9 reasons for a vacation in Rheinhessen

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1. dreamlike nature

Rheinhessen's nature is a blessing for the soul. Gentle hills, cozy valleys and wine as far as the eye can see. Green in summer, bright red or yellow in autumn. And although the seemingly endless sea of vines dominates the landscape, you can discover many other natural phenomena in Rheinhessen.

Did you know that small spring forests with old trees are dreamlike oases on hot summer days? Or that on many a plateau flowering Heathlands waiting for you? The extremely rare, but for Rheinhessen typical Hollow ways are a paradise for endangered animal and plant species. And in the biotopes of Rheinhessen you can enjoy the Listening to the songs of dragonflies, birds, newts and toads.

2. beautiful views

Wherever there are hills and valleys, there are dreamlike views and exciting vistas. In Rheinhessen, you can let your gaze wander from vineyard to vineyard, over the roofs of charming wine villages or following the course of the Rhine. And since the region is framed by the Nordpfälzer Bergland, the Hunsrück, Taunus and Odenwald, you can also enjoy fantastic distant views. On clear days, even the Frankfurt skyline is visible on the horizon.

The winegrowers of Rheinhessen know the most beautiful vantage points; after all, they spend most of their time in the vineyards. Their lovingly erected vineyard towers - modern or historical - are therefore unerring indicators that it is worth climbing up one or two steps. Panorama guaranteed!

3. diverse hiking trails

Have you always dreamed of hiking through the vineyards and looking over the shoulders of the winegrowers at work? Then more than 290 kilometers of Rheinhessen hiking trails are waiting for you. and to your health! Many sections of the nine certified Hiwwelt tours lead directly through the sea of vines on near-natural routes. And also on the altogether 75 kilometer long RheinTerrassenWeg you hike comfortably from one award-winning vineyard to the next.

Particularly exciting are also the many Theme trailsThe "Selztal-Terroir-Route" in the Middle Selz Valley will introduce you to the geology, history and wine culture of the region. On the "Selztal-Terroir-Route" in the Middle Selz Valley you will get to know the origin of Rhine-Hessian wines, on the "WeinAromaMeile" near Alsheim you will learn about their aroma structure, and on the Coastal path near Alzey you will learn that where there is a sea of vines today, there was once a primordial sea.

4. delicious wine

With over 26,000 hectares of vineyards, Rheinhessen is Germany's largest wine-growing region, and Mainz is Germany's wine capital. Even the Romans grew wine here because of the ideal climate. Today, nearly 3000 wineries produce excellent wines on the fertile soils. Especially the Rieslings cause a sensation worldwide.

The Rheinhessen-AUSGEZEICHNET-Vinotheken are the best place to go to find out about their modern, uncomplicated wines directly from the winemakers - and to taste them. The premises, by the way, are as varied as their products themselves. There are Vinotheques with special architecture, Vinotheques with exciting events or wine shops with extraordinary variety of wines. Be sure to stop by!

Vinotheques and architecture: the modern Ingelheim Vinotheque
Ingelheim Vinotheque at the Winzerkeller

5. quiet nights

In rural Rheinhessen, rest and relaxation are on the agenda instead of noise and hustle and bustle! And that affects your sleep, which will be deep and sound after a hilly hike or long bike ride. The Hotels, inns, guesthouses and apartments of the region welcome you!

In many Rhine-Hessian wine villages you can also stay overnight directly with the winegrower. In the historic wine village of Flonheim, for example, you will be accommodated by four family-run wineries. They will guide you through their wine cellars or take you to their vineyards. Even closer to the grapes you will sleep only on a Camper site directly in front of the vines of the winegrowers. There you really have "a bed in the vineyard"!

6. delicious cuisine

When you think of the cuisine of the Rhine-Hesse region, you immediately think of "Weck, Worscht un' Woi" (bread, wine and wine) comes to mind. And that stands for so much more than bread, sausage and wine. It describes the Rhine-Hessian attitude to life, the uncomplicated way of the Estate taverns and wine taverns and the large portion of local color served with each dish.

The gastronomy in Rheinhessen is as versatile as the region itself. How about a hearty stop after the Hiwwelt tour, a delicious piece of cake happinessthe pleasure mecca of Bodenheim or a visit to the bustling Mainz Market Breakfast? Enjoy it!

7. hearty people

Winegrowers, café owners, your hosts or the table neighbors in the wine tavern ... Rheinhessen are friendly and helpful people with whom you quickly get into conversation, because they like to "babble".

The cultural and wine ambassadors of Rheinhessen are particularly welcoming, offering an exciting insight into their homeland on guided walks or special tours. And they do so with a lot of heart and soul and hospitality! For example, the trail sponsor of a Hiwwelt tour will grant you personal insights into "their hiking paththe head of your company will instruct you E-bike tour into the basics of viticulture and also the time traveling Wife of the night watchman in Flörsheim-Dalsheim you just have to like it.

8. Exciting story

The imperial palace in Ingelheim, the Nibelungen saga in Worms, the printing press in Mainz - Rheinhessen is rich in significant past and world-shaking personalities.

You will encounter this history and its stories at virtually every turn, even away from the major sights: when your hiking trail passes impressive castle ruins, when you suddenly see a Vineyard storm with heartbreaking love story discovered or if you are in a wine village on a Church with such mysterious architecture that no one can explain with one hundred percent certainty.

9. best location

Rheinhessen is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine-Main region, in the Rhine bend between Bingen, Mainz, Alzey and Worms. The transport connections to long-distance and regional train stations, to three major highways and to Frankfurt Airport are excellent. Whether with your own vehicle or with public transport - in Rheinhessen you are mobile!

And speaking of location ... Let's clear up a common, erroneous assumption at this point: Rheinhessen is not in the state of Hesse, but in Rhineland-Palatinate - even if the name suggests otherwise. Historically, the region once belonged to the Grand Duchy of Hesse. This is still evidenced by old Boundary stones that you can discover on hikes. After World War II, the Allies transformed the Rhine into the border between the French and American occupation zones - the same border that divides the two German states today.

Now we're curious, what are your personal favorite reasons to visit Rheinhessen? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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  1. It is a pity that the dear Mrs. Krebs has not even noticed the diverse cultural offerings that exist in Rheinhessen for visitors and natives. There is now a great selection. For example, the Kleine Kunstbühne in Saulheim, the KulturGut Bechtolsheim, the Gut Leben Morstein in Westhofen, the Kiste in Stadecken, the Kulturhof Eckelsheim, the Oma Inge in Schornsheim or Kultur auf dem Hof in Dexheim. Besides wine drinking, hiking, the Nibelungen and festivals, there is also something for mind and soul. Many tourists from near and far have come to appreciate this. Maybe it will work out with the next hike. Kind regards from the KulturGUT in Bechtolsheim.
    Roland Kalus

    1. Hello Mr. Kalus, attractive cultural offerings in the region have the editorial team quite well in mind. There are already some nice stories about museums, festivals and sights as well as special gems in the online communication of Rheinhessen. We are currently working on further exciting stories as part of our content planning.

      Many greetings
      Susanne Krebs

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