered in a powdery white dress and individual vines are still holding out for the ice wine harvest.

View from the Wissberg to St. Johann in winter

2. discover ice wine

If you discover vines still bearing fruit while hiking in winter, they were not simply forgotten. The probability is very high that they will one day produce ice wine. The vintners hope for particularly cold temperatures and wait with the harvest until the grapes freeze. The yield is comparatively low, but the concentration of aromas, sugar and acidity is very high.

The vines in the vineyards are enclosed with hoarfrost

Ice wine by the way, is a genuine Rhinehesse. In 1830, it was presented for the first time in Bingen-Dormersheim, having been discovered purely by chance. The vintage at the time was poor, and in many places the grapes were not even harvested for lack of ripeness. In the icy winter, they were finally used as cattle feed and marveled at how fond the animals were of them.

Were the icy grapes usable after all? The Dormersheim vintners tried it out and produced the first ice wine, which has since been considered a high-quality Prädikat wine.

3. make a heated tour of the vineyard

How about a tour of the winter vineyard, where you are guaranteed not to freeze? In a heated car, for example that of the Winery Müller in Oppenheimyou'll be nice and warm. This is also ensured by the fresh wine mulled wine, which is served during the trip. So you can endure it well in the wintry fresh air!

4. make a night watchman tour

In winter it is always dark so early ... Wonderful! Because with nightfall the guided tours with the Rhinehesse night watchmen start, for example in Alzey, . Or with the wonderfully sympathetic wife of the night watchmanwho once again can't find her husband - as in Flörsheim-Dalsheim.

You will not only walk through beautiful places in Rheinhessen, you will also learn a lot about the history of the region, its people and traditions. And the darkness allows for completely new perspectives.

5. feel warm and comfortable all around

Saunas, baths and spas: What better time of year to take a warming break from everyday life than in winter? In Rheinhessen, several of these feel-good offers are waiting for you.

The "Heart&Vine Spa" of the Jordan's Untermühle in Köngernheim relies on the teachings of the natural active ingredients from grapes and vines for all its treatments. In addition, a beautiful bathing area and the modern sauna mill await you in the first hotel spa in Rheinhessen. Perfect for a wellness vacation - but also for a day visit.

Also in the spacious sauna facility of the "Sweatbox" in Budenheim, in which "Health Sauna at the Lenneberg" in Mainz and in the Bathhouse in Bad Kreuznach you can let your soul dangle and avoid cold feet guaranteed.

6. visit museums and exhibitions

Nothing but cold, wet sleet for days? That's the perfect weather to stay indoors. And that is in Rheinhessen's numerous museums and exhibitions. Some famous people who have worked here in various ways are waiting to meet you.

You have the choice between Johannes Gutenberg, Siegfried, Charlemagne and Hildegard of Bingen. Of course, if the winter is particularly long, you can visit them all!

7. go on a culinary journey

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So does warmth. I think of a delicious vintner's soup, a hearty hunter's stew or of Backesgrumbeere, a typical Rhine-Hessian dish made of potatoes, pork and wine.
The Gastronomy guide "Rheinhessen tastes good introduces you to the best restaurants in the region. The beauty of a culinary journey is that you can enjoy it at any time of the year.

8. visit Rheinhessen's vinotheques

The grapes have been harvested, but the wine has not yet sprouted. What do the winegrowers in Rhine-Hesse actually do in the winter? A lot, because they work on two vintages at the same time, so to speak. The "old" vintage requires a lot of attention in the cellar and the "new" vintage is prepared in the vineyard with winter pruning.

In addition, the winemakers take a lot of time for you in winter! The Vinotheques in Rheinhessen are open in winter and offer cozy wine tastings and various events.

By the way, many winegrowers create their own spiced wine mulled wine in winter. Tastes and warms excellent!

9. go to church

A visit to the churches in Rheinhessen is a wonderful experience not only at Christmas! During the winter months, the sacred buildings of the region regularly offer musical and literary events that bring a light into the darkness.

Apart from the events there are the Imperial Cathedral in Mainz, the Imperial cathedral in Worms or the gothic St. Catherine's Church in Oppenheim always worth a visit.
If you also want to go on the trail of the Orient, I recommend these four legendary places of worship.

10. enjoy events at the kING

Speaking of events... In the kING culture and event hall in Ingelheim there is always something going on! Whether show, concert, ballet or theater - the kING guarantees good entertainment, exciting architecture and an all-around great atmosphere. Here you can find the current calendar of events.

Before or after the event, many restaurants and bars in the "red wine city" are waiting for your visit. The kING is located in the middle of the modern city center, so the way is never far in cool temperatures!

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