7 creative tips for rainy days in Rheinhessen

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- We have seven exciting tips for you, which you can try wonderfully on wet and cold days in Rheinhessen.

Full perspective: VArea in Mainz

What an adventure: Since December 2017, you can visit the Mainz district of Weisenau at VArea immerse yourself in completely new worlds. After a short introduction, you are handed your VR glasses and can choose the right ones for you from over forty games. Here, you definitely don't see your surroundings through the familiar rose-colored glasses. I was allowed to try out the virtual world once and discovered archery for myself - a great pastime, not only on rainy days. In the VArea, you can play to your heart's content on more than 600 square meters: Either together or alone - the other players can then follow the game via screen. Whether it's an Escape Room, a roller coaster or a virtual climbing game - plenty of variety is provided. But you can not only spend entertaining hours here with VR goggles on your nose: You can also play classic air field hockey and billiards or show off your skills at the foosball table.

Relaxing Time out: Rheinhessen-Bad in Nieder-Olm

Who wouldn't want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a short time? Preferably to simply dive into the water? Nowhere, of course, does this work as well as in a swimming pool. The Rhinehesse Bath in Nieder-Olm is one of my favorite in the region: The well-maintained facility offers space for numerous bathers and scores with a non-swimmer pool, a whirlpool, a children's slide and a swimmer's pool. Comfortable loungers invite you to take a relaxing break. In the spacious outdoor pool you can also let the wind blow around your nose. I usually prefer to stay indoors, where I can happily swim my laps. In the Rheinhessen pool, you can also work up a good sweat: Four indoor saunas as well as two outdoor saunas allow you to take a little vacation from stressful everyday life; just let your mind wander! Afterwards, you can enjoy some refreshments in the adjoining bistro.

Toast to life: Vinotheque at the Ingelheim Winzerkeller

You love Rheinhessen wines? The Vinotheque in the Winzerkeller offers you fine drops from a total of 25 wineries and one distillery from the Ingelheim area. A few weeks ago, the company was awarded by the DWI (German Wine Institute): The company can now count itself among Germany's 30 most beautiful vinotheques. Which grape varieties are particularly popular in the vinotheque? Customers are particularly interested in white and red Burgundy varieties - after all, Ingelheim is also known for these wines. Plant manager Cathrin Tronser particularly appreciates the Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties and, among the red wines, late and early Burgundy. In short, the Vinothek in the Winzerkeller is a place for everyone who is looking for something special and wants to enjoy regional wine. Great: You are also welcome to spontaneously stop by the Vinothek and do a little wine tasting - test either three or six wines. The tasting menu includes a total of 25 wines, from which you can choose according to your personal taste. Outside, the rain is pelting down and you're enjoying Ingelheim's grape juice in the Vinothek - it doesn't get any better than that, does it?

Ready for the stage: Dinner for One uff Rhoihessisch in Oppenheim

Dinner for One - We all know the New Year's Eve classic. I like the sketch best when it is performed in my dialect, i.e. in Rheinhessian. Such performances take place regularly in a rustic vaulted cellar of the Völker restaurant in Oppenheim. Some time ago I already watched a performance and can therefore warmly recommend it to you. A well thought-out, varied program awaits you: You can start the evening with a glass or two of champagne. Afterwards, owner Josef Völker invites you to an extremely entertaining underground tour - an exciting journey into the past. Later, you'll be guests at Miss Sophie's birthday party and watch the funny play. Don't worry: It is of course easy to understand even for non-Rhinehessians! A fine three-course meal in the restaurant finally rounds off the evening. I still think back very fondly to this enjoyable event.

Unforgettable Evening: wine tasting in a historic streetcar

A wine tasting on its own is already a great experience - but when it takes place in an unusual location, a successful evening is virtually pre-programmed. Anke Schneider and Gabriele Berges-Fehlinger from Herrgottsgarten - Selected wine experiences offer a variety of extraordinary events. My favorite is an exciting nostalgia ride through Mainz. Board, please: The wine tasting takes place in a historic streetcar from 1984 will take place. During the trip, you will learn about wine and entertaining stories about Mainz that are guaranteed to make you smile. In addition, you will enjoy a total of five wines and a Secco from Rhine-Hessian wineries as well as small delicacies from the region. The indescribably beautiful feeling of riding in a nostalgic train is on top: gently jerking, it travels through Mainz at its very own pace; childhood memories are awakened. In short, it's an entertaining two and a half hours that you're sure to look back on fondly.

Humorous Time out: Gerry Jansen Theater in Alzey

If you want to spend entertaining hours, the Alzeyer Gerry Jansen Theater The charming theater in Hellgasse has been in good hands since September 1995. The special thing about it: Only comedies are performed here - because life writes enough tragedies, as we all know! Every time, my family and I look forward to the new current piece We are never disappointed: even as we take our seats in the comfortable red seats, listen to the joyful music and leaf through the small program booklet one last time, the anticipation of the performance builds. Finally, the time has come: the curtain rises. Full of passion, the actors perform their witty work and make us, the audience, laugh. So I can only recommend a visit: Clear the stage for comedies that strain the laughing muscles to the utmost! Or as Garry Jansen likes to say: Welcome to the craziest professional stage in Germany.

Artful Pleasure: Chagall windows in St. Stephan, Mainz

You will experience your proverbial blue wonder in Mainz, more precisely in St. Stephen's: There you can admire extremely remarkable windows by the famous painter Marc Chagall. How did it come about? The then parish priest of St. Stephen's, Monsignor Klaus Mayer, himself a great art lover, wrote a letter to Chagall in 1973 asking him for a window designed by him. The artist, who lives in the south of France, took plenty of time with his answer. But finally he agreed; in the end there were even nine windows; in 1978 the first one was installed. My tip: Like me, take part in one of the interesting guided tours and learn even more about the church on the Stephansberg, the artist and his extraordinary windows. Alternatively, you can discover the church on your own: A digital audio-visual guide, which you can borrow on site, provides you with valuable information about the Chagall windows, the cloister and other sights of the church. I enjoy the meditative mood and silence that prevail in St. Stephen's every time I visit. A soothing balance to the often hectic world.

These further Tips for gray rainy days in Rheinhessen are also guaranteed not to let boredom arise.

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