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Only a few minutes away from Mainz - and yet it feels as if we are immersed in another (wine) world. The wine city Nierstein on the Rhine, or also called the "Riesling City", has a lot to offer for visitors. We park at the Bodega Tapas Adega in Oberdorfstraße. Our first stop on the way to our tour "around Nierstein" is the Protestant St. Martin's Church. In the best autumn weather, we admire the church, which dates back to the 12th century, is surrounded by a medieval defensive wall and is located in a small, very well-kept park. Definitely worth seeing!

St. Martin's Lutheran Church (left), historic defensive wall with a view of the church (right)

From St. Martin's Church we walk only a few a few steps to the Nierstein marketplace. Here pretty cafes, restaurants and wine taverns invite you to stop for a bite to eat.

Passage from St. Martin's Church to the market square (left), wine restaurant Civitas (right)

Before the start of our hiking tour, we quickly fortify ourselves at Café Ernie and Illi. Here you can find not only delicious homemade cakes, but also hearty breakfast specialties for every taste. But also the bistro Plan B, located in a half-timbered house, the cozy restaurant Civitas in the style of a wine tavern or the winery Klein in a 350-year-old farmstead decorate the market square and offer a wide variety of culinary delights.

Winery Klein (left), market place in Nierstein (right)

Just around the corner, at Karolingerstraße 1, we come across the Winery Wedekind. The Vinothek has carried the "Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET" seal of quality since 2020 and has become a focal point for wine connoisseurs from all over the world. In the beautiful salesroom with a cozy atmosphere you can taste wine and buy ingredients for a perfect wine gift. On offer, in addition to the exquisite wines, are Greek olive oil, pomace brandy, spices and beekeeping products.

Winery Wedekind, exterior view (left), salesroom with vinotheque (right)

On On the way to the vineyards, after a short distance, we pass the Heise winery. which is inhabited and managed by the Heise family in the third generation. and managed by the Heise family in the third generation. A small paradise in itself.

Entrance to the Heise Winery (left), adjoining house with estate tavern (right)

Also the Winery Heise belongs to the EXCELLENT vinotheques in Rheinhessen. As we shoot a few photos of the courtyard, winemaker Peter Heise returns from the grape harvest with the tractor and the grapes that have just been harvested. He immediately starts chatting with us. Spontaneously, he invites us to a ride on his tractor and a subsequent tour of his winery - all exclusively for us.    

Inner courtyard (left) and Peter Heise on his tractor (right)

Peter Heise and his wife Janine also show us the "Gutsschänke" during the tour, which is often rented for weddings and celebrations of all kinds. The furniture and the Mediterranean-like colors make the room a very special location for very special location for eventful events at the winery.

Wine arbor and estate tavern at the Heise Winery

After the visit to the Heise winery, we head uphill towards the Fockenberghütte. Here we have to overcome a few meters of altitude, but the climb is definitely worth it. The higher we get, the more magnificent the view of the Rhine and the vineyards at the Red slope. By the way, the name of this wine region between Nierstein and Nackenheim comes from the red color of the soil, which comes from embedded iron compounds and originated in the subtropical climate of earlier times.

After only about 500 meters we come to a first viewpoint with a small wooden hut, where there is an old wine press. wine press. We take a little break and enjoy the fantastic view of the Rhine and the view of the Rhine and the Catholic Church of St. Kilian. The parish church with its with its Romanesque gate tower is located outside the town center, in the middle of the vineyards, and is one of Nierstein's cultural monuments.

View of the red slope and Kilianskirche (left) and the Rhine (right)

After about one kilometer we reach the Fockenberghütte, which is located directly on the Rhine Terrace Path and which you can also rent for private parties and celebrations. The view from up here is sensational and certainly one of the most beautiful on our hiking route around Nierstein.

View from the hiking trail (left) to the Fockenberghütte (right)

From the Fockenberghütte we walk through the vineyards to the through the vineyards to the next station. On the way we snack on grapes and talk shop about wines. We can vividly imagine how the sweet to sour tasting grapes are turned into sweet sweet to sour tasting grapes into sweet, semi-dry or dry Riesling.

Our next stop is the Wartturm. The imposing, medieval signal tower from the 12th. Century is also the landmark of the city of Nierstein. The white tower against a bright blue sky - a sight you won't forget in a hurry. forgotten. Here, at the highest point in the Nierstein vineyards, you will also find a well-kept is also a well-kept resting place with a spectacular view.

Wartturm (left) and rest area with view of the Rhine (right)
Views of the Wart Tower from the circular route

From the Wartturm we go back to Nierstein. On the way we pass the "Rebsortenzeile". Here there are information boards with information about all grape varieties. Also my dog Jenny has once again a lot of fun while hiking in Rheinhessen. Not only, but dog owners, the hike around Nierstein is absolutely recommendable. recommendable.

Vine row in Nierstein (left), dog "Jenny" on the vine row (right)

At a glance:

Start and end point: Protestant St. Martin's Church in Nierstein

Length of the circuit: approx. 7 km

Walking time: approx. 2 hours (without breaks)

Difficulty level: easy, slight ascent between Nierstein and the Fockenberghütte, then hike on level ground, asphalted paths, also recommended for hiking with dog

Stations: Protestant Church of St. Martin, market square, Wedekind Winery, Heise Winery, Roter Hang hiking trail, many vantage points with magnificent views of the Rhine and the vineyards, Fockenberghütte, Wartturm, Rebsortenzeile, return trip to Nierstein

From blogger Frank Hamm there is a good one about this Tour description with map.

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