Rheinhessen in the rain: Our 10 best bad weather tips

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Of course, it can also happen here that the sky is cloudy, the wind roars and drops patter against the window pane. But that is no reason to stay at home! Even in bad weather and rain there are countless possibilities to spend a wonderful day in Rheinhessen. We present you the ten best bad weather tips for a rainy day in Rheinhessen.

1st dive: Oppenheim cellar tour

If it should be too wet above ground, you can go underground in Oppenheim and get to know the "city under the city". The entire old town of the wine village has a cellar. The Oppenheim cellar labyrinth leads on two exciting circuits over several meters and floors through historic corridors, wine cellars and storage rooms.

The cellar labyrinths can be visited only as part of a guided tour, but these are offered throughout the year fixed as well as individual. Of course, even in bad weather!

2. lock in: GRAPE ESCAPE in the cathedral courtyard

It's cold and wet outside? Then lock yourself in the cellar ... but only in the red wine cellar of the Domhof winery in Guntersblum! In the Escape Room Game GRAPE ESCAPE As wine spies, you have 60 minutes to uncover the secret of the cellar master and steal his newly created drop, which is well hidden in the depths of the barrel cellar. The wine can be tasted afterwards, of course!

3rd sipping: Wine tasting in the Rheinhessen Vinotheques

Admittedly - a hike through the vineyards of Rheinhessen is only partly fun when it rains. A wine tasting in one of our EXCELLENT wine shops but is an experience in any weather. In this way you can get to know the vineyard of the winemaker completely in the dry.

And with a good dry drop in the glass, you forget about any wet drop outside the door!

4. snacking: Coffee and cake in the cafes of Rheinhessen

Against gloomy weather (and gloomy mood) helps a warm chocolate. Besides, bad weather is the best excuse for a big piece of cake! The many cozy cafés in Rheinhessen are waiting for you with a delicious offer of homemade cakes and hot drinks.

Some of our favorite cafes include. Café Ernie and Illi in Nierstein, Veronika's wine café in Flonheim and the Café Augenwaide in Flörsheim-Dalsheim.

5th hole: black light mini golf in Mainz

You surely know minigolf as the summer activity par excellence. But in Rheinhessen you can also play minigolf in the rain - under a roof and in total darkness.

The principle of Black Light Heroes in Mainz is well-known and at the same time completely new: The ball has to enter the hole in as few strokes as possible. Black light, neon lights and impressive 3D effects let you dive into a wondrous world. And maybe the rain will have stopped when you emerge in the light again.

6. abseiling: The somewhat different climbing hall in Mainz

From one rainproof indoor hall in Mainz to the next: In the Clip 'n climb exciting climbing adventures with 31 fancy lines await you. With free-fall slide, spaghetti mountain, big cheese and a dark tower, this climbing hall is definitely extremely unusual and great fun for young and old.

7. relax: Saunas and spas in Rheinhessen

We find that saunas, baths and spas are even more beautiful in rainy weather than in sunshine. That's why dirty weather is perfect for relaxing in the feel-good oases of Rheinhessen.

The "Heart&Vine Spa" of the Jordan's Untermühle in Köngernheim The spa uses natural ingredients from grapes and vines in the tradition of the Rhine-Hesse region. In the bathing area and the modern sauna mill, you can watch the weather roar while you yourself are comfortably warm.

Besides, when it rains, we like to let ourselves in the "Sweatbox" in Budenheim, in which "Health Sauna at the Lenneberg" in Mainz and in the Bathhouse in Bad Kreuznach pampered according to all the rules of art.

8. have fun: Roll the film and raise the curtain

How about going to the cinema or theater again when it rains? With the Capitol, Mainz's oldest movie theater, and the Palatin waiting two very special program cinemas with a lot of history awaits your visit. Just like the small, fine Bali cinema in Alzey and the KIKuBi in Bingen.

The theater The Worms, the Frankfurter Hof in Mainz, the Good life at the morstone as well as the kING in Ingelheim also offer you entertaining refuge in dirty weather.

9. shopping: The Old Town in Mainz

If you're looking for an umbrella, you're guaranteed to find one in downtown Mainz! In addition, a stroll through the individual, original and colorful stores in the winding old town around Augustinerstraße will bring good cheer on gloomy days.

Traditional wine bars or small cafes like the coffee bar of the Coffee roaster Müller ensure that your paths under the umbrella are never long. Mainz will not leave you out in the rain!

10 Discover: Mainz Botanical Garden

For those who prefer tropical warmth in cold and wet weather, the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of the Johannes Gutenberg University just right. They are located in a separate area and most of them still date back to the garden's founding period. Step inside and feel like you're in a tropical rainforest as you discover the wonderful biodiversity in the succulent house or the tropical crop greenhouse. This kind of humidity is easy to endure, isn't it?

Do you have any other tips for rainy days in Rheinhessen? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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  1. Good day,
    we are a cycling group in Frankfurt, would like to know if EBikes are for rent in Rheinhessen.

    The Selztal radweg we drove, would like to know more about bike routes, inns.
    Your suggestion of quaint cafes -quite charming!
    Thank you very much!

    1. Dear Mr. Krebs,
      We're glad you enjoyed our Happiness Café tips. We are happy when our suggestions are received. More information about your request is on its way to you by mail. Have fun with future excursions in Rheinhessen.

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