5 reasons for a hike on the RheinTerrassenWeg

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1. charming wine villages

What would Rheinhessen be without its charming wine villages with their small alleys, typical sandstone houses and quaint wineries? Whoever wants to discover the RheinTerrassenWeg hikes, comes through numerous of these localities.

Wine village Guntersblum

The lively wine village Guntersblum about is such a charming place. Here you can stay in the Domhof Winery stay overnight - and after you have uncovered the secret of the cellar master - taste a noble drop, celebrate exuberant wine festivals in the Burghof Oswald and dine deliciously and sometimes exotically in the restaurant and country hotel Weingold.


A few kilometers further, Nierstein awaits with its historic marketplace on tired hikers. Make it here in the Café Ernie and Illi comfortable and enjoy a homemade cake or taste in the Civitas wine bar Rheinhessen specialties to go with the wine.

2. exciting story(s)

Rheinhessen is rich in culture and history. The Romans, Charlemagne, Hildegard von Bingen, Luther, Gutenberg, Napoleon and Grand Duke Ludwig I - they have all left their mark on the region. On the RheinTerrassenWeg, you will encounter various exciting chapters of this rich past chapters of this rich past.

Cellar labyrinth in Oppenheim

The medieval city Oppenheim is literally built on history. Here you can discover the atmospheric cellar labyrinth, a national cultural monument and unique system of underground passages that was created between the 12th and 17th centuries. "Going to the cellar for a laugh" takes on a whole new meaning in Oppenheim, as the guides on the cellar tours have plenty of funny anecdotes in store about the city beneath the city.

Heidenturm Church Guntersblum

Rhinehesse owns four architecturally exceptional churchesaround which several legends entwine. Three of these so-called pagan tower churches are located directly on the RheinTerrassenWeg. So if you are in Worms, Alsheim and Guntersblum, make a detour to the buildings with the distinctive towers and the mysterious history.

View over Nackenheim

Nackenheim in turn connects a very special story with the most famous son of the wine village, the writer Carl Zuckmayer. It is a story between discord and reconciliation about the comedy "In the Merry Vineyard" - one that itself has great comedic potential.

3. panoramic landscapes

If there is one thing that will accompany you throughout the entire RheinTerrassenWeg, it is the magnificent landscapes and stunning views. You hike on paved Wirzschaftswege, right through the sea of vines, sometimes up and sometimes down. There are always great views from the Rhine-Hessian hills to the Rhine valley and beyond.

Particularly noteworthy is the view of Oppenheim and the striking St. Catherine's Church from the Table of Wine, and a little later the view of Nierstein, the Red Slope, St. Kilian's Church and the Rhine.

View of Oppenheim

The section around Alsheim is truly unique. There the hiking trail leads through the middle of the Alsheim hollow path paradisewhich is a special feature of Rheinhessen in terms of size and composition. Over centuries, rainwater and agricultural equipment have formed gorge-like ditches in the vineyard. Today, the meter-high loess walls provide important habitat for many endangered animal and plant species - and a unique hiking experience.

Alsheim hollow ways

4. pulsating cities

The RheinTerrassenWeg offers long stretches of nature, tranquility and enjoyable hiking. However, it begins and ends in two cities, each of which provides a great contrast to all this: Worms and Mainz.

Nibelungen Museum in Worms

In the Nibelungen City Worms the city's four museums give a wonderful impression of its diverse history. Here you can meet Luther and Siegfried, discover the Roman and Jewish past and crown the day with works by Rubens.

House "Zum Aschaffenberg" in the old town of Mainz

Mainz invites to shopping and shopping. A City stroll through the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate takes you across the lively weekly market, through the charming alleys of the old town, to the lively banks of the Rhine and into the hip new town.

5. regional delicacies

If you are hiking along the RheinTerrassenWeg, you should not not miss the opportunity to sample a glass of Rheinhessen wine or a fruity fruity grape juice spritzer. But also from a culinary point of view delicacies await you.

Bodenheim estate taverns

Bodenheim, for example, is considered the Rhine Hessian Mecca for Straußwirtschaften and Gutsschänken. In the Potsdamer Hof wine tavern, you can chat casually with your table neighbors over "Spundekäs" cheese and wine, in the Battenheimer Hof you can dine idyllically under large chestnut trees, and in the "Zur guten Stube" wine tavern you can relax in the Mediterranean garden among numerous oleanders.

Vinegar tasting in the Kaltenthal vinegar factory

But actually, everywhere along the way you will find small, owner-operated businesses and manufactories that offer regional products from their own production. Be sure to try the vinegars from Kaltenthaler Essigmanufaktur, the oils and spices from Wonnegauer Ölmühle, the honey from Löwenstein Beekeeping or the diverse cherry products from Amorella Kirschmanufaktur. It is worth it!

For an uncomplicated start into the adventure RheinTerrassenWeg, we recommend the following package "The RheinTerrassenWeg for connoisseurs". You will spend the night in a beautiful winery in Guntersblum and from there you can easily discover the RheinTerrassenWeg and the cities of Mainz and Worms.

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  1. Which stage do we take if we have only one weekend? Most beautiful stage, most beautiful destination? Thank you

    1. Hello Christian,

      the most beautiful stage is in my opinion from Oppenheim via Nierstein and Nackenheim to Bodenheim. With just under 19 km also the longest. If you want to run another stage, you can continue to run from Bodenheim to Mainz or you start before in Guntersblum in the direction of Oppenheim. Have fun hiking in Rheinhessen.

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