7 special places in the Rheinhessen Switzerland

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The Ajax tower in Siefersheim

The Ajax Tower is literally a centerpiece of Rheinhessen Switzerland. Around the story of its origin there is a tragic-beautiful love story, which is in no way inferior to Romeo and Juliet: At the beginning of the 19th century, a young farmer's son from Siefersheim fell in love with the miller's daughter of the Katzensteiger mill. The miller, however, rejected the union because he was at odds with the farmer's father. So the two lovers could only meet secretly in the vineyard. Eventually, the miller's daughter was married to another man and died of a broken heart shortly thereafter. The farmer's son remained unmarried all his life and had a tower built on the site of the secret meetings - the Ajax Tower.

Way to the Ajax Tower

Who needs a balcony in Verona when you can have the Ajax Tower in Rheinhessen Switzerland? On the Hiwweltour Heideblick you walk directly past the beautiful vineyard tower. Here you can enjoy the view of the Appelbach valley and toast to love and life.

Ajax Tower

The Beller Church in Eckelsheim

Another legendary place in the Rheinhessen Switzerland is the late Gothic Bell church in Eckelsheim, which today is a ruin worth seeing. At least a dozen legends entwine around its name. Mighty poplars ("Bellen"), which still grew near the church at the beginning of the 20th century, could have given it its name. Or the patron saint "Bella Maria". But perhaps the Celtic god of springs, Belenus, also had a hand in it. Not far from the church lies the once productive spring "Beller Brünnchen".

Bell church

The fact is that for several centuries the Beller church was the was the scene of a large and well-known open-air market for several centuries. During the now dilapidated church was used as a storage room for harvests or as a dance floor as a dance floor for the boisterous citizens of Eckelsheim. The last Beller market took place in 1902.

View from the Beller Church

The outlines of the church are still incredibly well preserved. Inside the ruin, you can look out of the church windows and doors the landscape of the Rheinhessen Switzerland and almost travel a little in time. travel a little in time.

The ruin in Neu-Bamberg

Another ruin worth seeing is the former castle of Neu-Bamberg, which towers imposingly over the town and can be seen from afar. It was built in the 13th century and destroyed four centuries later.

Castle ruin Neu-Bamberg

Up here you can stroll through the elaborately restored remains of the castle and try to imagine what happened in this or that section of the castle in this or that section of the castle, or who has passed through the archways through the archways. The beautiful views of the Rheinhessen Switzerland are the same then as now. the Rheinhessen Switzerland. Worth seeing is also the small catholic church St. Dionysius, which goes back in parts to the medieval castle chapel.

View of the steeple of the catholic church

The Hiwweltouren Heideblick and Eichelberg each offer the possibility to explore the castle ruins of Neu-Bamberg via side trips.

The Alzey Castle

Unlike the Neu-Bamberger Burg, the Staufer Reichsburg in Alzey is not a ruin. It was converted in the 16th century into a Castle and was magnificently rebuilt after its destruction in the Palatinate War of Succession. Today, the castle houses the Alzey district court and a boarding school for girls.

Alzey castle

Every summer you can enjoy the romantic castle courtyard, while the castle becomes the venue of the traditional Da Capo Festivals will. Inside the castle, good entertainment and a glass of Rheinhessen wine in a modern setting will then provide completely different perspectives on the historic building.

Atmosphere at Alzey Castle

The center of Wonsheim

History and modernity also meet in the town center of Wonsheim on each other. If you stroll through the small streets around the Lambertus church with its Romanesque choir tower, you can discover some houses from the 18th century, which are under monument protection.

Village center Wonsheim

The bridge to modernity is built in the new parish garden, which lies between the historic buildings and the village square with the sandstone fountain. A real gem has been created here. Where the parish priest used to grow fruit and vegetables, today there is a boules course with a chess board, water games and lush vegetation invite you to linger. lush vegetation. The blue construction trailer lends the modern park, which the people of Wonsheim have completely the Wonsheimers have completely redesigned under their own steam.

Chess field in the center of Wonsheim

The Trullo in Flonheim

Speaking of special, if something is a landmark, it has to be special. The Trullo in the vineyards of Flonheim is considered a landmark of Rheinhessen. The white round house with a pointed roof was probably built in the 18th century by Apulian guest workers who worked in the surrounding quarries - as a tribute to their homeland in Italy.

View of the Flonheim Trullo

The trullo fits harmoniously into the Adelberg and beams the hiker on the Hiwweltour Aulheimer Valley already from a distance. The view in front of the tower is fantastic.

Trullo with seating

The North Palatinate View on the Eichelberg

To get to this special place in Rheinhessen Switzerland, you first have to go uphill. It is located on the Eichelberg, one of the highest mountains in Rheinhessen. The Hiwweltour Eichelberg leads up right here.

At the top, between dense, fragrant pines stands a bench. And from this bench you have a great view of the northern Palatinate mountains, as far as the Donnersberg. After the quite steep climb, you really appreciate both the bench and the view. And understand why the Rheinhessische Schweiz deserves this alpine name. deservedly.

North Palatinate View

Do you have any other favorite places in the Rheinhessische Switzerland? Then let us know in the comments.

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  1. The Teufelsrutsch, today a charming "Lost Places " place with beautiful views, hiking trails around, schinderhanneshoehle, weekend area,

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