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You can use them hike, with the Explore e-bike or experience on a classic covered wagon ride. But that is by far not all! We present you five very special opportunities, all of which will be remembered for a long time. That's a promise! So, curtain up for off-road vehicles, llamas, riddles and wine trucks...

Wine safari: through the vineyards in an off-road vehicle

Who says you have to travel to Africa for a safari? The Wine Safari of the Mohrenhof Winery stalks in specially converted Land Rovers through the Rhine-Hessian hill country around Lonsheim.

Winemaker Andreas Mohr drives us up the hills and down the valleys. We literally go over hill and dale, sometimes along the edge of the forest, then right through the sea of vines. We catch sight of the Frankfurt skyline and admire the setting sun, which bathes Rheinhessen in a breathtaking light.

While Andreas Mohr unerringly heads for the most beautiful spots in his homeland, he talks about the genesis of his unconventional idea. He has always been attracted by the direct contact between winemaker and guest. While it is difficult to get into conversation on a traditional covered wagon tour, his tour is an interactive "rolling wine seminar" about viticulture, geography and landscape.

Of course, there is one thing that cannot be missing from such a wine seminar: Wine. We taste four different varieties, paired with small savory snacks. The exciting thing is that we enjoy the wines exactly in the places where they grow. You can hardly experience a vineyard in Rheinhessen more intensively ... And (also) that's exactly why the wine safari is something very special!

You can book the wine safari on the Website of the winery Mohrenhof inquire.

On tour with the Selz Valley llamas

Hiking with llamas - this trend has also arrived in the Selz Valley. Heidrun Bingenheimer and her husband have ventured to offer exactly that with their Selz Valley llamas.

As soon as we arrive at the farm, we are taken to the pasture and can get up close and personal with several four-legged friends. Because there the llamas, alpacas and donkeys of Heidrun wait for us. After a short introduction to the character of the animals and what to look out for, everyone gets to choose an animal partner for the next hour and a half. All of them have their own name. Our chosen companion is the large, white llama gelding Paul.

After the hike, the animals look forward to the well-deserved reward in the pasture. We also come together for a snack near the paddock. Over a sandwich, we talk about the experiences and realize that everyone has had their own unique experiences - depending on the respective llama partner!

The hikes with the Selz Valley Lamas take place on weekends throughout the year. You can choose between tour lengths of one and a half to three hours. No matter what you choose, the Selz Valley llamas, alpacas and donkeys are looking forward to showing you their Selz Valley. On the Website of the Selz Valley Lamas you can learn everything about the tours and animals and book your tour directly.

Grape Escape At the Domhof Winery

It is rather unlikely, but if it should rain, then lock yourself in the cellar ... but only in the red wine cellar of the Domhof Winery in Guntersblum! In the Escape Room Game GRAPE ESCAPE As wine spies, you have 60 minutes to uncover the secret of the cellar master and steal his newly created drop, which is well hidden in the depths of the barrel cellar. The wine can be tasted afterwards, of course!

Mysterious - gripping - unexpected. The mystery hike in the Selz Valley

In the team of the "SOKO Selztal" you investigate a spectacular case!

After a champagne welcome, the challenge is to solve a crime along the hike up and down through the Selz valley, a crime has to be solved. The participants quickly become quickly become investigators and receive new clues to the crime through puzzling finds. new clues to the crime. But not all of them are conclusive. Sleuthing & investigative skills are in demand!

The hike promises beautiful views of the romantic romantic Selz valley and the Westerberg.

Investigations make you hungry: the successful solution of the case is crowned by a delicious snack including Ingelheim wine, mineral water and grape juice at the winery.

You can find more information on our Program pages.

Hiking with the "Rolling Wine Bar

The Rote Hang near Nierstein is known for its world-famous world-famous Riesling vineyards and for the spectacular view of the Rhine. Both play a major role on a wine hike with the "wine truck" by Michael Voß.

The "wine truck" is a real one-off: a 1979 Barkas, bright blue - with valuable freight. The truck brings it from Nierstein to the most beautiful resting places of a wine hike on the Red Slope. To welcome you, the team of the wine truck awaits you at the starting point of the hike with a sparkling aperitif. The well-signposted route leads through the vineyards to vantage points with a fantastic view over Rheinhessen, the Rhine and a distant view all the way to Frankfurt. In between, the wine truck is always waiting for its guests. At each of these stations, two wines of one grape variety from different vintners are tasted against each other. This is accompanied by small, fine Rheinhessen tapas.

More information can be found on the Wine truck website.

Many offers you can easily book online on our website. Browse through our Experiences.

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  1. The hike with the wine truck on the Red Slope of Nierstein is absolutely recommendable.

    Nice host, great wines, excellent Rheinhessen tapas and super-relaxed atmosphere.

    A "must" for every wine lover in Rheinhessen.

    1. Thank you, Stefan, for the positive feedback. So we have also experienced it on our tour. Wish you many more wonderful experiences in Rheinhessen.

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