With detective story, llama and Segway on tour in the Selz Valley

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Thriller hiking around Ingelheim

Today we leave the bike and have booked in with Nadja Graf-Niebling from Tour Original. With a glass of welcome sparkling wine in the winery we sit with her and become part of the SOKO Selztal.

We didn't want to miss this opportunity. Nadja introduces us to the rules of the game around the crime hike and will also provide us with information and updates on our investigation throughout the hike. We distribute the roles in the team, are initiated into the case and we are ready to go.

Photo: Dominik Ketz

Of course, we are "only" working on a fictional case and it's not a matter of life and death, but nevertheless the tension increases with every meter we walk in search of further clues in the vineyards and on the banks of the Selz. With every piece of evidence, every witness interview and every step, it feels more and more real and we get quite into speculating, analyzing and come up with a theory or two.

Back at the winery, our heads were smoking and we hardly noticed that we had just hiked almost seven kilometers around Ingelheim. The fall pretty much grabbed us, but also the surroundings with their great views over the vineyards, into the Selz Valley and up to the Westerberg. Now we are sitting at a convivial final picnic with Rhine-Hessian specialties and grape juice spritzer and are once again gathering all the clues. Case solved? Yes or no? Whether we have cracked the case and unmasked the right culprit will be revealed when we have answered Nadja's final questions.

You can book a mystery walk with Tour Original in the summer months, but also as WinterCrime in the cold season. You get all information on the website of the Rheinhessen-Touristik. In addition to the mystery hike has Tour Original other guided tours and offers around Ingelheim in the program.

On tour with the Selz Valley llamas

Hiking with llamas - this trend has also arrived in the Selz Valley. Heidrun Bingenheimer and her husband have ventured to offer exactly that with their Selz Valley llamas.

As soon as we arrive at the farm, we are taken to the pasture and can get up close and personal with several four-legged friends. Because there the llamas, alpacas and donkeys of Heidrun wait for us. After a short introduction to the character of the animals and what to look out for, everyone gets to choose an animal partner for the next hour and a half. All of them have their own name. Our chosen companion is the large, white llama gelding Paul.

After the hike, the animals look forward to the well-deserved reward in the pasture. We also come together for a snack near the paddock. Over a sandwich, we talk about the experiences and realize that everyone has had their own unique experiences - depending on the respective llama partner!

The hikes with the Selz Valley Lamas take place on weekends throughout the year. You can choose between tour lengths of one and a half to three hours. No matter what you choose, the Selz Valley llamas, alpacas and donkeys are looking forward to showing you their Selz Valley. On the Website of the Selz Valley Lamas you can learn everything about the tours and animals and book your tour directly.

Segway tour through the Selz Valley

We're saddling up and testing a different means of transportation today. Like the bicycle, the Segway is a two-wheeled vehicle with the difference that you stand on it and move around without your own muscle power. And it is exactly this difference that we want to experience for ourselves. We will explore the Selz Valley with the Segways on a tour with GT-Electronics. After a short introduction and first test rides at the starting point in Schwabenheim, our tour begins.

A highlight comes right at the beginning - it goes up to the Bismarck Tower. This climb would take quite a bit of effort, even with an e-bike. With the Segway, it's child's play. Shift your body weight and keep your balance and you'll be going up the hill at a remarkable speed and with ease. Once you reach the top of the tower, it's worth taking a walk up the tower. Here, however, you have to use your own muscle power again and climb the stairs. On the way down, great views open up over the Selz Valley to the slopes of Ober-Ingelheim, a historic part of the town.

Again and again we discover places that we already know from the Selz Valley Cycle Route, such as the striking Westerhaus Castle on the Westerberg. But our tour also takes us to new places, such as the small alleys around the Kaiserpfalz and the castle church. It's amazing how much distance we covered without any effort during the two-and-a-half-hour Segway tour, getting to know the area around the Selz Valley from a completely different perspective.

All information about this Segway tour is available at the Page of the Rheinhessen-Touristik. You can find other tours with the Segway on the Website of GT-Electronics.

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