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I visited four companies and got to know the makers and their products. What you can not miss and where you can buy your new love to take home, I tell you in this article.

Because's jams and vinegars

For many, it is part of the classic breakfast table and awakens childhood memories, the jam. At Weil's Bauernladen, the fruits we grow and harvest ourselves are cooked into fruit spreads, and we do it with passion. Nothing goes into the jam except the fruit and the preserving sugar. Just like grandma used to do. All fruit spreads are boiled down, bottled and labeled on Anja Weil's farm herself. The variety of fruit types is large and so the shelf is also filled to the brim with fruit spreads and jellies. There are elderberry and elderflower, apricot, apple, strawberry, quince, plum, mirabelle, raspberry, blackberry, sour cherry and the berry dream. As a small Rheinhessen speciality, I also discover the variety Reneklode, a cross between mirabelle and plum.

Regional products
Regional products

During the opening hours you can buy in the store directly on the farm. and buy besides the jams also the vinegars, seccos, juices and distillates. distillates. The products of Weil's Bauernladen you will also find in many supermarkets in the area. So take a closer look at the regional shelves, then you will certainly discover the sweet spreads.

Address: Weil's farm store - Lambertstrasse 19, 55126 Mainz- Finthen 

Apples from Schlehbaum fruit farm

There is nothing better than a freshly picked apple. Months it has ripened in the sun and turned bright red. There is a slight crackling sound when the ripe apple and that juicy, strong sound when you bite into it is indescribable. when you bite into it is indescribable. Exactly this experience of picking you can at Obsthof Schlehbaum in Sulzheim on the weekends. At harvest time (around September and October), Bernd Wolf and his family have been inviting you family have been inviting visitors to their 5.5 hectare plantation for 30 years.

Armed with a wheelbarrow, you go out and pick what you can. But only after you have found your favorite apple variety. Because surely not all of the apple varieties are known to you. In addition to the classics Jonagold, Granny Smith, Boskoop and Braeburn, you will also find the more unknown varieties such as Pinova, Rubinette and Red Jonaprince. With your full wheelbarrow, you can then pick up a few odds and ends such as jams, brandies and honey at the orchard's store. If you want to enjoy the view of the apple trees a little longer, take a seat on the lawn or in the tent and treat yourself to a piece of apple pie from the local baker.

Besides the self-picked apples, the fruit farm also sells pears, mirabelles, plums, currants and blueberries. The seasonal you can find the seasonal offer on the farm or in the farm store in Sulzheim.

Address: Fruit farm at the Schlehbaum farm store - Hintere Dorfstraße 18, 55286 Sulzheim

Börschinger's noodles

If you love pasta, you're in paradise at Börschinger's Nudeln. The small store in Worms-Horchheim is filled to the brim with pasta in a wide variety of shapes, colors and flavors. Next door, Theo Heyne stands at the large pasta machine and produces pasta supplies, while his wife answers all my questions about the pasta and helps me choose from the wide assortment.

There are two pasta supergroups and this has to do with the production. In the case of rolled noodles, the individual noodles are cut from the large plate afterwards. The injected noodles are pressed directly into the mold and in this case, similar to the Christmas injected pastry, it is the attachment that gives the shape. The special features, however, are not the shapes of the noodles, but the ingredients and contents. It's not just that the spelt semolina and eggs are regional. In front of me is a large shelf full of spice and herb pasta. Chili, paprika, basil and walnut are still the more normal varieties. Have you ever tried gingerbread, grape seed or Riesling noodles? For the vegans among you there are also noodles without eggs in the assortment.

This pasta certainly tastes good without sauce. But if you eat something with the pasta, then you will find here also pestos to match the pasta offers and a general combination recommendation.

During opening hours you can get advice from Mrs. Heyne in the farm store and float in pasta heaven. But you can also find the products in their own online store or in supermarkets in the region. So take a look at the shelves with the regional pasta, which flavors can be discovered there.

Address: Börschinger's noodles - Neubachstraße 87a, 67551 Worms-Horchheim

Dubbewutz from the pig library

To find out what the Dubbewutz is all about, I visit Maren Bornheimer-Schwalbach in her Schweinothek. Behind the fancy name is a family that is on fire for their products and their pigs. Schweinothek started as a small store for pork and wine and has grown into a well-stocked organic store. The highlight of the store waits in the freezer, the Dubbewutz. The jarred sausage products come in different varieties such as black pudding, liver sausage, pork rind, bratwurst, ham sausage and pork lard. The semi-preserved products keep for about half a year in the refrigerator. Another peculiarity: in the jar there are only meat and spices. There are no binders, pickling salt or nitrates.

Regional products
Regional products

The meat for the Dubbewutz comes from the approximately 100 happy colorful Bentheimer pigs. These live 365 days a year outside on the pasture at the gates of Gau-Bickelheim. The love for the farm animals is great, so they are treated well and experience at least their first birthday. Every week two pigs are slaughtered on the farm and completely utilized directly on site. In the process, many more products are created than just the Dubbewutz. Take a look at the refrigerated shelves of the Schweinothek or inform yourself in advance at the Website of the Pig Library. If you are looking for something very specific, then it is worth pre-ordering.

Address: Organic Pig Library - Wallertheimer Street 5, 55599 Gau-Bickelheim

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