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Even if you already know Rheinhessen and its cities, on a guided tour you will discover new corners through the eyes of the tour guide. I have made six guided tours that you should not miss.

Costume tour with Gutenberg through Mainz

In a costume of purple velvet, puffy sleeves and beak shoes he stands before you. Johannes Gutenberg or at least the tour guide Elmar Rettinger, who helped him with this Costume tour embodied. It's as if the inventor of movable type himself were guiding you through his city.

You will get a first-hand impression of Mainz in the 15th century. of the 15th century. While you walk through the old town, past the Gutenberg Museum Gutenberg Museum, the cathedral and Schillerplatz, you will learn what was going on in Mainz and why the city was in debt. Of course you will also hear many stories about Johannes Gutenberg himself.

You can find out everything about the Gutenberg costume tour and how you can be part of it at the Mainz Tourism website.

E-bike tour in the Wörrstadt countryside

In the Wörrrstädter Land with its hills, vineyards, villages and towns there is a lot to discover. To be able to get to know the great variety even approximately, you make the best a E-bike tour through the Wörrstädter Land. There are different routes with different lengths, but always with the e-bike to easily climb the higher hills.

Why are there actually towers in the vineyards and why are there are there green spaces between the rows of vines, or how much work does a vine a grapevine? These and many more questions will be answered during your tour while you enjoy the nature and the region from the saddle.

The guided e-bike tours and the different routes you can find on the Website of the Rheinhessen Mitte Tourist Center take a closer look.

Guided tour with the night watchman's wife in Flörsheim-Dalsheim

In Flörsheim-Dalsheim it stands, the only completely preserved Spot Wall in Rheinhessen. During a guided tour you can discover exactly that. But you will not be led by any tour guide over the battlements of the old walls, but from the night watchman's wife herself.

On this guided tour in costume you will learn what the Fleckenmauer has to do with Flecken and discover the romantic district of Dalsheim. With the eyes of the night watchman's wife, you will notice one or the other detail will catch your eye. Surely she has a few stories and anecdotes to tell. stories. As the night watchman's wife, you get to hear a lot.

If you are now in the mood for a costume tour with the night watchman's wife, you will find all the information you need for booking here.

Castle church Ingelheim

The red wine town of Ingelheim has a lot to offer. The guided tour "Gothic grace behind fortified walls - the castle church" takes you into the Ingelheim castle church. On the hill above Ober-Ingelheim it stands, the castle church. Surrounded by old walls, the church stands out with its white facade and yellow decorations on the tower.

During a guided tour of the church, you will take a closer look at the church area in the fortified complex and discover evidence of the Middle Ages and the Reformation period. Before you enter the church, you will be amazed by the gothic arches, the colorful stained glass windows and the beautiful plant ornaments in the vault.

You can get all information and dates for the public guided tour on the Ingelheim website.

Bingen cultural bank

The state horticultural show took place in 2008 on Bingen's Kulturufer. This has changed the banks of the Rhine quite a bit. On a guided tour of the Kulturufer, you can discover the remnants of the state horticultural show and marvel at the landscape and nature in the vineyards around the Rhine. After all, the people of Bingen designed 2000 years until the surroundings here looked like this, jokes the tour guide. In doing so, he points to the Rhine-Nahe corner with the famous Mouse Tower.

Of course you will not only learn everything about the facilities of the garden show, but also get to know Bingen and its past better. get to know. Hildegard von Bingen, the navigation on the Rhine and the stories about the stories around the Binger Loch shaped the town. They also offer plenty of plenty of material for stories and anecdotes of the tour guide.

If you are interested in a guided tour of the Kulturufer or any other guided tour of Bingen, check out the offer on the Bingen website an.

Alzey night watchman tour

What did a night watchman actually do? Find out when you accompany the night watchman on his route through the city of Alzey. city. The night watchman is, of course, dressed in his black robe and has his and has his halberd, cornucopia and lantern with him. As a true Rhenish Hessian he of course also babbles "rhoihessisch". This makes his stories even more authentic.

What stories entwine around the Rossmarktbrunnen and its sculptures and what are the other figures in the old town of Alzey all about? You will learn all this during the guided tour. Surely you will discover with the eyes of the night watchman a few details that you have not noticed before or have you already discovered the small hearts in the facades of the half-timbered houses?

How you can get to know the city in the context of a guided tour with the Alzey night watchman, you can find out at the Rheinhessen Tourism website.

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