The end of the dry spell - wine rests along the Hiwwelt tours

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If we sometimes hike only with a light backpack or have already plundered the supplies, then we are happy about the small offers and wine stands along the way of the Hiwwelt tours.

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(W)Ein-Pauschen at the Hiwweltour Westerberg

Our first wine stand is on the roadside of the hike Hiwweltour Westerberg. Very briefly, the tour crosses the outskirts of Schwabenheim an der Selz. Exactly at this corner lies the Schuck Winery. A sign on the path draws our attention to the small rest with cool drinks. As we look around the corner, we discover an old wine barrel on a small piece of garden next to many benches and resting opportunities, including a triangular bench with umbrella, a sun lounger and a self-built bench from old logs. But the highlight is yet to come. Hidden in the old wine barrel is a small refrigerator, filled to the brim with wine bottles and bottled spritzer.

We throw a few euros into the small cash register and thanks to the glasses standing there we can taste different wines by the glass. While we rest, we get into conversation with other hikers. They use the beautiful place between flowers and bees for their picnic. From others we get the tip that one has a perfect view of the Westerberg and the setting sun on the hiking couch.

You can find all information and special features on facebook.

TG kiosk at the Hiwweltour Neuborn

The next day the Hiwweltour Neuborn through the village of Rommersheim. Even before the village really begins, a nice gentleman smiles at us from the window of the TG Kiosk against. Necessity is the mother of invention, that probably describes the genesis of this wine stand best. Here, something arose from a small idea that the whole village and many hikers seemed to be waiting for. Members of the TG 1860 Rommersheim stand here voluntarily every Sunday behind the window.

We have the choice between kiosk-typical ice cream classics, still warm pretzels and freshly baked cakes. We decide on a cake that was baked and donated by members of the association. To go with it, we drink a cold lemonade, because they don't just serve wine here. There is plenty of room to sit down in the beer garden right next to the old football field. Large trees provide sufficient shade. While we eat fruitcake like grandma used to make, we watch children playing on the football field. They have chosen a ball from the toy box filled to the brim. Across neighboring tables, we strike up a conversation with locals and hikers.

Take a look at the best Website or on Facebook for the current opening hours, promotions and cake selection.

Stop at the Hiwweltour Neuborn

A little further and at the end of the village of Rommersheim we discover another wine stand. A small bench with flower decoration in front of an open farm gate and a poster invite us to a "Schoppestopp".
Flowers and typical Rheinhessen canned sausage are decorated on a bar table and a bell in the middle. We press the bell and are greeted by the owner of the farm, Frank Mussel, and the lady of the house, with the little farm dachshund.

We are offered a cold Schoppen or, as a non-alcoholic variant, a cold grape spritzer. In addition, we could also get something small to eat, because actually the farm owner runs the Catering company Partyservice Mussel. Once the sign and the bell are outside, someone is always there and this is often the case, he said.
We may make ourselves comfortable with our cold grape juice spritzer in the large garden behind the house. From here we have a direct view of our further hiking route through the vineyards.

Wine stand in Wörrstadt at the Burgunderturm at the Hiwweltour Neuborn

Every year there are various wine stands and offers from different Wörrstadt wineries at the Burgunderturm and the Hiwweltour Neuborn. As we finish our hike in the evening hours, an unusual wine festival, the Wingert Vibes, starts at the Burgunderturm. An event of the Winery Reith where, in addition to wine, the focus is on music and a relaxed atmosphere.

We sit down at a table with other guests with a freshly grilled bratwurst in a roll and a glass of organic wine and quickly strike up a conversation. This event is not primarily about fortifying hikers. It is also an opportunity for locals and those interested to get to know the winery. To the rhythmic beat of the music, we enjoy another glass of rosé sparkling wine made according to the méthode champenoise and review our hike.

For hikers who prefer to hike earlier, the Reith Winery also offers a Sunday morning Frühschoppen event. Everything about the current events and wine stands at the Burgundy Tower can be found at here.

Winzeralm at the Hiwweltour Heideblick

"When the flag waves, we pour", so we know from afar that we are at the Vineyard the break of our hike the Hiwweltour Heideblick can take a break. In the season from the beginning of May to the end of October, the Winzeralm is open when the weather is nice. However, the red flag on top of the mountain is a good additional orientation.
After hiking through the heath landscape, the end of our thirsty stretch, the Winzeralm, awaits us on this day high up on the mountain. The wine stand is run by the Winery Zimmermann.

Here it is uncomplicated like on an alpine pasture, paired with the hospitality of the Rheinhessen. We meet Jörg Zimmermann and his family behind the bar. With our cold glasses full of Portugieser grape juice spritzer, we sit down on one of the benches. We are not astonished when we catch sight of the good 90 km wide view over the borders of the region. This view was rightly voted "Rheinhessen's most beautiful wine view" in 2016. The perfect place for a refreshment and to switch off before we continue our hike.

The dates of the Winzeralm you will find even before the flag waves on Facebook.

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  1. We have discovered this year Rheinhessen, the Hiwweltouren Heideblick and Westerberg. Have been Sunday morning in the Ingelheim swimming pool, then for breakfast at a well-known bakery and still have the tour on the Rhine to the Rhine-Klause and back on the dike.
    Great tours and always a little wine surprise.
    Next year we will tackle the next Hiwwelt tours.
    Greeting from Saarland

    1. Dear Peter,
      Thank you for the so positive feedback about your vacation in Rheinhessen. Especially in these difficult times, this motivates us and our hosts especially. We are very pleased that you would like to continue this next year. If we can help you with tips - please contact us. We wish you a wonderful Advent and Christmas season and soon again beautiful days in Rheinhessen. Stay healthy. Best regards to Saarland Ingrid Weigerding

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