Wine hiking in autumn: pleasure for eyes and palate

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Our author Marina Noble has set out on three wine walks. They are very popular, especially in autumn, when the vineyards shine in a colorful dress.

This is one of Rheinhessen's successful recipes for active enjoyment: Take scenic hiking trails through the varied hilly landscape. Combine these with delicious wines from Germany's largest wine-growing region. Add selected culinary delicacies as desired, and spice it up with a breeze of conviviality and cheerful people. The result is the popular wine walks, to which various communities invite visitors in autumn - when the leaves of the vines glow so beautifully in yellow and red.

Wine walks = landscape, pleasure, conviviality

Anyone who thinks that "many cooks spoil the broth" is mistaken. Rather, the popular wine events would not be possible without the numerous participants. possible. Wineries, local associations, volunteers, and sometimes a coordinating agency sometimes a coordinating agency. Without question, the tours are most fun are most fun when the sun is shining. But with appropriate clothing and But with appropriate clothing and footwear, even cooler, rainy weather does not detract from the enjoyment. The well-organized infrastructure also contributes to this - from sufficient and well and well-signposted parking lots to toilet facilities along the route.

Alsheim wine hike: With the glass through the hollow way paradise

"We are the original in Rheinhessen", Alsheim at the foot of the Rheinhessen Rhine Terrace can rightly claim. The "Mother of Wine Walks" has been taking place since 1979 - and thus for the 44th time in 2023. It always starts on the third Sunday in September at the Bürgerhaus. There's the starter package. In addition to a festive glass with a necklace holder, which can be filled with wine or Secco, it includes an information brochure.

At the "Mother of Wine Walks" - Photo: InMedia

The special feature of the approximately six-kilometer-long circular route are the sunken paths for which Alsheim is famous. They owe their formation to the the structure of the fertile loess soils. Over the course of time, the wheels of the carts the wheels of the carts rubbed the soil loose and rain washed away the loose material. In this way the paths dug deeper and deeper into the rock - today ravine-like ditches with high embankments. These biotopes provide a habitat for numerous plant and animal species and are therefore protected. For visitors, these gullies are a very special hiking area. The people of Alsheim gave it the name "Paradise" and chose the motto motto "Wine.Wind.Silence".

The hollow ways typical for Alsheim - Photo: InMedia

The first part of the route, well signposted by the InMedia agency signposted route is identical to the WeinAromaMeile. There are information boards with interesting facts about the history of the earth and the climate, as well as about wine. Particularly I found the "Cheeky little fruits in the wine" particularly illustrative - here the fruit aroma fruit aroma substances of the different grape varieties. Once the height climbed, reward on the plateau again and again genuine Rheinhessen-Panoramas with far views in the Rhine valley and up to the Odenwald. Also back to the village we walk again through a hollow way.

The naughty fruit ...
Long distance views at the table of wine

At seven rest stops, the participating winegrowers will be serving their wine, Secco or Federweißen. The selection is large - Alsheim, with 700 hectares of vineyard Alsheim is one of the largest wine-growing communities in the region. The culinary spectrum ranges from a variety of sandwiches and pretzel pastries to meat dishes such as meat dishes such as spit-roast or gyros from a local butcher. Do the "Munkelbecher"? In this cup the countrywomen serve a strengthening cheese cubes, tomatoes, grapes and pretzels. Also in the wineries and restaurateurs participate with delicious cakes and pies or hearty and cakes or hearty dishes such as sausage salad or bratwurst.

With the countrywomen there are Munkelbecher and more

To the point ...
Appointment: Third Sunday in September - 2023 thus on 17.09.
Starting point: Community center Alsheim, Mehlpfortstraße 15/ Wahlheimer Weg
Route: About six kilometers (without access road)
Admission: 3,50 € for the limited festive glass; Starter package with festive glass filled with wine or secco and wine holder for 8,00 €.
Arrival: Very well possible by train from Mainz or Worms, the S6 runs every 30 minutes.
More info:

Siefersheimer Bänkelcheswanderung: Pleasure in the land of 1000 hills

One of the best-known hiking trails is in Siefersheim in Rheinhessen Switzerland, which is famous for its herb witches: the approximately eight-kilometer-long Bänkelchesroute. The name comes from the 15 benches on which hikers can rest along the way. In 2005, herb witch Christine Moebus and a friend from Berlin had the idea of turning it into an event. This now takes place on the last Sunday in September. For her daughter Charlotte Moebus from the organizing team, this is "a pleasure and culture hike in the land of 1000 hills, where you can rest and feast."


