5 moments on the Rhine to fall in love with

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1. Real beach feeling on the Rhine: The Oppenheim Rhine Beach

Oppenheim is better known for its unique Underworld or the Gothic St. Catherine's Church in the heart of the old town. But the Rhine bank of the city has another highlight to offer: Perhaps the longest Rhine beach in all of Rhinehessen. Whether simply for sunbathing or also for picnicking - on the flat beach lined with shells, there is definitely a beach feeling. Since shady spots on the more than 400-meter-long sandy beach are few and far between, you shouldn't forget your parasol and sunscreen. And if your stomach growls, you'll find something to eat in the Rhine Restaurant Oppenheim (located directly behind the beach) your refreshment.
So we packed a picnic blanket and enough liquid and headed for the lido in Oppenheim.

Attention Safety Notice:
Even though the banks of the Rhine are shallow, you should not forget about the dangers. Strong currents occur in the river in places.
Sunbathing lawn and beach offer a nice opportunity to relax. Swimming in the Rhine is extremely dangerous, so: don't do it! We strongly advise against it. The DLRG has set up an emergency call post here, but there is no monitoring of bathers! Therefore: Bathing at your own risk.

2. Romantic natural idyll on the Rhine floodplain adventure trail

If you feel like a nice, romantic walk instead of chilling on the beach, you should go to Ingelheim, more precisely to the Frei-Weinheim district. The Rhine Floodplain Adventure Trail can be divided into three different lengths (2 km/4 km /8 km) and provides information on numerous information boards about the ecological and historical features of the floodplain landscape. Here you will not only find one of the most species-rich wetlands in Rheinhessen, but also numerous shady places and benches where you can picnic and relax with a view of the romantic Oestrich-Winkel.

3. Bavarian coziness: beer garden "Zum Rheinhof" in Guntersblum

The third Rhine moment is something for all fans of hearty, Bavarian beer garden culture. The inn "To the Rheinhof"Today, the recreational pub is already run by the third generation and is located directly on the Rhine cycle path, on the Rhine dam in Guntersblum, just a few meters from the shore. The 180-year-old chestnut tree towers over the beer garden, which is gravelled with white gravel, and provides the necessary shade. Events such as summer lounge evenings, Mallorca parties or the "Jammin Cool", an open-air festival directly on the banks of the Rhine, also take place here time and again. You can experience the real Bavarian feeling here at a keg tapping, which is accompanied by a brass band. With this in mind: O'zapft is!

Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday, 11-21 h
All information about the current events at the inn "Zum Rheinhof" can be found at here.

4. Balmy summer evenings with Caribbean feeling in Worms

Lying under palm trees in a deck chair with sand under your feet while sipping a delicious cocktail? With the chill sound of reggae in your ears? The Beach bar 443 in Worms promises you exactly that in the middle of Rheinhessen. Here you can watch the sunset in a real Caribbean flair with banana trees, palm trees and thatched pavilions (gazebo). Especially recommended are the romantic Salsa evenings or the Latin nights on warm summer evenings. Then you can dance to suitable music from the DJs as the mood takes you. Or you can simply settle down with friends in a gazebo, listen to the music and enjoy a convivial evening with finger food, wine and long drinks overlooking the water.  

Beach bar opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 2pm - 2pm (weather permitting).

5. Culture on the Rhine: The Nibelungen Trail Worms

Just a few meters from the beach bar you can discover our fifth Rhine moment - a moment for culture enthusiasts. The city of Worms is more closely associated with the famous Nibelungen saga than almost any other city. If you follow the banks of the Rhine upstream, you will quickly discover the ensemble of water, the Nibelungen Tower, the Hag Monument, the Rose Labyrinth and the linden trees that can be found here. All art objects refer in their own way to the heroic epic of Siegfried, the dragon slayer. Thus the queen's quarrel is thematized, the death of the hero Siegfried as well as the sinking of the gold treasure in the Rhine. Recently, a light and sound installation was added to this "Nibelungen Parcours". Especially in the evening hours, the gold under the Rhine bridge seems to come to light and every now and then the splashing sound of Siegfried's murderer Hagen von Tronje sinking the treasure can be heard.

Further information about the Nibelungen Trail is available at in this leaflet for download.

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