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One dozen Worms Rhine bank

© Stefan Ahlers

On the Rhine promenade, which is much used by tourists in the Nibelungen City WormsNext to Hagen's monument and Kriemhild's rose garden, the artist Birgit Schuh created a new Nibelungen site on the Rhine. The nineteenth adventure of the Nibelungenlied tells of Hagen bringing twelve ladder wagons full of rock and gold over several days and sinking them in the Rhine. Although the Nibelungen treasure was ONE THOUSAND supposedly becomes visible on the Rhine and the loud splash provides proof of the real sinking, so even today the gold is not tangible. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, it appears more or less on the surface of the water. Moreover, the golden glitter also changes with the change of the viewing location. The closer and more tangible the gold seems, the faster it ultimately dissolves before your own eyes. Worth experiencing!

Winery Siefersheim

Art Forum Ingelheim -
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 30.4. to 9.7.2023

Year after year always worth a trip are the International Days in Ingelheim. This year, from April 30 to July 9, the extensive artistic oeuvre of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 - 1938) will be presented. With over 90 works - drawings, watercolors, prints and some exemplary paintings - insights into the most important stages of one of the most important and influential artists in Germany are provided and that in the middle of Rheinhessen. Adapted to the beautiful exhibition space of the Kunstforum Ingelheim in the Old Town Hall of the red wine town, the concept of the curators Dr. Ulrich Luckhardt and Dagmar Lott M.A. provides for a selection of works precisely tailored to five rooms, offering an insight into Kirchner's oeuvre. Each of the exhibition rooms illustrates a "station" in the life and artistic work of the artist.

Wine home Mommenheim

A warm welcome, pictures that make you want to find a temporary home far away. The longing to discover something, to get out, to experience and yet to consciously switch off. To be welcomed as if by friends, to take a seat at a nicely set table, to linger by the fireplace, to stick one's nose into the glasses in the wine bar and consciously perceive the aromas. Sleep in, open the windows wide and let the landscape take effect on you. Feel the earth under your feet and consciously arrive in the here and now. Sounds good, doesn't it? All of this is possible at the new wine hotel. Wine home in Momenheim. Having already tested the beautiful vinotheque and trendy restaurant, we are already looking forward to the first summer in the wine experience garden, looking out into nature, directly into the vineyards. It will be beautiful!

New stone hall Alzey

The Romans and their culture continue to fascinate many people. Especially in Rheinhessen, they still have an identity-forming power today. With the new stone hall at the museum in Alzey the culturally and historically important Roman treasure of Alzey, which had disappeared more and more from the spotlight in the last decades, is brought back into the focus of tourist and civic attention. The modern courageous extension of the previous museum of the city of Alzey, which since Beginning of March 2023 not only creates a worthy setting for the impressive Roman finds in Alzey, but is also a bold urban development project that makes a new attractive museum square possible. With the opening of the worth seeing annex it will be about 1800 years ago that Alzey was mentioned for the first time: on a Roman votive stone for the nymph deities.

Café Augenwaide

The former wine and fruit growing business developed into a flower and decoration store, which is given a unique touch by the cow chapel or the spacious garden with adjacent garden café. Through the countless decorative items, the wide range of plants, you will find here the right thing for every season. In the Café Augenwaide in Flörsheim-Dalsheim in Rhine Hesse, gardeners, florists, decorators, cake bakers and café operators all pull together. There, many talents mesh like small cogs to create a unique whole. What at first glance looks like a nursery is at the same time much, much more, but above all a feel-good place in the middle of Rheinhessen, where you can really enjoy yourself!

"Summer in the City" in the Citadel Mainz

Finally going out again in the warm summer air with your best friends to your favorite artists - and at the most beautiful places in Mainz? For over 10 years, the SUMMER IN THE CITY Festival this dream becomes a dreamlike reality. Here, people celebrate, dance and enjoy life together. Will you be there in 2023? One of our favorite locations at the festival is the area of the imposing Citadel, located in the middle of the state capital Mainz. Centered in the tree-covered park area, great artists take the stage here year after year. This year among others Clueso, Holly Johnson of Frankie goes to Hollywood, Philip Poisel and Alvaro Soler. Secure tickets now!

Stone Sculptures Park Bad Kreuznach

Not far from the mighty backdrop of the Rotenfelsen in Bad Münster am Stein, on August 14, 2010, the first and only contemporary Stone Sculpture Museum opened to the world. It was designed by the internationally renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando and displays works by the artist couple Kubach-Wilmsen. Anna Kubach-Wilmsen († 2021) and Wolfgang Kubach († 2007) have worked together with stones from all continents and participated in many international stone sculpture symposia. Their exhibits can be admired in galleries, museums and art halls around the world. Conceived Ando's magnificent stone sculpture museum is a "museum in the landscape", which involves nature and the whole environment. 

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