Hiking in spring on the Hiwweltouren in Rheinhessen

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Before I introduce you to the nine Hiwwelt tours in Rheinhessen in more detail, there's no harm in answering a recurring question. What on earth is a Hiwwel? Here, in the triangle between Bingen, Mainz and Worms, there are quite a few of them. This is how the people of Rheinhessen refer to their hills, which characterize the landscape and are the namesakes of every Hiwwelt tour. Not for nothing do we call ourselves the "Land of a Thousand Hills".

Now you are well prepared to start with me the round trip to the nine Hiwweltouren in Rheinhessen : -). This one takes us from the red wine town of Ingelheim am Rhein to the south, to the tranquil wine village of Flonheim. Let's start with the Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower.

Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower

Hiking group on the Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower in springtime
Hiking group on the Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower

The 10.3 km long Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower starts at the eponymous Bismarck Tower near Ingelheim am Rhein. Be sure to climb up and enjoy the view and then take the Hike through the spring-like nature. For the most part, you will be in the Gau-Algesheimer Kopf nature reserve. In this oak-hornbeam forest grow a variety of wildflowers, which are particularly beautiful to look at in spring. In the Welzbach valley and the famous Hundertgulden vineyard, you will also roam through varied natural areas that are all coming back to life.

Hiwweltour Westerberg

Hiking couple with flower meadow on the Hiwweltour Westerberg
Hiking couple with flower meadow on the Hiwweltour Westerberg

Direct neighbor of the Hiwweltour Bismarck Tower and also connected by an access path is the 11.7 km long Hiwweltour Westerberg. The hiking trail leads along the Selz, a left tributary of the Rhine. Thanks to numerous renaturation measures, a large number of amphibians, water birds and insects are once again at home here, which you can observe perfectly in spring. Another special natural area, which you will discover during your Hike can discover, are the hollow ways with their unique flora and fauna.

Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte

Hiking couple at the terroir soil profile on the Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte
Hiking couple at the terroir soil profile on the Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte

Interesting plants and animals can also be found on the 9.9 km long Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte to discover. These are partly underground, but become visible through the two terroir soil profiles on this tour. Another refuge for birds and butterflies is the renaturalized Saubach Valley. Now in spring, the many lovingly designed resting places also come into their own on your Hike again to their full advantage. They invite to extensive Picnic Breaks in the sun, which shines particularly frequently here in Rheinhessen with up to 1,600 hours of sunshine per year.

Hiwweltour Zornheimer Mountain

Hiking between fruit fields on theHiwweltour Zornheimer Berg
Hiking between fruit fields on the Hiwweltour Zornheimer Berg

It hums, buzzes, chirps, and croaks on the Hiwweltour Zornheimer Mountain in the spring. This has to do with the great scenic diversity of this circular trail. At 6.8 km, it is the shortest of the nine Hiwwelt tours, but it shows, as if under a magnifying glass, what Rheinhessen makes so special. In addition to wine, fruit growing is characteristic of the region. During the fruit blossom it is on this Hike therefore particularly beautiful. In addition, there is the species-rich biotope "Rohrwiesen", which, with around 2,600 square meters of water surface, is the perfect backdrop for a concert of native animal species.

Hiwweltour Neuborn

View from the Burgundy Tower on the Hiwweltour Neuborn
View from the Burgundy Tower on the Hiwweltour Neuborn

When the air becomes clearer again in spring and the sun unfolds its full power, you can also again enjoy the countless Wide and panoramic views enjoy to the fullest on the Hiwwelt tours. Particularly scenic is the 7.9 km long Hiwweltour Neuborn. It inspires with great panoramic and distant views and one of the most beautiful historic village centers in Rheinhessen in the Wine village Rommersheim. Here is an excellent place to taste the new wine or a very young Federweisser. There is no better way to capture the spring in Rheinhessen in a glass.

Hiwweltour Heideblick

Heath landscape on the Hiwweltour Heideblick in springtime
Heath landscape on the Hiwweltour Heideblick in springtime

The heath blooms in Rheinhessen always in August (Make a note!). Nevertheless, the 9.9 km long Hiwweltour Heideblick great fun in the spring. You walk through several nature reserves with a very special animal and plant community. This is due to the almost Mediterranean climate and the volcanic rocks of the area. Highlight of this Hike is of course the heath landscape. Here you will find a flora and fauna as otherwise only in the south of Europe. Small lizards and a variety of butterflies cavort between rocks and bizarre woods and let directly Vacation feeling arise.

Hiwweltour Eichelberg

Hiking couple in the pine forest on the Hiwweltour Eichelberg
Hiking couple in the pine forest on the Hiwweltour Eichelberg

The mountain calls! More precisely, the Eichelberg. With 320 m one of the highest elevations in Rheinhessen : -). A very special natural area, which now in spring reveals its treasures. On the 11.4 km long Hiwweltour Eichelberg there are several abandoned quarries, which at this time of year become a paradise for heat-loving animals and plants. And that these Hike is really something for all the senses, you will experience at the latest during a stroll through the now wonderfully fragrant pine forest. You will not soon forget this warm, resinous woody bouquet.

Hiwweltour Tiefenthaler Höhe

Hikers on the water on the Hiwweltour Tiefenthaler Höhe
Hiker in the forest on the Hiwweltour Tiefenthaler Höhe

If three trees stand together, Rheinhessen is already known as a forest. Rheinhessen, in the middle of the most densely wooded state of Rhineland-Palatinate, is one of the least wooded regions in Germany. That it goes also completely differently you see on the 12,2 km long Hiwweltour Tiefenthaler Höhe. Here you will cross large natural forest areas, which now in spring develop their special charm. Snowdrops and crocuses grow and the first trees start to blossom. And also the magnificent panoramic views come on this Hike now fully come into their own.

Hiwweltour Aulheimer Valley

Hiker at the Flonheimer Trullo on the Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal
Hiker at the Flonheimer Trullo on the Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal

For the crowning conclusion of our round trip to the Hiwweltouren in the spring, we now go on the 13.3 km long Hiwweltour Aulheimer Valley. Here you can see once again how varied the Rhine-Hessian landscape is. From the cool and wet Wiesbach to the quasi steppe in the Aulheim valley and the original forests around the Oswaldhöhe, unique habitats for animals and plants have been created here in a very small area. So it is only fitting that the Flonheim Trullo, located on this Hike one of the landmarks and most beautiful photo motifs of Rheinhessen stands.  

Every Hiwwelt tour is different

As you can see, spring in Rheinhessen is a very special season. In my opinion, there is nothing better than to experience the diversity and beauty of nature during a hike on one or the other Hiwweltour.

By the way, so that you can really enjoy the beautiful nature in spring, are all nine Hiwwelt tours perfectly signposted in both directions and certified according to the criteria of the German Hiking Institute e.V. and German Hiking Association.

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