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A well signposted access road leads from the parking lot To the new sports field directly to the WinePavilion at the Zornheimer Ruhkreuz. The first guests are already enjoying their wine.

End of the dry spell

Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. - usually from April to September - the member vintners of the association give WineExperience Zornheimer Berg alternate their wines. In addition Rheinhessen delicacies such as air-dried bratwurst, Spundekäs with pretzels or warm Fleischwurst on the menu - each vintner has his own culinary offering up his sleeve.

"On the We had a lot of visitors on the opening weekend, so we are very satisfied, Andreas Münzenberger, chairman of the association, tells me. "The WeinPavillon is well received," confirms vintner Stefan Kneib, whose turn it was last weekend. weekend it was his turn. Cyclists, hikers or even walkers use the WeinPavillon for an extended rest.

The WeinPavillon is definitely an enrichment for Rheinhessen - visitors can always taste there visitors can always taste wines from one of the member vintners. So variety is guaranteed. A big plus is that there are now public toilets there that you can use during the during serving hours.

Slowly the benches fill up. There is an exuberant, convivial atmosphere. There is babbling and laughter everywhere. Glasses are clinking; toasts are being raised everywhere. "We don't get together that young any more," the next table chimes in. Here you find the proverbial Rhine-Hessian joie de vivre. At the wine pavilion, you can really enjoy yourself. enjoy yourself. "It's nice that it's open now," I hear a lady say, who is pouring herself a glass of wine at the counter. 

I enjoy the cheerful, lively atmosphere and let my gaze wander over the landscape: Picturesque vineyards and meadows as far as the eye can see. Somewhat below the pavilion, a spacious hiking lounger invites me to relax. invite you to relax.

This is located directly at the most beautiful Wine view Rheinhessen 2020. The award is highly deserved: from there you have an indescribable view of the beautiful landscape. Also worth seeing is the stone cross of rest by the Nieder-Olm sculptor Stieb; It was inaugurated on July 7, 1918.

Contemplative break

My gaze wanders further to an extraordinary Chapel in the vineyards. Here hikers and walkers can take a contemplative break and come to rest.

The chapel, donated by Peter Eugen and Ruth Eckes, can be seen from afar. from afar. The interior design concept was created by interior design student Lisa Denecke from Mainz. The chapel was finally designed and planned by the Wiesbaden-based architectural firm KISSLER EFFGEN + Partner.

I like the modern building very much. Inside it is bright and friendly furnished. Through the triangular glass pane facing the valley, you also have a wonderful view. a wonderful view of the Feldberg mountain and the Frankfurt skyline. Also Zornheim can also be seen well from here; the steeple of St. Bartholomäus points the way.

The visit to the chapel is a pleasant contrast to the bustling WeinPavillon. The exudes a pleasant silence: visitors can take a seat on the wooden benches, pray wooden benches, pray, pause or meditate and thus take a well-deserved a well-deserved break from everyday life.

In the evening, the church In the evening, the church in the vineyards is even illuminated: "A real eye-catcher," says Andreas Münzenberger. The chapel in the vineyards the chapel in the vineyards. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nature and wide views

To After visiting the wine pavilion and chapel, you should not go home yet. it is simply too beautiful here, in the midst of nature; everywhere it is green and blossoms everywhere. Melodic birdsong alternates with the hoarse cawing of some ravens. of some ravens. Horses snort and neigh in a fenced meadow. The lilac carries its wonderful fragrance directly to the hikers.

It is worthwhile to now also Hiwweltour Zornheimer Berg fs a great place to discover for yourself: At 6.8 kilometers, it is not exactly long, yet it offers hikers numerous highlights in addition to the charming landscape.

And you can take that quite literally: The circular route offers some spectacular panoramic views: One of my favorite places is the hiking lounger on the Selzer Berg near the Selzstellung. The hike also scores points for its The hike also boasts the species-rich Rohrwiesen biotope and pretty vineyard cottages.

Some time ago I already wrote about the Hiwweltour Zornheimer Mountain reported. Also this Hiking report illustrates the attractiveness of the path.

So it's hardly surprising that you don't want to leave; up here, in Zornheim's vineyards, you get an incredible amount on offer.

With wine pavilion and chapel, two new buildings have been created along the Hiwweltour two new buildings that could not be more different. But one thing they both have in common: In their own way, they enable visitors to have an unforgettable time.

Parking lot:

To the new sports field 3, 55270 Zornheim

The Bar dates 2022 you will find on the website.

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  1. I have just read "A toast to the vineyard" in the Nahe newspaper and my curiosity is aroused.
    Are there any events planned for 2023? Could you notify me accordingly?
    I would like to do a 'pre-hike' and then possibly come with a hiking group.
    Thank you very much for your reply and kind regards
    Brigitte Gommert-Kohl

    1. Dear Brigitte, thank you for your interest in the Hiwwelt tours. You can find an overview of the locations and dates here:
      All our events are listed here:
      If you are looking for all the information about our certified hiking trails, you will find it here:
      If we can help you with more information, send us an email or give us a call. Best regards Ingrid

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