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On the around 75 km of the Rhine Terrace Trail you will discover a multitude of sights. Ten of them have remained particularly in my memory and have made a lasting impression on me.

1. cathedral of St. Peter in Worms

Rhine Terrace Path
Rhine Terrace Path

Before the actual hiking trail begins, we are greeted by the imposing building of the Worms Cathedral captivated. The double-choir Romanesque pillar basilica towers above the neighboring buildings and shines in a warm, almost golden brown. It is not only the architecture that can be marveled at here. The Nibelungenlied, typical of Worms, is also closely associated with the cathedral. The "Quarrel of the Queens" played out on the north side, and every year the cathedral is the backdrop for the Nibelungen Festival.

2nd Jewish Cemetery "Holy Sand" Worms

Not far from Worms Cathedral lies quietly and inconspicuously the next sight, the Jewish cemetery "Holy Sand". It is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe, where around 2,500 graves bear witness to one of the first Jewish communities in Worms around the year 1000. The atmosphere in the cemetery, which has recently been integrated with the other Jewish cemeteries, is quiet and contemplative. SchUM sites in Worms, Mainz and Speyer is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A guided tour of the cemetery will give you even more insights. All information about this, the opening hours and other special features of the visit, you can find on the Website of the Nibelungen City Worms.

3. miniature castle lick Osthofen

A bit like the illusory giant from Michael Ende's Jim Knopf, the Miniature castle lick cone near Osthofen is not what it seems. From a distance, it looks like a real big castle and resembles the fairy-tale castle of Lichtenstein near the Swabian Alb. If you come closer up the vineyard, the magnificent castle becomes smaller and smaller, and up close it is the size of a vineyard house, but a very beautiful one. It was rightly named the most beautiful vineyard cottage in Rheinhessen in 2011.

4th Romanesque Basilica of St. Lambertus Bechtheim

Rheinhessen has some important and impressive churches to offer and the Romanesque basilica of St. Lambertus in Bechtheim definitely belongs to it. I am still impressed by the size of this village church, which I would not have expected to see here. Despite its size, the basilica appears down-to-earth. Its interior impresses with a restrained combination of white walls and arches made of red stone. The windows are also decorated in a restrained manner, but allow a lot of light to fall into the high nave.

5. ruined church of St. Mary Magdalene Alsheim

Unlike the other churches on the edge of the RheinTerrassenWeg is St. Mary Magdalene near Alsheim now only a church ruin. But that does not make it any less worth seeing. In the middle of nature and surrounded by greenery stand remains of the old gray walls and let you mentally travel to another time.

6th Heidenturm Church Guntersblum

Even from a distance the Heidenturm church in Guntersblum with its two towers catches the eye. It stands alone on a spacious forecourt and radiates a self-confidence as if it knew of its beauty. At the same time, it reflects a certain calm and wisdom of its age. After all, the north tower dates back to the time of the First Crusade and has seen quite a few pass by over the years.

7. katherine church Oppenheim

Long before we see Oppenheim, our next stop, we are already shown the St. Catherine's Church the way. With its size, the position with the view over the Rhine and the filigree decorations, the church appears imposing and impressive. But inside, in the over 500 year old house of worship, you will find an atmosphere of peace and contemplation. The stained glass windows transform the sunlight into the most brilliant colors and make the church always appear somewhat different. Particularly impressive is the Oppenheim Rose, the famous window on the south facade, which is modeled on a hedge rose.

8. parish church St. Gereon Nackenheim

The baroque hall of the Parish Church of St. Gereon with its yellow façade and orange-red decorations towers above the roofs of the town of Nackenheim. Thus, it attracts attention even from a distance. Compared to the other churches on the RheinTerrassenWeg, the parish church of St. Gereon is one of the youngest. It appears more playful due to the colorful design and the baroque style, which is also evident in the interior. It is the wall paintings and the opulent high altar that make me marvel. Again and again, a new detail catches my eye.

9. historical town hall of Bodenheim

(c) Michael Zellmer

At first glance and when passing by appears the historic town hall in Bodenheim inconspicuous with its high yellow base. But the true beauty is revealed only when you look up. The town hall is one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses in Rheinhessen and a typical example of the Franconian-Hessian half-timbered construction of the Renaissance around 1600. The longer I look at the facade, the more details and decorations I notice.

10. cathedral St. Martin Mainz

The Mainz Cathedral forms the crowning conclusion of my top 10 sights. Located in the heart of Mainz, at the market square and with its red stones not to be overlooked, it is the Mainz landmark and from the city can no longer be missed. It is worth the walk at the end still around a detour to the cathedral, the impressive paintings and collections in the adjacent Cathedral and Diocesan Museum to extend.

There is much more culture waiting for you along the RheinTerrassenWeg. If you want to discover all the sights in advance, then you will find a listing on the Rheinhessen Touristik website.

The 75 km trail is long and can be easily divided into six stages and day trips. A recommendation for the sections and how you can connect them with the stations on the route, you will also find on the Rheinhessen Tourism website.

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