In this area, a long time ago, there was a sea and the hills were protruded from it as islands. Remnants of this primordial sea landscape still characterize the landscape today - there are surf cliffs and sandbanks. Especially fascinates me again and again another special feature, the heath. With a little With a bit of luck, the purple flower carpets are still blooming in September. And watch out for the painstakingly piled up dry stone walls! These were built by the first vintners to pave the paths and store heat. In recent years the Siefersheimer have restored the walls elaborately. So they can continue to provide a home for the extraordinary flora and fauna. A particularly beautiful photo motif along the way is the Ajax Tower. This tells the story of an unhappy lovers.


During the hike, refreshments await you at around ten stops. The good wines of the participating vintners are served by the glass. The culinary offerings are also varied and range from cakes to grilled meats. The focus is on Rheinhessen specialties - some surprisingly interpreted, such as the oriental tajine "Little Rheinhessen".

The Winzeralm as a resting place on the highest point of the route is, by the way, open all summer is open on weekends throughout the summer. Also in the village itself open open wineries and catering stations invite you to stop for a bite to eat.


The wine event is a real joint effort of the entire community. Almost all the winegrowers are involved in the special interest group founded for the organization. Several preparatory meetings a year are needed so that the well-coordinated team can manage everything on its own. Even the ribbons used to hold the wine glasses are handmade by a local lady.


To the point ...
Appointment: Last Sunday in September - 2023 therefore on 24.9.
Starting point: From the hikers' parking lot "Am Gänsborn
Route: A good eight kilometers
Admission: 3,50 € for the wine glass without ribbon, 4,50 € with ribbon (or bring your own glass)
More info on our website.

Gourmet hike Oppenheim: Winemakers meet street food

Through the the beautiful vineyards of Oppenheim and Dienheim. Federweißen-Schlemmerwanderung, which traditionally takes place on German Unity Day. takes place. Organizer Markus Appelmann from the organizing agency InMedia puts the concept in a nutshell: "This is where regional vintners meet Street Food - and this in the best Oppenheimer vineyards". Along the way there are also various places of interest.


The starting point for the approximately seven-kilometer route is at the historic marketplace below the St. Catherine's Church. This largest, Gothic sacral building between Strasbourg Cathedral and Cologne Cathedral is worth a side trip! Alternatively, you can also get your starter package directly in the vineyards. The event, which started 13 years ago, is very popular and attracts up to 10,000 people when the weather is nice. Along the way are many families. The paved paths all along the route make it easy to push a stroller, too. Along the way there are play opportunities for the youngsters, for example a wine barrel bouncy castle.

The offspring is with us _ Photo by InMedia

The route - which partly follows the RheinTerrassenWeg - leads to sights such as the Toad Fountain, the namesake of a famous Oppenheim vineyard. At the top of the hill, you'll be rewarded with sweeping views back to St. Catherine's Church, across the Rhine to the Odenwald Forest, and even as far as the striking Frankfurt skyline. We are particularly taken with the chairs set up along the path - here we sit in the front row with a glass of wine in our hands. In general, there are many places to sit. We also always have the ruins of Landskron Castle in view. The remains of its walls tell of the eventful history of the town. Later, a particularly interesting resting place awaits us there - including a distant view and beautiful photo motifs.


The nine culinary stops along the relatively short route ensure that it never has to be far to the next break stop. There, more than 25 partners help to ensure that the spectrum of wines and culinary delights is extremely varied. For example, various types of burgers, grilled paninis, onion tart, gourmet snacks or game specialties are served. The good wines and the Federweiße of the local winegrowers are a perfect match. If you feel like a cozy end to the tour, then various restaurants are also open on the market square.


To the point ...
Appointment: always on October 3, the Day of German Unity. There is also a gourmet hike in the spring (07 April 2024).
Starting point: At the market place Oppenheim or in the vineyards
Route: About seven kilometers
Admission: 3,50 € for the limited festive glass; Starter package with festive glass filled with wine or secco and wine holder for 8,00 €.
Arrival: The S6 also runs here from Mainz or Worms every 30 minutes.
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