Stopping and staying overnight along the Selz Valley Cycle Route

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The Owl Mill & Country Restaurant Owl Tavern

From the Selztal cycle path and still on the bike we can already see the Eulenmühle with the Eulenschänke surrounded by paddocks. We make only a small detour down the driveway to the restaurant and guesthouse. On the grounds of the former mill are a large horse farm, a restaurant and a guest house. The old mill flair and the history of the Selz valley with its many grain mills along the river can still be felt. Even though it is now the horses in the pasture that catch our eyes while we sit on the terrace and enjoy the break with a grape juice spritzer.

We quickly immerse ourselves in the nature and tranquility of this place. The horses in the paddocks and the landscape radiate a serenity that rubs off on us. Every morning the 60 or so horses go out on their own to the 16 paddocks and are called back to their stables around 5 pm. A unique event that you should not miss when you enjoy the fresh varied cuisine with Rhine-Hessian influences in the Eulenschänke. Afterwards, you can put your tired feet up in one of the six guest rooms of the Eulenschänke and set off again rested the next day.

The Eulenschänke is open during the week from Tuesday to Friday from 5 pm and on weekends from noon. It is best to reserve a table in the restaurant in advance. Also for an overnight stay with breakfast you should book a room in advance. All information about the Eulenmühle including the Eulenschänke you will find on the website of the Owl Mill.

Immerheiser Winery & Engel Country Inn

Not directly on the bike path but in the middle of the Selz Valley and only a detour away are the Landgasthof Engel and the guesthouse of the Immerheiser winery in Schwabenheim. First we visit the "Engel" before Mr. Immerheiser shows us the guest house. We are quite impressed by the old, restored walls. It's great how the winegrower and his family have converted the rooms of the old vicarage into an inn on their own initiative. We can not get enough, so many details in reference to the history of the house to discover. While we enjoy our grape juice spritzer and the upscale, but traditional German cuisine, we review the experiences of the bike tour.

No less than three houses belong to the guest house of the Immerheiser winery and are somewhat spread out along the street. All are converted and restored old houses with years of history. The rooms are modernly furnished and assigned to different themes, such as "Casa Rustica" or "1895 Provence". Occasionally, we find small details that remind us of the age of the houses, such as the steep listed wooden staircase in the stairwell. Mr. Immerheiser is particularly proud of the highlight room. He leads us up a narrow staircase right next to the country inn, under the roof of the historic stone house. Hidden behind the old wooden door is a modern dream made of old sandstone, wooden beams and design elements, the "Landhaussuite Traumtänzer".

The Landgasthof Engel opens its doors daily for visitors and only takes a lunch break during the week. But you'd better call ahead and reserve a table. You also need to book in advance for an overnight stay in the winery's guesthouse. All information and contact details can be found on the website of the Winery Immerheiser.


Shortly after Alzey and before the small town of Weinheim begins, the Selz Valley Cycle Route takes us directly past the historic farm of the Meiser family and the Poppenschenke. From the outside it seems inconspicuous at first, but the moment we enter the courtyard, we seem to be in another place and time. Next to the large and old chestnut tree stands an old fountain from the High Baroque period of 1650, from which spring water flows. The restaurant and the farm have been family run with passion for several generations. Thus, even the sausage platter on the menu consists of homemade sausages from own slaughter. Also otherwise on the menu are typical Rhine-Hessian cold dishes and house wines.

The Poppenschenke of the Meiser Winery welcomes you from Friday to Monday. All information about the current opening hours you will find on the website of the Winery Meiser. There you will also find pictures and information about Landhaus Meiser.

We have already passed the country house of the Meiser winery on the way to the Poppenschenke. A charming place where we quickly feel at home. About eight years ago, the family converted the former farmhouse into a vacation home, using natural building materials out of conviction. The Meisers have breathed a modern touch into the historic building while skillfully preserving its original charm. The vacation home offers enough space for two to six people.

If you now fancy a short vacation along the Selz Valley Cycle Route, you will find here more accommodations, places to stop, the right packages and all the important info.

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