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No summer without N'ice

Mainz. New town. Gartenfeldplatz. It is a wonderfully warm summer afternoon. One of the most beautiful squares in Mainz's Neustadt district is bustling with activity. All the benches around the square are occupied, and children are laughing happily from the playground. It is the typical scenery of the Gartenfeldplatz, but there is more to it than that: N'ice cream - the Neustadt ice cream.

Because it simply tastes N'ice!

Also my destination is the small corner store, which has been providing exceptional ice cream enjoyment. I am glad about the somewhat longer queue, because so I can think about the choice of my varieties in peace. Mango lassi, Cherry Kola, or Mint Stracciatella are just three of the twelve flavors that flavors that change daily. Classics like chocolate and vanilla are are also included, of course.

A store with a guarantee of success

The idea for "N'Eis" was the idea of Anke Carduck and Julia von Dreusche. But it wasn't their love of ice cream love of ice cream that led the two to open an ice cream parlor, but rather the but rather the store itself. "We simply fell in love with this small space," says in love with this small space," say Anke Carduck and Julia von Dreusche, who were still students at the time. "When it suddenly came up for sale, we didn't hesitate for long and only afterwards, we thought about what exactly we wanted to do with it." The fact that, due to the small area finally became an "ice cream shop" with pure street sales, is a great fortune for all ice cream fans. 

Sometimes a little patience is needed in front of the small corner store. But the wait is rewarded.

Meanwhile, I'm standing at the counter and am spoiled for choice. In total, N'Eis has more than 150 different varieties in its portfolio. All of them created in-house, made fresh every day, without artificial additives and whenever possible from regional products. Quality and authenticity are top priorities for Anke Carduck and Julia von Dreusche. "We're not Italian and we didn't want to open a knock-off of well-known ice cream parlors. We wanted to create something new," says Carduck. Their success shows that they succeeded.

Top ice cream parlor all over Germany

The initial idea of running a small store on the side has now grown into a company with 90 employees. In addition to the two branches in Mainz - the second branch is located directly on the banks of the Rhine - there is already an entire N'Eis product range with recipe books and its own jewelry collection. N'Eis has not lost its original charm and, above all, its exceptional taste as a result. It was recently voted one of the best ice cream parlors in the whole of Germany.

When an ice cream sweetens the day!

"Have a n'Eis day" is written in curved pink letters right next to the ice cream counter. As I leave the store with my ice cream cone, I know that's exactly what it's a nice day, thanks to N'Eis!

"Ice horn" brings delicious refreshment

Their store is brand new, the taste of their ice cream as good as if they had been in the ice cream business for years: Since February 2021, Andrea Lippe and David Bühler have been running the Ice cream parlor Eishorn in Gimbsheim near Worms. It was a happy coincidence that I discovered this cute ice cream parlor with the pink unicorn in the logo after a beach day at the Altrheinsee and could not resist the sight of the delicious varieties.

The new ice cream parlor "Eishorn" in Gimbsheim

Ice cream + unicorn = be happy!

16 different flavors are waiting here every day for sweet tooths like me. In addition to chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry wafers, Eishorn also offers the most unusual flavors the most unusual varieties end up in the waffle cone: Grandma's apple pie, Grandpa's cheesecake apple pie, grandpa's cheesecake, sesame-almond, honey-sage or carrot-buttermilk-banana. - in Andrea Lippe's and David Bühler's ice cream laboratory, there are no limits are set. "We love to experiment and try out new flavors," says Andrea Lippe. trying out new flavors," says Andrea Lippe, and you can feel her passion for her craft. craft.

Balls that make happy.

Opening an ice cream parlor in the middle of pandemic times was a gamble, but one that quickly paid off. "Our small ice cream parlor was very well received right from the start," says a delighted David Bühler. He actually runs the Sohling asparagus and strawberry farm in Hamm together with his stepfather Rainer Sohling. This is also where the idea of their own ice cream café was born. "In our farm café, we offered ice cream to go with our fresh strawberries," the "ice cream boss" explains to me. "We got the ice cream from the ice cream parlor that had its location right here. When the owners went out of business last year, we decided to take over the ice cream parlor - but with our own concept and design."

"Ice horn" stands for pure ice cream enjoyment. Artificial colors and preservatives are neither added to the cone in the cone or in the cup. "Our ice cream is handmade, fresh every day and prepared from regional products whenever possible," says Bühler. Quality that you can taste, and so I lick my ice cream in the certainty of becoming a big "Eishorn" fan. fan.

Ice cream enjoyment at the Worms market place

A completely different ambience awaits ice cream lovers at Pietro Vannini on Worms' market square. For 27 years, the Vannini ice cream parlor a guarantor for the highest ice cream enjoyment. Freshly renovated, it has shone in ultra-modern splendor since the beginning of 2020. 8.40 meters of ice cream counter - the largest ice cream counter in Germany, as Pietro Vannini later assures me. An incredible selection of ice cream flavors and sundaes, all presented on brightly backlit photo boards. And a queue that testifies to the quality of this ice cream.  

Eiscafé Vannini: 8.40 meters of pure ice cream pleasure.

It does not take not long and it's my turn, too. I'm glad I don't have to decide today I'm glad I don't have to decide today, because my choice is clear: "A Luther cup, please!" Pietro Vannini serves me personally. Although his company has three other branches in Weinheim, Neustadt, and Bad Kreuznach, the 57-year-old ice cream the 57-year-old master ice cream confectioner is still often behind the counter himself. "I love the contact with my customers. It's important to see how our ice cream is received," says Vannini, who, even after more than 30 years, never tires of creating new ice cream to create.

An ice cream for Martin Luther

No wonder that the Luther Year 2021 was a perfect occasion to develop a special Luther ice cream for the Luther City of Worms to develop its own Luther ice cream. "I did a lot of research and researched the food and baking culture of Luther's time," reports Vannini. Particularly important, of course, were the ingredients that were used back then were used: Milk, cream, butter, plus honey, caraway seeds and coriander - garnished with dried fruit, almond cookies and a pinch of cinnamon!

While I enjoy enjoy my Luther ice cream, Pietro Vannini tells me about his philosophy. Ice cream is more than just a dessert for him; for him, ice cream is a treat. Accordingly, his quality standards are also high. "We use only the best only the best ingredients for our ice cream and produce it fresh every day according to traditional Italian recipes directly in our stores," says the native Italian. Italian.

Delicious creation: The Luther mug for the Luther Year

Delicately creamy the last spoonful of Luther ice cream is still melting on my tongue when I find myself already choosing a cup for my next visit. As Martin Luther said, "Here I stand. I can't help it." True! I also can't help it either. I have to eat ice cream!

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