Rheinhessen for every character - a trip to the eight cities of Rheinhessen

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Because each city has its own charm and diversity to offer. See which of the cities suits you best.

For culture enthusiasts...

Mainz Cathedral is the city's landmark and focal point, but there is more to Mainz culture. The Middle Ages have shaped the picturesque old town and the traditional wine taverns have brought it to life with their joie de vivre. During the fifth season of the year, the city transforms into the carnival stronghold. A fascinating experience that should not be missed. In the city's museums, culture enthusiasts can enjoy the Gutenberg Museum learn everything about the letterpress printing of Johannes Gutenberg, in the Natural History Museum understand nature and evolution or in the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum immerse yourself in the world of the Catholic religion and the Cathedral.

For history buffs...

500 years ago, Luther refused to recant his writings here in Worms, the heroic epic of the Saga of the Nibelungs takes place on this ground and with the SchUM sites the city of Worms shows its Jewish roots. The city is bursting with history and impresses not only me again and again, but is the perfect place for a city trip for history buffs. A tip for your visit are the various Guided tours of the city of Worms. Whether a general city tour or a themed tour - you will learn many things from the history book and the little anecdotes of the guides make it very special.

For event lovers...

Ingelheim is a city full of special features. Between old sandstone walls and new architecture is the perfect place for events and celebrations. For festival lovers, there is always something going on in Ingelheim. For example, when the famous Red wine festival at the beginning of autumn, the red wine season is ushered in and the city joins in the celebration. Throughout the year the kING, the Culture and Congress Hall, invites you to numerous varied events. The program is richly filled with exhibitions, concerts, comedy and shows.

For wellness lovers...

The spa town of Bad Kreuznach is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. Stroll for hours through a sea of flowers in the Salinental Health Park and enjoy Europe's largest open-air inhalatorium with its 1.3-kilometer-long graduation house. Then relax in the warm sauna and wellness area of the Bathhouse end the day and let yourself be pampered. To come to rest and enjoy with all senses, is not difficult here.

For active enthusiasts...

Sold to Alzeyerland

Pulsating center of the city Alzey is the Rossmarkt with its beautiful half-timbered houses and the Rossmarkt fountain. Numerous restaurants, cafés and stores make the lovingly restored city center a secret shopping destination. But activity enthusiasts are also drawn to the gates of the city. Because there begins the rhinehessian switzerland and a mixture of wine, landscape, well-preserved monuments and foothills of the North Palatinate mountains. Numerous hiking trails and bike paths are waiting to be explored. On the four hiking trails, the "Hiwwelt" toursOn the trails that lead through the Rhine-Hessian Switzerland, you can climb through vineyards, meadows, forests and up hills. You will be rewarded with beautiful views.

For wine lovers...

All of Rheinhessen is the perfect vacation spot for wine lovers, but a city trip to Nierstein is especially worthwhile. Because only here you can find the world-famous Riesling vineyards on the Rote Hang. The red soil gives the wine a unique flavor and, together with the green leaves of the vine and the blue of the Rhine, an impressive view. When hiking you can let your gaze wander over the vineyards and across the Rhine. The quaint wine taverns on the historic market square invite you to enjoy the Riesling. The city has one or two surprises in store for wine lovers.

For water lovers...

Several Rhine-Hessian cities are located on the Rhine, but in none are the proximity to the water and the Rhine as present as in Bingen. Not for nothing is Bingen called the gateway to the Middle Rhine. I could stroll along the banks of the Rhine for hours, even days, enjoying the sea of blossoms on the former state garden show grounds and letting my gaze wander into the distance over the sunlit vineyards. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, you can also experience the Rhine on a boat trip or up close with water sports. Once a year, the river shines in the light of fireworks. A visit to the annual Rhine in flames is a must for lovers of the Rhine. Bingen has even more to offer, it applies to the legendary Bingen mouse tower and the city of Hildegard of Bingen to discover.

For the adventurous...

Sold to Rheinhessen Touristik

Above the roofs of the city of Oppenheim towers the imposing and well-known St. Catherine's Church in which there is not only the famous stained glass window, the Oppenheim Rose, to marvel at. The real adventure is waiting invisibly under the ground. Hidden beneath the alleys of beautiful Oppenheim is the Cellar mazeA unique system of underground passages and cellars, which was built between the 12th and 17th centuries. On a guided tour, you will be taken down up to five stories and discover one or two special features. There is also something to discover outside of Oppenheim - for example, on a hike through the vineyards to the ruins of Landskron Castle. The picturesque setting with its high sandstone walls becomes the backdrop for the Oppenheim Theater Festival every year.

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