The Hiwweltour Neuborn: Hiking between wine & foresight

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Between leaf green and wine red

The Hiwweltour starts in the shade of the trees in the Neuborn forest recreation area. Accompanied by the chirping of birds, it leads past Wörrstadt and right into the vineyards. Those who wish can pay a short visit to the town and the tourist information office.

Burgundy Tower

The first highlight of the tour is already visible from afar. visible. The wine-red Burgundy Tower towers above the vines. Once the the steps, you have a unique view from up here and a new perspective on the and a new perspective on the carefully lined up vines. Those who know, can already recognize the next prominent points of the tour from here.

Over hill and over dale

As it should be for a Hiwweltour, the hiking trail leads up and down "Hiwwel" (Rhinehessian for hill) again and again. There are different resting places with impressive views.

A very special Wingertshäuschen is only a small detour from the actual tour. A small climb leads up to the to the Perka vineyard house. Like a single room, the house made of high-strength concrete in the middle of the vineyard. The floor plan of a distorted parallelogram offers a different perspective a different perspective from every angle. The Perka House is the result the departments of architecture and civil engineering at the TU Kaiserslautern. Kaiserslautern.

Detents im the shade of the tree

From the Burgundy Tower you could already see him, the single tree on the mountain between all the vines. The Hiwwelt Tour leads up to the Greifenberg and the table of wine. At the long table you can enjoy the view over the Rhine-Hessian classic "Weck, Worscht un' Woi".

After about half of the route, the Hiwweltour leads to the historic village of Rommersheim. Winding alleyways, enchanted half-timbered houses and a shady church square -... there is a lot to discover in Rommersheim.

Sea of vines and rippling spring

Behind Rommersheim the road climbs up into the vineyards. The uphill and downhill past seemingly endless rows of red and white grapes. and white grapes. The highlights of the hike can be seen again and again. highlights can be seen.

Shortly before the tour ends, you are immersed once again in the shade of the trees in the Neuborn forest recreation area. The chirping of the birds and the splashing of the Neuborn spring accompany you on the last meters. The cool water of the spring is a refreshing way to cool off before heading back to the hiker's parking lot and the end of the trail.

On the road with Hiwwelsack and the children's rallye

The Hiwweltour Neuborn is also suitable for as a family hike. For the little hikers, the Hiwwelsack is waiting as a hiking companion at the Tourist Information Wörrstadter Land. With a lunch box, Hiwwelgucker diary, magnifying glass and pen set, nature can be discovered all over again.


Difficulty: medium
Route: 7.9 km
Duration: 2:15 h
Ascent: 84 hm
Descent: 84 hm
Highest point: 231 hm
Lowest point: 149 hm

Photos: Dominik Ketz

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