7 Special towers in Rheinhessen

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Leaning tower: fortified tower in Gau-Weinheim

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known all over the world. But there are towers that are even more leaning than the famous structure in Italy. The world record was held for 15 years by the church tower in Suurhusen in East Frisia. But this record is now gone, because since September 11, 2022, the medieval fortified tower in Gau-Weinheim in the German state of Rheinhessen has been even more crooked. Only one decimal place made the difference: 0.2 degrees to be precise. The new record holder in Gau-Weinheim has a total inclination of 5.4277 degrees. The Record Institute for Germany now officially recognized this world record.

Highest church tower: West tower Mainz Cathedral

You want to go high up? Many towers characterize our cities and towns or even entire regions, tell exciting stories and usually offer a wonderful view if accessible. There is also a lot to discover in the wine region of Rheinhessen. The most famous tower in Rheinhessen is currently located in the tranquil town of Gau-Weinheim, and since the fall of 2022 it has officially been allowed to call itself the "Leaning Tower of the World". You can find more Rheinhessen towers besides our "world record tower" and their stories here.
© Dominik Ketz

What a huge cathedral in the heart of the old town of Mainz! Not for nothing is the Mainz Cathedral the landmark of the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate: Mainz Cathedral. 116 meters long, it can seat more than 4000 people. Mainz Cathedral is a three-nave Romanesque vaulted basilica, built of red sandstone and limestone (nave) . The crossing tower in the west with a proud 82 meters and the tower above the center of the east building together characterize the long-distance effect of the cathedral Thus, the west tower is also the highest church tower in Rheinhessen.

Highest castle tower: Klopp Castle keep in Bingen

© Torsten Silz

The Klopp Castle in Bingen is, along with the Mäuseturm, the town's landmark and one of only a few castles in Rheinhessen. It was already a popular destination for excursions in the days of Rhine Romanticism. Since 1854, the castle has been rebuilt in a historicist style by private owners. Today, the city administration of Bingen has its headquarters in the castle, while the inner courtyard and tower are freely accessible between April and October. In the tower, a small exhibition is dedicated to the illustrious guests. From the viewing platform of the 37.5-meter-high keep, and thus the highest castle tower in Rhine-Hesse, one has a magnificent view over the Middle Rhine Valley, the Rheingau, the Rhine-Hessian hill country and the Naheland. Occasional exhibitions are held here and there are regular guided tours on the history of the castle.

Photogenic vineyard tower: Burgundy tower in Wörrstadt

© Dominik Ketz

The striking Burgundy Tower in Wörrstadt, which catches the eye even from a distance, stands in the middle of the sea of vines along the Hiwweltour Neuborn. The reason for the construction of the observation tower, in Burgundian architectural style, was the 25th partnership anniversary between Wörrstadt and Arnay-le Duc. The three-story 15 m high tower with the bright Burgundy red and the cleverly arranged balconies is located above the beautifully situated Neubornbad and is accessible to the public and also very popular as a photo spot on the hike of the Prädikatswanderweg. On the upper, open-air viewing plateau, visitors can let their gaze wander over the Rhine-Hessian hilly landscape at a height of eight meters.

City tower and city gate: clock tower in Neu-Bamberg

Clock Tower New Bamberg
© Dominik Ketz

The listed building Clock tower is the landmark of the municipality New Bamberg in the Rhine-Hessian Switzerland. Once it belonged to the 3 gates of the city fortification. During the popular guided tours of the town, there is also the possibility to explore the neat clock tower. Inside, you can discover the renovated parlor, which gives you an idea of what life must have been like for its last occupant. The clock of the building is also very special: it is the only surviving tower clock in Rheinhessen that was made in frame construction. Restored half-timbered houses, farmsteads, gardens and the old water house give the village center on Burgberg its unique charm.

"Heidenturm": Protestant church in

© Intensive Senses

The "Pagan Tower Churches" are - the name already gives it away - famous for their unique, oriental-looking tower shapes and crowns. Not to be overlooked in Dittelsheim-Heßloch is the "Heidenturm" of the Protestant Church. Situated on the main street and closely integrated into the village buildings, the tower dominates the streetscape and can be recognized from afar; it is considered the most beautiful tower of the four Heidenturm churches in Rheinhessen and dates from the period between 1200 and 1250.

Most beautiful bridge tower: Nibelungenturm in Worms

© Rudolf Uhrig

On the Rhineland-Palatinate side of the Rhine in Worms, the 53-meter high, "Nibelung Tower" of the "old" Nibelungen Bridge has been preserved - a representative city entrance to the Nibelungenstadt . It was built in 1900 according to plans by city architect Karl Hofmann. Of the total of eight floors above the roadway, five are used today by the Association of Christian Scouts. The three floors below the roadway in the tower base and on the viewing platform of the staircase arcade today house the Rheingütestation Worms. Until 1945, there was an identical "twin tower" on the opposite side of the Rhine, now in Hesse.

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