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In Rheinhessen, it can get really hot in the summer months. You want to keep a cool head and cool down a bit. What exciting activities you can do to cool down on the water, we tell you with our list.

A raft trip is fun...

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You want to see Rheinhessen from the water? Just chill out, sunbathe on the sun deck, hang out in the hammock or just dangle your legs in the refreshing water? Then we have two nice options for you. With the provider Onwater you can let your soul dangle with your loved ones - and that electrically and completely emission-free. The two existing rafts in Mainz at the Winterhafen offer the greatest possible comfort in any weather and are equipped with a sun deck, a toilet and comfortable sofas. On the Lake Eicher you can alternatively book a leisurely raft trip guided by a culture and wine ambassador with wine tasting and picnic from the beginning of April to the end of October.

Decelerate with the SUP

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Whether sporty or very leisurely - stand-up paddling is fun for more and more people and is also extremely refreshing when you glide into the pleasantly cool water after the activity. In Rheinhessen you can try out this popular water sport at various locations. At Rhine-tastic in Bingen am Rhein you can rent SUPs as well as participate in SUP courses. A great adventure is also the monthly guided tour to the Rhine beach Ingelheim and back. An interesting place to learn stand-up paddling is also the Eicher See. Here the Bike & Surf Shop in Eich offers rental options and also special events. For those who like it a bit more urban, there is a regular offer of SUP courses and rental possibilities at the Mainzer Zollhafen. Onwater. You can also book relaxing yoga classes on the boards at Onwater: This way you can simply leave everyday life behind you, find your balance and slow down wonderfully. An equally exciting offer is available opposite the Mainzer Zollhafen in Mainz-Kastel at the local provider there. Customs port.

By paddleboat, barge, kayak or hand-pulled ferry on the Nahe River

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With a tour on the water you can experience Bad Kreuznach from its most charming side. You can paddle or row right through the city past the spa gardens and reach the Rose Island on the main branch of the Nahe. About the provider Nearby traffic you can rent pedal boats, kayaks and rowing boats individually directly at the photogenic bridge houses. A special offer at the provider are the group events: a wine tasting, a menu, a whimsical excursion on the Mühlenkanal or even a guided tour that tells the history of the city of Bad Kreuznach from the river. Alternatively, there is still a pedal boat and boat rental in Bad Münster am Stein, directly at Hajo's ferry on the banks of the Nahe. Incidentally, the ferry is the only hand-pulled ferry in the southern part of Germany. From Easter to the beginning of November, it connects Bad Münster with the Huttental valley, from where a beautiful hiking trail leads to the imposing Rheingrafenstein castle.

With a charter boat on the Rhine

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Have you always dreamed of being the captain of a motorboat and sailing across the Rhine with your family or friends on a warm summer evening? The fresh air blows around your nose - acceleration, rapid speeds and great views of the cities, towns and vineyards in Rheinhessen. If you have always wanted to explore the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine or the numerous floodplains upstream, which invite you to anchor and linger, by charter boat, you are in good hands with Rhine-tastic in Bingen on the Rhine. Alternatively, you can discover a lot from our state capital Mainz. From the Rhine, in addition to the great views of the Mainz skyline, you have the chance to be downstream within a very short time at the picturesque Biebrich Castle or upstream in Nierstein, Oppenheim or even at the Eicher See. Possibilities for chartering boats in Mainz offer both Onwater as well as Rhine boat. Of course, all providers also offer courses for the boat license - because without this it will be nothing with a charter boat on the Rhine.

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