The Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower: Five good reasons

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Rheinhessen hilly landscape at its best
Again and again benches to enjoy the panorama relaxed

Let's focus on the five most important reasons for my husband Rainer and me why this hike is worthwhile:

Across field wine - good signposting shows the way

The variety

People want variety. At least that's what radio station HR3 found in a listener survey. Such such a wish the Hiwweltour Bismarckturm fulfills completely clearly. Alone already scenic: At the beginning and towards the end again it goes through wooded areas, which partly like a jungle seem. Also on the way trees stand again and again shade sometimes like an arcade. It goes past meadows with orchards, pastures and through vineyards. From the hill the path leads down into the valley. There the Welzbach ripples, which we follow for a while and which we cross several times. and cross it several times.

One of the bridges over the Welzbach

Partly we run over Forest and field path, then over a meadow or an asphalt stage. We are impressed by the steep stairway, over which we climb a part of the height to the Westerberg in the nature reserve of the Gau-Algesheimer Kopf.

At the stairway the trees stand trellis

Again and again along the interesting historical or natural history along the circular route: For example the still recognizable trenches of an infantry position from the First World War, which are indicated by signs. Or the information boards of the geoecological nature trail in Gau-Algesheim. Gau-Algesheim. These explain the geological development of the region.

Strong start and finish

A trip to the starting point alone would be worthwhile: the 31-meter-high Bismarck Tower rises mightily on the Westerberg. As the information board reveals, the mighty structure is the counterpart to the Germania of the Niederwald Monument over in the Rheingau. Architecturally incorporating elements of Art Nouveau and Neo-Romanticism, the tower, opened in 1912, is a reminder of how much the first German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck was revered and how great the patriotic sentiment was at the time. At that time, at the beginning of the 20th century, such buildings were erected all over Germany - the one in Ingelheim is one of the tallest. For the best views, it is worth climbing the steps inside. On the way back, the tower shows from afar that the tour will soon be over.

The stately Bismarck Tower

For rest and refreshment there are two inns: The Brauser's mountain tavern serves drinks in a pretty beer garden decorated with palm and olive trees. The highlight: You can bring your own food. Directly below the Bismarck Tower, the Waldeck mountain restaurant outside and inside, among other things, game specialties. Fittingly, the menu also includes a "Hiwwelschnitzel" (with onions and herb butter).

By the way, the car can be parked can be parked in one of the two large parking lots. At the starting point a overview map shows the course of the route and gives a good orientation.

Inviting gastronomy at the Bismarck Tower - here mountain restaurant Waldeck

The farsightedness

Again and again we are the panoramas that open up to us on the way. Super we find that at benches, some of them even the typical benches for Rheinhessen. stand. Already at the Bismarck Tower the view can reach the heights of the Rheingau. can be seen. There, for example, Vollrads Castle and Johannisberg Castle can be seen. recognizable. We have this perspective a little later also at the Gaga hut. The Schutz-Pavillon is named after its builders, the company Gebrüder Avenarius Gau-Algesheim, named after its builders. In the other direction - to the west - the Laurenziberg the Laurenziberg and the Jakobsberg.

Far view directly at the Bismarck Tower

Closer to Gau-Algesheim the tower of the Catholic Church of St. Cosmas and Damian rises in front of the two hilltops. both hilltops. The ascent through the vines on the Hundertgulden is also rewarded with the village center of Appenheim as well as to the Nahe valley and the heights of the and the heights of the Hunsrück.

View over Gau-Algesheim from the Gaga hut

The side jumps

If the eleven kilometers of the of the core tour are not enough and who wants to feed his pedometer further, I recommend a detour to Gau-Algesheim. Down there lead paths right at the beginning of the route. In addition, from the train station Gau-Algesheim there is a signposted (1.9 kilometers) to the Hiwwelroute - the pretty winegrowing village could be an an alternative starting or ending point.

An inviting atmosphere prevails here at the historic market square, where various gastronomic establishments have their tables outside when the weather is nice. A figure of Justice beckons from the baroque town hall. A few steps away is the Catholic Church of St. Cosmas and Damian, whose 63-meter-high tower towers above the action. Not far from there, at the Klopptor, the locals have erected a monument to "Dem Schoppe" (i.e. a wine spritzer). This reminds with the words of the dialect poet Alfons Molitor from Gau-Algesheim: "E Schoppe Gespritze is gut for de Dorscht". In Gau-Algesheim there are two of the special "Reinhessen-AUSGEZEICHNET-Vinotheken": one in the Winery Pfeiffer, the other in Gerharz wine experience. There should be enough time for a little wine tasting.

The hospitable market place of Gau-Algesheim

Only a few (about 100) meters off the Hiwwelroute later lie the signposted Salamander holes. The natural monument is part of the nature reserve "Gau-Algesheimer Kopf". But do not expect conspicuous burrows with many amphibians. Its special feature explains the information board of the geoecological nature trail: Here there are groundwater deposits that do not dry up even during the summer months. The puddles create the habitat for rare plants such as the "Silver cinquefoil" as well as various newt and dragonfly species.

Zero steps more - since directly on the way - brings it, in the 100 Guilder mill to take a break halfway along the route in Appenheim. The idyllic terrace in the spacious garden of the historic mill at the foot of the Hundertgulden vineyard invites you to linger.

At the vineyard Hundertgulden

Nature up close

A book in my youth was called "Hiking with open eyes". Taking this literally is easy on this Hiwwelt tour. easy. Now in spring, forest anemones, violets, cowslips and grape hyacinths (also called Schlotfeger). The fields of leaves indicate that lily of the valley will soon sprout. Splendidly blossoming are the fruit trees. Later in the year, you can read, you will see rare plants like. marsh irises, Turk's-band lilies or lady gentian.

Spring blossom

Also we have again and again animal encounters that delight not only children: at the Guldenmühle, cows are cows are chewing their cud and later horses are grazing in the paddocks. Next to the parking lot, roosters crow roosters crow and goats bleat. On the way, birds chirp and a woodpecker knocks on a hollow tree trunk. on the hollow tree trunk. Butterflies flutter through the air again and again - among them among them specimens unknown to me so far, like the aurora butterfly (white wings with orange tips). orange tips).

An aurora butterfly
Feeding ... pleases the children and the goats

It's worth having a camera handy. The sometimes bizarre roots of the trees are also beautiful motifs. By the way: For Insta-fans there is a "photo frame" at the "table of wine" at the Hundertgulden. And another tip: At this resting place, the winegrowers of the Appenheim Hundertgulden serve their wines every Sunday from May to July.

The author at the photo spot at the "Table of wine".

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