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Just as diverse as the city and its Mainzers are the five wine taverns I chose for my visit. But all five have one thing in common. You should check the opening hours of the wine taverns in advance and book a table in advance.

Wine bar red head

When you go out to eat, you want to eat something that you wouldn't you wouldn't make yourself at home. That is the motto of the seasonally changing menu of the Rote Kopf. Freshly prepared dishes made from regional ingredients are the main and are complemented by a full wine list. It's best to look at the menu online before your visit to see if there is currently if there is something for you. In addition to the changing menu, there are also classics like Spundekäs and the sausage platter.

Rheinhessen and friendly wineries are on the menu with their flagships and so a great variety of grape varieties and wines is created. Have you ever tried a rosé aged in a wooden barrel? The classic wine tavern look with the wood-paneled walls or the cozy vaulted cellar round off a visit to the Rote Kopf wine tavern.

Address: Red head - Rotekopfgasse 4, 55116 Mainz

Wine house Zum Spiegel

In the middle of Mainz's pedestrian zone in the summer, the benches, chairs and tables of the wine house Zum Spiegel. But even if in autumn and winter the furniture is not outside, you will not miss this wine bar. overlooked. On your way through the Augustinerstraße to the cathedral, you will walk directly to the half-timbered building.

The sociability is capitalized here. Just sit down and join in the conversation over a glass of wine. Besides the wines from Rheinhessen you will also find a selection of wines from the Rheingau. The wine house Zum Spiegel focuses on a few wineries and offers a wide range a wide range of them. On the menu are typical Rhine-Hessian snacks and dishes to match the wine in the glass. Let the taste the cheese cubes, the Meenzer Spundekäs or Handkäs or how about bread with homemade sausage?

Address: Wine house Zum Spiegel - Leichhof 1, 55116 Mainz 

Ehrenfels farm

From the outside inconspicuous with a sign above the door and in a side a side street of the shopping street you will find the Hof Ehrenfels. The traditional house from the Middle Ages has been renovated in the last few years and and now you are greeted by a modern, cozy ambience. The real highlight is behind the restaurant. In the large garden with a view of the surrounded by historic walls and roses, there is room for about 160 guests on different different levels.

The classic offer of the wine bar is complemented with a rich food offer. In addition to the menu, changing dishes are offered for offered for lunch. Meenzer classics such as "Spundekäs", "Handkäs" and fried sausages are just as popular as salads, fish, tarte flambée or the vegan dishes on the menu. Of course, wine must not be missing in this wine tavern either. The wine list of Hof Ehrenfels is long and includes various mainly Rheinhessen wineries with one or two wines each. If you can not decide, then try the No. 7 of the wine list, the wine recommendation wine recommendation by the staff.

Address: Ehrenfels farm - Grebenstrasse 5-7, 55116 Mainz

Lösch wine house

If you are of the opinion that a wine tavern must be rustic, small, cozy and cozy and have wood-paneled walls, then the Weinhaus Lösch is the right place for you. Lösch is the right place for you. In the small guest room and on the terrace in front of the house a lot of importance is attached to hospitality and conviviality. The Mainz Mainz tradition of simply sitting down at a table is particularly appreciated owner of the wine house Lösch particularly appreciates. The Brazilian Rodrigo Costa came to Mainz to Mainz 12 years ago with his wife and fell in love with the city. He is delighted to be able to welcome and pamper guests together with his team. and spoil them.

Do you prefer meatloaf or schnitzel with your wine or are you more or are you more in favor of a beef tartare or an "Argentinean" rump steak? rump steak? The menu is sure to have something for you. In wine selection you will find a wide range of wineries from Rheinhessen and the and the Rheingau. My tip for a nice evening with friends. Reserve a seat at the popular Camembert table. This has the typical shape of a Camembert corner. When you sit together so comfortably, you can enjoy the evening with wine and a large selection of hessian appetizers. appetizers.

Address: Lösch wine house - Jakobsbergstr. 9, 55116 Mainz

Wilhelmi wine house

When I enter the Wilhelmi wine house it reminds me of the other wine taverns. The dark wood paneling and the typical wooden furniture make it rustic and cozy. In the rooms of the upper floor a highlight is waiting for you. In the cupboards and showcases on the walls are various pieces of the Mainzer Prinzengarde are exhibited.

The cups and badges you can admire with a glass of wine a glass of wine. In the wine list you will find Rhine-Hessian wine from different wineries wineries and also wines from the Rheingau and the Palatinate. Palatinate. Also the menu contains typical Meenzer specialties and delicacies from Rheinhessen and the Palatinate. Thus the wine house Wilhelmi is a highlight for the cozy evening, the palate and you can still enjoy the cultural highlight, the Mainzer Fastnacht get to know.

Address: Wilhelmi wine house - Rheinstr. 53, 55116 Mainz   

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