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Rheinhessen Wingertsschaukeln Sprendlingen-Gensingen
Wingertsschaukel in Zotzenheim

A place to enjoy

On numerous hikes around the wine villages of the Gensingen-Sprendlingen municipality in Rheinhessen, I have passed them sometimes by chance, sometimes planned. The large, massive wooden swings stand in the midst of the vineyards and each one offers a breathtaking view - in good weather even as far as the Hunsrück, the Palatinate Forest and the Rhine Valley. Especially in autumn, when the sun's rays bathe the vineyards in a golden light, they are welcome places for a little time out.

Let the view wander: Wingertsschaukel in Aspisheim

Dangle soul and legs

Take a seat, push yourself, dangle your legs and above all your dangle your soul - the total of nine vineyard swings are a project of the Rheinhessische Toscana e.V. tourism association, which had the first swing built in Welgesheim. In the meantime, almost every village in the municipality has its has its own swing. The idea is not new. Similar swings can also be found in other wine similar swings in other wine regions, but the number of them in a small area is unique here. unique here.  

Wingertsschaukeln - Autumn vineyards near Sprendlingen-Gensingen DSC_5545
Wingertsschaukeln - Autumn vineyards near Sprendlingen-Gensingen DSC_5545

They are not big tourist attractions, but rather small highlights to be discovered on walks or hikes through the Rheinhessen Tuscany. That is precisely what makes it so special for me. Whether alone, with the family or in a group with friends, the Wingertsschaukeln are popular places to go on excursions. Hardly anyone walks past them without taking at least one short swing and enjoying the view. Often there is also a table of wine in the immediate vicinity, which invites to a longer stay with Vesper and a glass of wine.

Wingertsschaukeln Sprendlingen-Gensingen
Wingertsschaukel in Wolfsheim (Is currently being overhauled, but will be back soon. We didn't want to deprive you of the view ; -))

Hiking trails in the Tuscany of Rheinhessen

Hiking is very important in the Rheinhessen Toscana. Four designated hiking trails alone around the picturesque wine villages of Aspisheim, Horrweiler, Welgesheim and Sprendlingen offer a suitable route for every taste. the right route for every taste. Whether relaxed and without many meters of altitude over the Napoleonsweg, eventful on the Via Vinea or rather sporty on the high-altitude between Sprendlingen and Aspisheim - especially in the fall, these routes enchant these routes enchant visitors with their colorful splendor. 

Wingertsschaukeln - Autumn vineyards near Sprendlingen-Gensingen DSC_5545
Walk through the autumn vineyards

It is not for nothing that every year at the end of October - the hiking experience "Colorful hiking" takes place. The young winemakers of the HiwwelConnection and the Tourist Information of the VG Sprendlingen-Gensingen invite you to the vineyards. On the 11-kilometer-long circular route designated for this event with numerous tasting points, the Rheinhessen Tuscany shows its most beautiful side. Of course, there are also two vineyard swings on the hiking route!

Wingertsschaukeln Sprendlingen-Gensingen
Backpack on and go! Walks or hikes for the whole family

Further information on the Wingertsschaukeln is available from the Tourist information of the municipality Sprendlingen-Gensingen.

Outside the Rheinhessen Tuscany, but still close: Wingertsschaukel in Ockenheim and Klein-Winternheim.

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