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This article was published on April 17, 2023 and updated on April 24, 2024.

The asparagus - eagerly awaited

It's always the same question: Will it come before Easter or not? We're talking about asparagus, the local kind of course, fresh from the field. Whether or not you can include it in your Easter menu depends on the weather. If it is too wet or too cold, the heads remain deep in the ground. Then it's a matter of waiting. But don't worry, it will have to come out eventually. And then it tastes just as good after Easter! Between Mainz and Gau-Algesheim and also in the Altrhein area near Eich, you can hardly miss fresh asparagus. It is available at the small stalls along the way or directly in the farm stores from the producers. Take advantage of the opportunity. When the asparagus stalks squeak when rubbed together, it is deliciously fresh and juicy.

All you really need is salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and a knob of butter. It's quick, easy and simply delicious.

The strawberries - little happiness makers

Where now fields are covered with straw, you can see the little red fruits shining in a few weeks. You will probably also find a small sales booth there. The bright straw is a good sign of recognition; it is worthwhile to take a walk or drive by. By the way, the straw protects the strawberries from moisture from below.

Strawberries must be eaten fresh, preferably directly from the field. If you want, you can do the picking yourself. There are some fields for self-pickers. Those who already feel full with the purchase need not worry: At the stalls, the strawberries are always fresh as if you picked them yourself! Recipes for processing strawberries are not really needed, right? What do you think? Such a small bowl is nibbled away anyway very quickly, whether pure, with sugar or with a few drops of balsamic crema. This is very newfangled but extremely tasty. When the first hunger is satisfied, it is of course also the turn of the classic - a sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream. And if the season has been running for a while, you can tackle the jam.

Check out the websites and facebook pages of these strawberry farms for info on stalls and how to pick your own:
Ibersheimer Höfe
Pupil fruit farm

Strawberry festival in Wasem's Engelthal monastery:
Ascension Day and Friday, May 09 & 10, 2024 from 11.00 am:
It has long been a tradition in Ingelheim: for the 11th time, the sweet fruits are celebrated in the courtyard and on the meadow.

The herbs

The next splash of color after white and red is brought by (wild) herbs. Especially in spring cooking, herbs play a particularly delicious role. After the winter, they bring freshness and special flavors back into the kitchen. You can find them in the garden or outside in nature. You surely have the first chives or sorrel in your garden. Maybe even the goutweed, which usually annoys you. Welcome it after winter and use it in the kitchen. You will not get rid of it so easily anyway. Dandelion and nettle you may find on your first hiking trip. We also have a great recipe for you: a Wild Herb Polenta, with wine recommendation. This leads us to the next spring pleasure.

The wine

Spring also brings new pleasure in the glass. Asparagus, strawberries and herbs are accompanied by the new wine vintage. At the AUSGEZEICHNETEN vinotheques, wine takes center stage, but is happy to share the stage with delicious culinary delights and creative exhibitions. Enjoy your Spring day in the wine shops!

Gastronomes are also looking forward to welcoming guests. Fresh, colorful, good and fine for wine and food lovers - it's spring, and "Rheinhessen blossoms".

If you still need some support to get active outside again, you can get it from us. Click here for the active tips.  

Coming soon...

The peach trees around Mainz are in full bloom - look forward to "summer on a plate".

After the spring continues with fresh fruit from the region - apricots, cherries and peaches are in the starting blocks. At the Community of interest of direct marketers you can get an overview. You can download a brochure here order

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