Women's power in the Rheinhessen-AUSGEZEICHNET vinotheques:

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Speaking of excellent vinotheques - in Rheinhessen there are a large number of excellent wineries with associated vinotheques and some are also awarded with a quality seal, they can be found under the heading "Excellent"

Excursion to the wine region Rheinhessen

An excursion is good for you, so I set out to visit four young female winemakers in the Rheinhessen region. All of them have already gained a lot of experience in the field of wine, often internationally, and they ambitiously bring new momentum to the vineyards of Rheinhessen. Even though I order wine online more and more often, I find personal contact very important and so I like to drive overland to the wineries sometimes. Today with the convertible, because the region is simply very extensive.

Eva Müller from the Hermann & Jutta Müller Winery in Wöllstein

My first destination is Wöllstein and there the Winery HJMwhich stands for Hermann J. & Jutta Müller. From there I started also already once to a Hiwweltour hike and so I can highly recommend the area, also known as Rheinhessen Switzerland. The winery has very nice guest rooms and a very modern, newly designed vinotheque where great wines, grape juice and sparkling wines can be tasted.

There I now have an appointment with the young winemaker Eva Müller, former wine queen of Rhine-Hesse and German wine princess. Step by step, she is taking over the traditional winery and introducing new ideas, for example for a trendy wine-mix drink with lime, because yes, young people simply love cocktails. She also says that there is hardly anything better than experimenting with wine styles in the wine cellar, and she is currently working on a sparkling wine with a winemaker friend - so we can be curious. She has worked at various wineries and was already working at a winery in New Zealand at the age of 19. I could imagine that Sauvignon Blanc also came to Wöllstein through her. At the last Sauvignon Blanc Trophy 2020 by Falstaff, the Sauvignon Blanc from Tonmergel was awarded 88 points. But other wines also bear her signature. Eva Müller is active with the wine majesties at Wine saves Life e.V. and supports other charity activities and simply has a big heart. What I learned by the way: Helene Fischer is also originally from Wöllstein. In short, the region really has a lot of potential!

Alina Engel, Meyerhof Winery in Flonheim

A generational transition is also taking place in the Winery Meyerhof in Flonheim and I listen impressed to the plans of Alina Engel. The winery with a modern guesthouse and vinotheque stands at the entrance to the village and looks very inviting even from a distance. The wines are of the best organic quality and, in addition to the classic Rhine-Hessian white wines, Sauvignon Blanc is now also grown. I am particularly impressed by the Riesling from vines that are over 50 years old at the "La Roche" vineyard, a top site in the region. Alina Engel also proudly presents the deep dark red wines, which can indeed bear comparison with wines from Burgundy. She studied at the renowned university in Geisenheim and knows her stuff. The winery's guests now come from all over Europe to tranquil Flonheim to enjoy Rhine-Hessian hospitality. From the guest house and the large windows of the vinotheque, a great view of the surrounding area opens up and relaxation immediately sets in: Nature as far as the eye can see!

It is so beautiful in Flonheim, I almost missed my connection appointment in the next winery. On the tour through the wine region, I keep noticing how big Rheinhessen is and even my navigation system is sometimes indecisive in terms of routing, but then I'm already there and drive into the courtyard entrance at the winery Rodensteinerhof.

Anna Scherner-Bog from the Rodensteinerhof in Flörsheim-Dalsheim

Anna Scherner-Bog (c) Clara Scherner

I am looking forward to the conversation with Anna Scherner-Bog. I meet the young winemaker in the cozy and yet modern and yet modern design of the traditional winery and I am immediately enthusiastic. She is the first woman to carry on the family tradition, now in the 8th generation. family tradition and had first made an apprenticeship in the office, before she decided to work in the winery. Now she has many plans and enormous zest for action is palpable. It is no wonder that her wine is drunk all over the Even at the wine festival on the island of Fehmarn, she is represented. During our conversation, we talk about marketing and digitization, and given the I understand very well what an advantage it is to be able to to distribute them within the family team according to interest. The offer from the Rodensteinerhof ranges from various white wines, about a third red wine, to sparkling wine and a regional gin.

As I stand in the yard after the conversation, the cloud cover breaks and the sun illuminates the valley and I enjoy the view over the bright yellow rape fields and the many vines - it feels like you can see as far as Italy, well, or even Worms. The red swing on the tree could become my new favorite place and it's good to know that you can also find a place for your camper here, because I will definitely come back. For example, if one of the events with catering from Edita &Emil takes place around the house.

Julia Oswald from Oswald Castle Farm

On the way back in the direction of Mainz, along the Rhine, I pass by Guntersblum, where I am at the Oswald castle yard I have an appointment. The place is also a station of the Rhine Cycle Route and therefore also highly recommended for a bike tour. I had already admired the quaint charm of the castle courtyard on photos and indeed I feel like in Tuscany when I enter the courtyard.

Julia Oswald (c) Jörg Sänger

The women from three generations, all of them wine enthusiasts, are standing in the cozy courtyard and we are happy to meet outdoors during a break in the rain. The Burghof is a winery, wine tavern and vinotheque, as well as a guesthouse - and all this in a historic courtyard with a striking tower, in the middle of the old town of Guntersblum. Here, tradition and inspiration meet and that is what the many regular customers appreciate very much. And because the weather changes again immediately, we retreat to the cozy vinotheque, of course also one of the Rhine-Hessian vinotheques with the seal "AUSGEZEICHNET". There I can admire the large, varied range of wines: A whole shelf with many different wines. The cuvées, which are bottled annually under a new motto, are also special. For 2021, it is the "Pilgrim," a perfect fresh summer wine. It bears the name in memory of Luther's path along the Rhine along to Worms, where 500 years ago he refused to recant his writings at the Imperial Diet. This is known as "Luther Year" in Worms was celebrated. As in the other featured wineries, Burghof Oswald is currently undergoing a generational transition and you can already feel the power of the new generation. I visit the large wine cellar with Julia Oswald and she shows me the impressive wooden barrels, some of which are filled with her wines. After successfully graduating as a winemaker, she is now studying at the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences. The younger sister Tabea is currently acquiring further expertise in the wine region Heilbronner Land and anyway, the whole family, including grandparents Helga and Gert and of course the parents, Fred Oswald and Heidrun Baumann-Oswald, are committed to it and live Rhine-Hessian hospitality and love for the vines. Here, too, I absolutely must come back with friends and spend a summer evening in the cozy courtyard.

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