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Each of the three wellness offers has its own character, so you will definitely find your perfect vacation for a day.

Port Spa at Papa Rhine in Bingen

(c) Papa Rhine/Dominik Ketz

Directly on the banks of the Rhine in Bingen, the imposing building of the Hotels Papa Rhine up. When you enter the large and spacious lobby, you immediately feel like you're in another world. More precisely, as if on the deck of a ship, because that is exactly what Papa Rhine is supposed to be, a cruise ship that is permanently docked here on the banks of the Rhine. The small short vacation with a day of spa and wellness begins in the belly of the ship on the harbor deck and in the large harbor spa. At the reception you are greeted warmly and addressed with first names and Du. This is a bit unusual at first, but gives the feeling that you are a permanent guest on the cruise ship and not just part of the big ship family for one day.

After the reception area waits directly the large and 15 m long indoor pool, which invites you to relax or swim in the atmospheric light. or swim in the pool. You can sweat in the Finnish sauna with up to 85 °C or relax a little more gently in the bio-sauna at up to 55 °C. Or you can take a deep in the aroma steam bath. A real highlight is the healing earth steam bath. Rubbed with healing earth all over your body, you go into the steam bath to let the healing clay to soak in and become slightly creamy and liquid. For the For the perfect peeling effect, please rub it in again and again before washing it off. The healing earth steam bath takes place in a group or can be booked as a couple treatment. bookable. Of course, the Hafen Spa has many more treatments and treatments to choose from. Facials, manicures, full body massages, special massages for expectant moms and parents or "sea" time for us, to name just to name a small selection.

(c) Papa Rhine/Dominik Ketz

The perfect day spa also includes rest and relaxation, for which you will find various relaxation rooms or you can choose a lounger by the pool. On hanging bast sofas you can relax with a good book and floating above the pool. Not everyone loves absolute tranquility, which is why you will find a spa cinema in Papa Rhein, a special relaxation room with a cinema flair and a changing movie program.

On a cruise ship, it can not be missing, the pool on the deck. Of course, you will also find it at Papa Rhein. On top of the roof the outdoor outdoor plunge pool offers a great view over the Rhine to the Rheingau and over the the roofs of Bingen. On the roof terrace of the hotel you will also find the Lido restaurant, which, next to the large restaurant Bootshaus, provides refreshments after the sauna day.

Currently there are two arrangements to use the harbor spa half-day, the "Early Morning" and the "After Work". If you want to book the whole day wellness, then ask directly at the hotel for "a whole day vacation". In any case, you must book or reserve your visit in advance. Of course you can also use the amenities of the Papa Rhein as a hotel and book a night in the berth. There are 114 berths available on the ship in various categories with or without a river view. The great thing about an overnight stay is that you can still use the harbor spa all day until evening on the day of departure. Have you got a desire for the day spa in the port spa, then take a look at the Papa Rhine website over.

Heart and vine in Jordan's Untermühle in Köngernheim

In the middle of Rheinhessen and in the middle of nature lies Jordan's Untermühle. The small family-owned wellness hotel stands on the site of an old mill and also the new extensions were kept entirely in the mill style. A familiar and cozy atmosphere is emphasized throughout the hotel and in the Herz & Rebe Spa. In the spa lounge, you feel more like you're in the living room of friends. With a lemon water or a tea, you lean back in the armchair wrapped in your bathrobe, look outside or watch the fire in the fireplace.

(c) Jordan's Untermühle

A highlight is the heated outdoor pool. In the inside entrance into the warm water and then you can enjoy the fresh air and the view of the and enjoy the view of nature. The sauna for a proper sweat out is not missing in this spa. With the bio sauna at 60 °C, the Finnish sauna at 85 sauna with 85 °C and the steam bath. You can cool off in the cooling pool or under the cold shower.

(c) Jordan's Untermühle
(c) Jordan's Untermühle

The heart of the Herz & Rebe Spa is the concept around the wellness treatments. The spa is all about the Rhine-Hessian wine. Typical grape varieties that also exhibit these characteristics were assigned to the four basic needs of spa visitors. Pinot Gris stands for calm & centering, Pinot Noir symbolizes strength & energy, Riesling brings purification and freshness, and Silvaner corresponds to the qualities of mindfulness & care. The wellness treatments such as massages, facials and yoga sessions are now associated with the grape varieties. In the combination of the spa treatment and the matching glass of wine afterwards in the spa lounge and with dinner, a round and completely new wellness experience is created. However, wine should not be missing during the treatments themselves. The spa uses Vinoble Cosmetics products, in which the grape and the vine are part of the active ingredient palette.

For a day of day spa, Jordan's Untermühle offers you various packages that include special spa treatments. But you can also book the classic day spa. In any case, a spa bag and the "afternoon snack" are included. During your stay, you can move freely throughout the building - just as you would with good friends, with your bathrobe for the afternoon snack. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the wellness hotel even longer, 48 feel-good rooms are waiting for you. All information about the day spa in the wellness hotel can be found on the website of Jordan's Untermühle.

Bathhouse in Bad Kreuznach

Welcome to the sauna paradise in the Bathhouse Bad Kreuznach. From the outside, the large, white and stuccoed building already looks imposing, but that is no comparison to what awaits you inside. The entire bathhouse is a swimsuit-free zone. In the changing rooms, which are divided into several small corridors, you slip right into your bathrobe, grab your towel and set off to explore new, small worlds. Upon entering the actual bath, your first view is from the gallery into the large atrium in the glass-roofed courtyard. A small waterfall splashes into the large indoor pool, which, framed by palm trees, forms the center of the sauna landscape. From here, different areas lead to the Finnish, Roman and Oriental parts of the bath or high up to the roof terrace with the small alpine hut.

Admittedly, you first have to get an overview of the twelve saunas and additional steam baths. But thanks to markings with temperature and humidity as well as a loving and individual design of the saunas, everyone will find their favorite saunas and thus relax in the best possible way. For example, in the gemstone sauna with automatic infusion, the Brechelbad with cottage atmosphere or in the Hamam with heated stone loungers.

In two infusion saunas, classic infusions or event infusions take place throughout the day. or event infusions with music, ice or fans, for example, take place throughout the day. You can cool down after sweating in the plunge pool, in the ice shower, with the bucket or the mill wheel or with real ice. Relaxation between the between sauna sessions in the relaxation rooms, on the roof terrace by the heated outdoor pool heated outdoor pool or in the indoor pool in the atrium, in the brine pool or at the small graduation house.

You will find everything you need for your day out directly in the Bäderhaus. The integrated restaurant Metzler provides for your refreshment during the day and spoils you with snacks, delicious dishes and also vegetarian and vegan offers. Individual wellness treatments such as a massage or a full-body peeling in the steam sauna should be booked in advance via the website or by phone. If you would like to learn more about the Bäderhaus and your recreational options, then take a look at the Bathhouse website over.

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