Regional, seasonal and delicious: 4 tips for refreshments at the Hiwweltour Neuborn

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The Neubornstuben is located on the edge of the Neuborn forest recreation area, starting and ending point of the Hiwweltour Neuborn. Laura Sandmeier and Thomas Linz will welcome you warmly and with a big smile before or after your hike.

The two young hosts took over the Neubornstuben in July 2017 and continue the family business with their own ideas and a focus on alpine dishes, true to the motto: "Nature is not only our habitat, but also the origin of our life. Let us enjoy its beauty as much as its fruits."

Regional, seasonal and sustainable food is very important to Sandmeier and Linz. Meat, vegetables, flour and milk come exclusively from farmers in the region. For products that naturally have to travel a long way, the two pay attention to fair trade, as they do with their coffee. You can choose between hearty, warm dishes served with matching wines from the local Mussel winery or a traditional snack with sausage, radish and grapes, which, by the way, are also available to take home for the Hiwwelt Tour.

In summer you can enjoy the view over wild meadows on the beautiful terrace. There is also a barefoot adventure trail with sand, stones, earth and water. Barefoot walking and the different stimulations stimulate the blood circulation. So even tired feet feel fit again after about eight kilometers of Hiwweltour.

Forest restaurant Neuborn

Pure nature! The rustic and Rhine-Hessian hearty Forest restaurant Neuborn is located in the middle of the forest recreation area Neuborn and thus also directly at the starting and end point of the Hiwweltour Neuborn.

When you enter the little house in the forest, you might just smell freshly baked bread or homemade potato pancakes. Innkeeper Alex Grunwald likes to stand in the kitchen and try out new things. "Such a location in the middle of nature obliges," he says. That's why he relies on fresh, natural ingredients and sources his meat from a regional country butcher shop. The food here is "simple but tidy" and just right after a long hike on the Hiwwelt Tour.

The forest restaurant looks back on a history rich in tradition. Already in the 20s of the last century, the restaurant was a popular place of excursions; at that time only accessible on foot. The shady beer garden still attracts visitors with homemade lemonades, a cool beer and of course a glass of wine. Until the 1970s, the little house in the woods was also a popular dance hall, and many a local still knows lively stories from those days. Old photos bear witness to the history of the Waldgaststätte and you can even compare then with today.

Wine tavern "Zum Woifässje

The picturesque wine village Rommersheim is located in the middle of the Hiwweltour Neuborn. Just behind the entrance to the village on the main road you will find the Wine tavern "Zum Woifässje of the Ullmer winery.

Klaus and Evelyn Ullmer welcome you in the former cowshed, which has been extensively renovated, but has not lost its cozy charm with rustic beams, rough stone walls and vaulted ceilings. In addition to coffee, snacks and wines from our own vineyards, you can enjoy hearty Rhenish cuisine in the evenings. And that is really tasty, because in addition to winegrowing, the Ullmers have another passion: garlic cultivation. So, if you like, there are dishes that will make the heart of any tuber lover beat faster: warm garlic sticks of all kinds and even a schnitzel stuffed with garlic.

Even outside the opening hours you may come to the farm at any time and see if Klaus Ullmer is at home. This is worthwhile not only because he has a key to the historic Rommersheim church, but also because he is can tell wonderful stories about his hometown and the Hiwweltour as a cultural and wine ambassador.

Restaurant "To the glass drinking horn

The Restaurant "To the glass drinking horn  is also located in Rommersheim and offers you excellent cuisine in a nice atmosphere.

Chef Markus Lettau has fulfilled a long-cherished dream with the "Gläsernen Trinkhorn". Here you can unwind and taste excellent food and wines that are good for body and soul. This is particularly important to him in today's fast-paced world.

In summer, the beautiful courtyard invites you to stop in. If you only feel like a snack, you will also find small dishes on the menu. In addition, refreshing drinks await thirsty hikers. Is that where the name "Zum Gläsernen Trinkhorn" comes from? Not quite!

The restaurant is located in an old barn complex with beautiful half-timbering, which was built as early as 1629. At that time, a glass drinking horn from the Merovingian period was found in the ground, which is now exhibited in the State Museum in Mainz. This special history is remembered by the name of the restaurant and some handmade drinking horns decorated there.

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