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Alzey: A small town with great flair and magical places

If you don't fall in love with Alzey, it's your own fault. This small town with a great past has its very own flair. And it has a lot to offer. More than you might think. The people of Alzey have a lot of confidence in themselves. It is no coincidence that they have acquired the nickname "secret capital of Rheinhessen". And on closer inspection, this attribute is justified.

2007 I came I came to Alzey for work. I got to know the city and its people as an editor editor of the Allgemeine Zeitung, I got to know the city and its people. It was love at first sight. The question as to the reason for this is not so easy to answer. Because there is not just one reason. It is the the interplay of provincial charm, architectural gems, an appealing infrastructure infrastructure, cultural offerings and the many events that take place in the events throughout the year that make Alzey so incredibly attractive. Not to forget: the "Alser" themselves. If you listen to to them, you hear familiar sounds. Pure Rheinhessen. From the lung uff die Zung.

For me there are a number of magical places in the city that you should have seen. The Castle courtyard is such a place. If you sit here in the summer in the shade the shade of the trees on one of the two benches and let the incomparable scenery take the incomparable scenery, you can feel this magic. Here you can wonderfully let your soul and recharge your batteries.

Every year at the end of the summer vacations, the picturesque castle courtyard becomes a temple of culture at the Da Capo Festival. From Anastacia to B.B. King and La Brass Banda to Sunrise Avenue, top-class artists from the pop, jazz and rock scene delighted the audience here and were in turn thrilled by the unique atmosphere.

A city full of cultural treasures and historical heritage

Let's stay with culture. There is a lot to discover in Alzey. For example the "House of Lords". Centrally located between Obermarkt and Fischmarkt, the hall of the cult pub has been the stage for concerts and cabaret for more than four decades. Numerous well-known artists have performed here - and still do.

A special cultural gem is located at the Alzey train station. Here, Claus Hadenfeldt revived an institution that was thought to be dead at 12:12 a.m. on 12.12.2012: the Bali cinema. After extensive renovation and a major technical upgrade, the Bali is now one of the most modern and best cinemas in the southwest of Germany and is on the list of houses that show nationwide film premieres. If you are looking for a special cinema experience including homemade popcorn and Alzeyer Volkerbräu, you will find it here.

When people talk about culture in Alzey, they immediately focus on its great historical heritage. The impressive finds from the Roman era are on display in the new Stone Hall of the City Museum (see separate blog text). Those who want to delve deeper into the city's history can do so in the City Museum an informative as well as entertaining tour - and all this with free admission.

The pulsating heart of the city - gastronomy, oases and wine culture

Back to the magical places. One such place is of course the Roßmarkt. It is the pulsating heart of the city. Anyone who comes to Alzey ends up there sooner or later. Here, "Alser" and strangers run into each other. People take advantage of the gastronomic offerings around the square, sit outside in the summer. Whether Ice cream parlor De Covre, Wine tavern Romans or in To:mas Weinbar - See and be seen is then the motto. The most photographed motif in the city is also on the Roßmarkt: the Roßmarktbrunnen. Families with children are especially attracted by the Fountain horse Max exerts a magical attraction. Not only children like to climb the bronze back of the horse of minstrel Volker von Alzey.

If you want to take a little break while strolling through town and shopping - Alzey still has quite a few owner-operated retail stores - you should take the way to St. Georgenstraße branching off from Roßmarkt, where you will find the Alzey coffee house by Sabine Fritz is located. Homemade cake pralines and bagels are the specialties of the house, which you can enjoy with coffee from a Rhine-Hessian roastery. Delicious!

A You can also take time out in a green oasis in the west of the city. There you will find is the Permanent congestion. What seems to be an endless queue of tin cars turns out to be turns out to be the most idyllic spot in the Volkerstadt. The is a large rainwater retention basin, which is permanently flooded and becomes a permanently watered and has become a stomping ground for ducks and nutrias, surrounded by hiking trails, green areas and trees. The people of Alzey like to come here take a seat on the benches in the shade of the trees and take in the idyll. the idyllic scenery.

A completely oasis lies not too far from the permanent traffic jam: the Playground and Recreation area at the Herdry. On sunny days it scurry under the old tree population only so. Various climbing facilities and swings, ground trampoline, water playground and miniature train invite you to play and romp. In the immediate vicinity of the playground is a youth and leisure area. Especially the interactive skill course is unique in the region. No wonder that families and young people from all over the region head for the Herdry site.

Alzey is a great place to live. And where people live well, they also like to celebrate. In Rheinhessen, wine plays a major role. This is also the case in Alzey, the wine capital of Germany's largest wine-growing region. At Wine festival, shy time, Vineyard cottage hike and St. John's Night there are many opportunities to get in touch with wine and winemakers of the city. Not to forget: the Wine lounge at the town hall square. From April to August, four wineries invite guests to a "Feierabendschoppen" on the fourth Wednesday of every month. On occasions like this, you get to experience something of the lifestyle of this multifaceted city. If you still don't fall in love with Alzey, it's your own fault.

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